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Twenty-Four Hours a Day

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User Reviews for Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Spiritual not religious

Whoever wrote the review on the one reading in this book which talks about atheism completely missed the point. They do not care what your higher power is as long as it works for you. The fact is if you are an addict or alcoholic like me you can not recover on your own. Hence needing a power greater than yourself. This could be your AA/NA group or whatever you want to help point your life in the right direction. Again this book absolutely does not push a certain religion. It focuses on repairing the spiritual disconnect we face with this disease. Where our actions and behaviors don’t line up with our morals and values.

BTCbrady, Mar 25, 2019
I use it I’m a Food Addict (FA)

I just found this today. I am a Food Addict! In our class they were reading out of this and I found I could download it. I have not put it down since I got home. What an excellent source of guidance for any person recovering from ANY addiction. One day at a time. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but today. I am so enlightened by it. Thank you for such a wonderful collection of inspiring words. It is not geared to a religion.

CHAUI CHI, Aug 21, 2021
Reading this book every morning changed my life

In early recover and well in, I experienced depression and anxiety. I now know many do. Reading this book every morning changes the chemistry in my brain, I am convinced. My great-grandsponser, my grandsponser, my sponser, my self, all my sponsees, have read and read this book daily. The positivity and perspective has forever changed my life and the life of millions of AA’s over the years...one day at a time. Bonus is the slow drip,drip,drip of explanation of AA life and living. I need it every day. Thanks for this book.

Espanol Seeker, Nov 08, 2020
Having it pop up every morning is great

Bad habits seem so easy to form while building good habits seems impossible sometimes. The app allows me to set a time when this pops up on my phone. I get a meditation / reading that pops up at 7am everyday. Going on five years without missing my suggested habit of morning prayer and meditation. This app was a big help!

Evopanhead, Nov 15, 2020
Must have for any AA person

I used to have the small softcover but would give it away to people and never see them again and have to buy a new one.This app version is fantastic. I have used it for 22 years and the best 10 dollar investment I’ve made. It has three components. A thought for the day, a meditation for the day and a prayer for the day. In the thought portion is an ending contemplative question which is often the topic of an AA meeting. The nice thing is that I can open this app anytime and read the reading in the morning and start my day right. It mentions god but not reason to freak out. You can use your definition of God, even the term good will orderly direction. The meditations are usually excellent and I often send them to my non AA friends

fitforalifetime, Jul 14, 2023
Peaceful daily reading

I have been reading this book for 24 years as a matter of fact since I have lost so much of my vision I just bought the book with large print. This book was written for anyone to read it’s not just for alcoholics it’s a book to help you understand and live a better life, and it is meant to be read everyday for inspiration to live a better life. I take it every where I go

Midge2200%, Mar 28, 2020
Great way to start my day

I love this app and getting a new motivation each day just helps me get through the day. Nothing major on here except the daily reflections, but it is so worth it if you are struggling with addiction and want to feel great each day and motivated! I also enjoy that I can go back and look at past days as well!

Nycshane, Jan 14, 2022
24 hours

This app has been essential to my recovery. It is always with me when the book is not. I have shared it with many others. I would suggest adding a highlight feature to the app. I pick up on different things each time I read it. It would be nice to see those impactful statements year to year.

podman955, Nov 06, 2020
Excellent way to start your day!

I have been using this app for more than two years, and I find it a valuable tool to use each morning to help me stay on track and get my mind straight to face each day’s challenges. I use parts of it to carry the message to my sponsees each day. I have used others but like this one best. I HIGHLY Recommend this daily devotion to anyone seeking to stay the course in one’s sobriety.

RedStar Raider, Nov 22, 2020
Fantastic mobile version

Naturally, I love the instant access. What addict wouldn't? Sometime I get obsessed by my phone gadgets, but this gives me a choice to get some reading and meditation in when I'd otherwise just distract myself. I also share readings easily with my family on devices, because let's face it, they come out at family meals and such. Offering a recovery alternative in a sea of mindless apps and business that now follows us wherever we go.

TheoSavesCubs!, May 06, 2017


This best-selling app from Hazelden Publishing offers daily thoughts, meditations, and prayers for those in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. Since 1954, the words of Twenty-Four Hours a Day have become a stable force in the recovery of many individuals throughout the world. With more than 6.5 million copies of the text in print, Twenty-Four Hours a Day offers guidance for those living without alcohol or other drugs.

Millions rely on these words as a spiritual resource that has practical applications to fit the daily life of those in recovery. Part of the Sanskrit proverb quoted in the app, “For yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision,” has become one of the basic building blocks for a life of sobriety. In addition to a thought, meditation, and prayer for each day of the year, this app also contains the Serenity Prayer, the Twelve Steps, and the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. Twenty-Four Hours a Day is a simple yet effective aid to help anyone relate the Twelve Steps to everyday life and will help those in AA or NA find the power to stay sober. Features: PRESS the “Today” button to access today’s reading. SWIPE forward or back to easily access more daily readings. SHARE the daily reading with friends by e-mail or text. BOOKMARK your favorite meditations (press the star in the upper right-hand corner) and easily return to them (press the star in the bottom toolbar). SEARCH all 366 daily readings. RECEIVE a notification every day to remind you to read the daily meditation. JUMP to a specific reading using the calendar button. SET your font size using your device settings. CHOOSE between light or dark mode.

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