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The Language of Letting Go

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The Language of Letting Go

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User Reviews for The Language of Letting Go

Wisdom at my fingertips❣️

Love having both the book and the app. I read the book every day and if I happen to forget the app notifies me! It’s also a great resource when traveling, or anywhere during my day to be able to have such wisdom at my fingertips.

comtwoman, Jun 23, 2023
Love the book Love the App

I love having the daily inspiration pop up on my phone screen, I don’t remember to look at the book daily but with the app the thought for the day pops up at the perfect time. Helps me refocus and stay on track!

DebinAvila, Mar 20, 2019
Just what I needed

Its a meeting in my phone and seems to say exactly what I need each time I read it. I discovered scrolling at random through the entries by date when the daily reading isn’t quite what I need and love my new trick. On rough days I read it more than once. A truly wonderful little phone friend.

Grollacoaster, Aug 12, 2023
Love it!

Love that this book was made to be accessible as an app. Perfect for being able to read it at any time. Would recommend if you carry your phone around with you more than a book!

Kat_clayton, Oct 16, 2017
Living life

I have been reading this book since 1992. It has kept me alive and given me hope when I had nothing else to go on. I learn something from it everyday. Melody Beattie has saved my life over and over. I give it to all my clients as well.

kayhannah, May 04, 2018
Wonderful Resource and Great Wisdom! Highlighting?

I use this app every day and it is a source of inspiration and grounding. The meditations seem always to be what I need and the prayers are a wonderful jumping-off point. A request: would you consider adding the ability to highlight (and unhighlight, of course) sections that particularly speak to us? Especially when I select a meditation as a favorite, I find it helpful to see what I thought was important when I read it. Also, highlighting is a way to increase my concentration and focus on the meditation or prayer.Thanks for your consideration.Thank you for this app.

KemperAsheville, Apr 28, 2023
Not just for people in recovery!

I’m not in recovery however this is a good reading for all especially spiritual people it applies good principles to every day life and if you are familiar at all with recovery it is in fact teaching you how to live by the principles that are in the Bible most days this is very applicable to every day life. I enjoyed very much❤️❤️❤️

KMEJSadie, Nov 30, 2018
As good today as it was when 1st published!

This book has been a life changer for me. I read it when it 1st came out and have given MANY copies away. I am reading again now as a refresher. I love the app version. I have it on my phone and it is convenient to have with me whenever I have the chance or need to read it. It helped me so much then in my 20s and continues to help me today, the person I am now at 50+. I often feel like Melodie is talking directly to me. I will continue to give this book for many years to come.

krb1775, Apr 22, 2017
Eliminate animation/transition (option)

Love having this on my mobile so I can read anytime/anywhere. That being said, can we get rid of the animation that appears upon opening (the slow fade in/fade out appearance). The slow transitions are annoying, especially if I have to leave the app and return, as it doesn’t stay active in the background for any period of time at all. The display settings don’t appear to be updated for the new larger iOS devices either and instead appear magnified.

LAX20531, Aug 02, 2018
Return again and again

I had the original book in paperback for 10 years and now use the kindle version. Whenever I feel my codependency "buttons" being pushed I return to this book to help steady my walk and give me daily guidance in taking responsibility for my own life & maintaining appropriate boundaries with others. Highly recommended for its gentle yet direct language that speaks to the heart of those of us with codependent tendencies.

Listeningwoz, Sep 18, 2017


Written by codependency expert Melody Beattie, the Language of Letting Go provides daily guidance and encouragement for those who struggle with codependency. The app contains all 366 readings from the best-selling book, one for each day of the year, helping you on your journey of self-care and recovery to a path of freedom and a lifetime of healing, hope, and happiness. Each daily reading focuses on a specific topic and ends with a related prayer or affirmation.

Topics include: setting healthy boundaries, recognizing feelings, loving yourself, trusting your Higher Power, finding peace, and letting go of shame, guilt, sadness, anger, and worry. Also included are handy reference lists of the Twelve Steps of AA, the Twelve Traditions of AA, and the Twelve Steps of Al-Anon. When the app is opened each day, it will automatically show you that day’s reading. Choose a time for a daily notification reminding you to read, reflect, and meditate on that day’s reading and on your recovery. Open the app anytime you need to refocus. Codependency—the concept of losing oneself in the name of helping another—has rung true for millions around the globe, and can manifest for many reasons: a spouse, child, parent, or loved one addicted to alcohol or other drugs; a mentally or physically ill loved one; sexual addiction; abuse; or neglect. By integrating her own life experiences and fundamental recovery reflections, Melody Beattie helps readers take responsibility for their own pain and self-care as she encourages them to remember that each day is an opportunity for growth and renewal. Features: PRESS the “Today” button to access today’s reading. SWIPE forward or back to easily access more daily readings. SHARE the daily reading with friends by e-mail or text. BOOKMARK your favorite readings (press the star in the upper right-hand corner) and easily return to them (press the star in the bottom toolbar). SEARCH all 366 daily readings. RECEIVE a notification every day to remind you to read the daily meditation. JUMP to a specific reading using the calendar button. SET your font size using your device settings. CHOOSE between light or dark mode.

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