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User Reviews for Through the Word App

Technical Feedback

I’m really enjoying studying God’s word this way. I’ve read through the Bible more than once, and I’ve also done in-depth studies of the entire Bible in classroom settings. This audio guide, chapter by chapter, really helps the scriptures come alive. I have let a number of family & friends know about this app & have gotten them to start using this app.My only complaint are a few technical changes I’d like to see. First, I’d like a place within the app to give feedback when there is a technical issue. Today during my audio of 1 Peter 2 side A, it kept cutting out. I changed headphones, tried different headphones, closed the app & reopened, but this same recording needs to be re-recorded. The B side was fine and the chapters before were good. I’d also like when you are done listening to the audio of the scripture reading that it would not just switch to the next day. There are times I want to meditate on the Word. I’d also like to have the ability to highlight scripture within the app & also share scripture. I also wish that if I select B side it would stay there by default instead of needing to select it each time I open the app.Thank you all for your hard work & seeing the delivery of scripture in a new way! I appreciate you & The Bible Project for thinking outside the box to get God’s Word in the hearts of people today! I pray that God continues to bless your ministry.

Ammejia, Jan 06, 2021

I’ve been using this app now for 6 months or so. I am a faithful Bible reader, like every morning kind of faithful. I was using the YouVersion app which has different devotional plans and came across Through the Word’s devotional on the book of Revelation. I loved it so much and Pastor Kris was funny and relatable. So I downloaded the app and it has been such a blessing!! You can choose to go through whatever book of the Bible you want or choose a ‘journey’ with several books of the Bible that lead you on a certain journey of a certain topic. There is a 5-10 minute commentary/sermon by Pastor Kris or a few other great pastors and then you listen to the chapter being read. I like the fact that it is audio because I can get on my elliptical if time is running short and get my exercise and my Bible reading in at the same time (currently haven’t had to do this yet because let’s just be honest if time is short I usually just forego the exercise 🤪 but I like that the option is there). Thanks Pastor Kris and all those involved in putting this app together. I know it has taken a tremendous about of time and hard work but God will use it to bless many.

Crystalmill68, Aug 28, 2020
Finding God “Through the Word”

Long time believer, first time Bible reader. My true introduction and deep dive into the word of God came through the You Version Holy Bible app which is great. However, after receiving a strong personal recommendation to check out Through the Word app, it truly took my quest for knowledge and understanding of the Bible to a whole new level! As much as I want to understand and interpret the word of God to apply it to my everyday life and beliefs, I feel the Bible can be somewhat difficult to follow for a new comer as many of the messages that are being conveyed can be lost in translation if you’re uncertain what to make of it. This is why I realized Through the Word was a game changer for me from the first chapter of the Bible I listened and read along to while Pastor Kris Langham & company added their audio commentary. Their interpretation and explanation of the word in a down to Earth and relatable way as it applies to our daily lives today is truly remarkable. I very highly recommend this app for anyone searching for a stronger relationship with God and understanding through His word. In my own personal experience with Through the Word, it’s been like being able to avoid heavy traffic and roadblocks and jumping into an unobstructed fast lane leading me directly to my destination which in my case is building a stronger spiritual relationship Through the Word.

Hi-Wi Army, Aug 28, 2020
Simple, Powerful

TTW and the pastors have made a powerful difference in my spiritual growth, and yet it’s so simple. One or two teachings a day, 10-20 minutes of listening. Yet it is walking me through the Bible daily, keeping me on track, revealing truths I’ve never understood. I was born and raised in the church, but never built a strong habit of studying through the word because I didn’t know how. I didn’t understand it all, just reading on my own, but TTW has changed that. I eagerly read, listen, learn. It’s deepened my prayer life, driven my interest and desire to learn even more, just based on the short teachings. And as I get deeper and deeper in the word, my love and affection for Jesus has grown, my intrinsic ability to trust rather than fear, the fruits of the spirit have all grown because I’m watering the roots of faith through the word. The technology is reliable and easy to navigate, the suggested journeys are great guides, and the pastors are great. They’re funny (get ready for dad jokes), there’s several different styles of teaching (at least 7 or 8 different people), and they offer both contextual and topical series. Highly recommended!!

janisia007, Jan 08, 2021
Transformed my Bible Reading & Study

If you are like me, you want and know you need to read the Bible, but often we don’t understand what we are reading, and may even day dream while reading because of it. When I stumbled upon this simple, short daily audio commentary on each chapter of the Bible, that all changed. I have never stuck with reading anything and never gone longer than a few months in a row without missing my daily quiet time. That has all changed. As of today, I have read a minimum of 1 chapter, and then listened to the audio command ion for 503, out of the last 504 days, yes, I missed One, ugh. I absolutely love this app, and the teachers are just great. Keeping it under 10 minutes almost every day was a great idea by Kris and his team. I started in Genesis, and completed Psalm 39 today. Finally, staying in God’s Word, has improved my Bible memorization, and improved my prayer life, and yes my walk with God. I can see the changes in me, and I praise God for the app, and the change. I am now a donor as well. Hey when something really works, invest there. Try the app, and you will find such great insights form every single chapter of the Bible, the way God meant it to be. Thanks TTW! FYI, I am wearing one or your shirts today, and they are my go to T-shirt; have 2 of them.

mmrepper, Aug 30, 2020
Found by God

It’s funny, I have the Bible app on my phone. About 6 months ago, when saying I’d like a devotional, I found the devotional section in the plans. But I would do two or three days and be done. Then I found audio devotionals. Through the word has devotionals in The Book if Revelations. I started it and loved that it read to me. I did part 1 & part 2. That’s when they discussed the app- through the word- or it was the first time I caught it. I’m someone who suffers fro anxiety and adhd. I’m a teacher and my husband was just recently sent over seas with his job in the military. Then this COVID 19 thing happened- and it is surrounding him and where he is. And I’m home- dealing with this in my end and my four year old daughter. In my time of panic I found this app. God knew I needed it. It’s so great. Glory be to God for helping get me the word. I’m too afraid to go to church. I have asthma and issues where I am someone at a moderately high risk of danger. I am in need of calmness from God. His word. His message. And I can do it all while working out. Or teaching from my house using distance learning. Thank you. In the midst of COVID 19 your app found me. Thank you.

Mommaforthefirsttime120815, Mar 20, 2020
Never been more excited to read the Bible!

I’ve been a Christian all my life, with seasons of really being into my faith and going to church every week to seasons of barely thinking about God. Then 13 years ago I found a great church and pastor that I learned more from than my entire 50 years before and it revived my faith and helped me see it’s all about Jesus and my relationship with Him. And then a few years later, finding You Version helped me become even more excited to learn and grow through their devotions/plans. It was in that app that I started listening to Revelation Explained and Pastor Kris. I loved it so much that I found a couple more books Explained that I went through before thinking I have to get the TTW app! And as so many have said, I have never been so excited to sit down every day and read the Bible. I actually look forward to my time I sit and listen to Pastor Kris! He not only brings greater understanding to each and every chapter of the Bible, but does so in such a relatable way with not only how the Bible all relates, but with real life stories and ways you can apply it in your own life. I love his speaking style - he’s funny, smart and he just knows so much that I feel he’s full of wisdom from God. I’ve grown in my faith and learned so much in the 7 short months I’ve listened to TTW! Thank you Pastor Kris for this truly wonderful app!

teriheyl, Nov 25, 2020
A New Believer

I started the Journey on this App and I was not satisfied reading one story a day. I started reading three to four chapters a day and I could not put the Bible down. Some stories made me cry thinking how can God love someone like me. I am so proud that I finished all the journeys and I am now starting from the beginning and reading it again. I am noticing things that I missed in my journey and I am constantly learning more and more that I cannot ever get enough. I wish I knew this a long time ago, it would of made things easier for me. God called out to me several times and I got baptized, but never followed through 50 years later and he called me again and this time I felt nothing more powerful that I needed him in my life. I thank him everyday for his wonderful gift. If I had not been molested several times in my life, I do not believe I would of reached out to him. I am a survivor and a child of God. I am not sure if I am doing things right, but I have faith that he will lead me. Thank you for this app I truly enjoy reading and learning God’s word. I read it first thing in the morning, so my husband can learn and he has accepted Jesus as his savior and I could not be more proud. I would recommend to anyone just do a few chapters and then decide. And see what God can do with your heart and soul.

Vjls, Apr 10, 2021
In Love with My Bible Again

I had been asking God to help me fall in love with my bible again. To give me that passion I had once before. When I came across Through the Word while doing a reading plan in another app that I really enjoy, I knew this was it! My invitation from God to explore His Word in a new and deeper and exciting way—-with a guide! Engaging, thought provoking! I feel as though I have study partners who explain the Word in such a simplistic way that helps me to actually see things I never saw before. And because it’s just 10 minutes a day I am actually meditating on the lessons and considering how to apply it to my life. Whether you’re a long time believer like myself or new to the Bible or just curious, you will go to bed every evening looking forward to what the next day’s lesson holds. I have learned so much each day. Yes! I’m in love again. Even better it’s FREE and there are NO ADS. I have been telling EVERYONE about this app and sending it via text to all of my contacts. Thank you for the work you did to create this wonderful app and for making it so easy to use. What a blessing. ❤️

Win Win for Me!, Aug 28, 2020
App issues

I’ll start off with I LOVE THIS APP!! I’ve been listening for years and have shared it with many people. Many of which have thanked me repeatedly for sharing it with them because they love it too! Kris, you and your team have done an amazing job and I pray that God blesses you all and your families for your work. My wife and I have been listening to a few chapters every night this year, we started a chronological reading plan in the youversion bible app. Last night I had to sign in when I opened the app, which is not normal. My password didn’t work. I clicked forgot password and reset my password. It logged me into my old account that I had on my old phone with the same email address, that’s a while nother story there. I went to open the app tonight and I needed to log in again. My new password that I set last night didn’t work. I tried forgot password again and it didn’t even recognize my account. Both times it gave me a weird message like “User pool 5i1vujv3qepn1aku0r8rh36aqv does not exist.”I don’t know what’s happening, but now I can’t log in at all and I’m afraid that I’m going to lose all of my progress again.😰 Please help!!!

Wlfpack, Jul 28, 2022


UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE IN JUST TEN MINUTES A DAY, with plans for every book and Audio Guides for every chapter. Every day, 130,000 people around the world trust TTW for their daily Bible habit. Read the reviews below! -TTW is a guided journey through the entire Bible, one chapter at a time - with no ads, no fees, ever. -EVERY AUDIO GUIDE walks you through one Bible chapter with clear explanation and insightful application. -SIMPLE.

BIBLE. HABIT. TTW is Bible on your screen, pastor in your headphones - one chapter today, next chapter tomorrow. -18 EPIC JOURNEYS, with intro plans for the Bible curious, and deeper plans for the Bible veteran. Clear explanation for every chapter in every book, from Genesis to Revelation. ----------------------------- ***** "Content is phenomenal!!" - Review ***** "Reinvigorates Bible study!" - Review ***** "The Bible can be hard to understand... you have made it come alive to me!" - Review ***** “Love love love!!!!! Life changing app!!!” - Review ----------------------------- Through the Word is a simple and effective daily Bible habit that gives you … AUDIO GUIDES FOR EVERY CHAPTER. TTW is Bible on your screen, pastor in your headphones. Walk through all 1189 chapters in about 8-10 minutes each, with clear explanation and compelling application from teachers you trust. 18 EPIC JOURNEYS THROUGH THE BIBLE. The Bible can seem daunting, so TTW has broken it down into 90-day journeys, guiding you step-by-step through books, themes, and chronology with a great balance between Old and New Testaments. THE CURE FOR LOST-IN-LEVITICUS SYNDROME. Have you ever started a Bible reading plan, but got bogged down in Leviticus or Numbers? TTW’s simple plan keeps you moving, and our teachers even make the boring chapters interesting! ALL FREE & ALL UNDER 10 MINUTES A DAY! Through the Word has no fees and no ads – and we never will. It fits a busy schedule, making it easy to listen on the road, while you work out, or whatever fits your daily routine. GUIDES FOR BIBLE CURIOUS TO BIBLE PROS. New to the Bible? Try the 25-day “Start” journey. Been reading for a while now? TTW has more than 1200 audio guides covering every Bible chapter, with insight and application for every level. ----------------- HUNDREDS OF 5-STAR REVIEWS: ***** Absolutely awesome! Really helpful to better understand the Bible!" ***** "Seems like every chapter brings me closer to the love of God." ***** "So much fun and does a fabulous job at simplifying..." ***** “My favorite app… the only app I use every day.” ***** “Love it! Made it a whole lot easier to dive into God’s word every day! It’s simple yet effective.” ***** “This app has been critical in my spiritual growth.” ***** "I no longer feel like I hit a wall." ***** “Perfect morning devotional! I had a hard time creating a Bible habit, but now I wake up excited to dive into God’s Word!" ***** “LOVE! This is what I have been searching and waiting for for so many years.” ***** “This app is amazing! I am a teenager (16) and … not great at reading and understanding so this app made reading the Bible a much more enjoyable experience for me, and truly has changed my life.” ***** “I'm constantly amazed at the depth of teaching packed into 7-10 minutes.” Find lots more 5-star reviews and follow us at facebook.com/throughtheword. ----------------------------- WHAT’S NEW IN 3.0? SAME GREAT CONTENT, ALL NEW DESIGN. The new TTW has all the audio guides you loved on the original, with great new features on a fully updated platform. TTW 3.0 is simple, intuitive, and beautiful.

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