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The Hamiltonian Circuit

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The Hamiltonian Circuit

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Good Thinking Games Ltd
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User Reviews for The Hamiltonian Circuit

Great game.

Great game. Adding 2 features would make it perfect. 1) An undo button, with the ability to undo an unlimited number of moves. 2) “Guess” mode. Sometimes you get to a point where you can’t figure out the next move to make. In those cases it would be super useful to be able to switch to guess mode where the lines you draw are a different color or something. If you proceed with drawing additional lines after the guess and encounter a contradiction you know your original guess was wrong and you can then undo all your guess moves and try something else.

arista80, Jun 22, 2021
Amazing Game (with bugs)

The game is a great idea (how could you go wrong with an NP-complete problem), and the puzzles are designed well too :).However, it seems in the newest update, many of the levels that I'd already finished are now marked incomplete. So, the packs I was in the middle of are now especially difficult to navigate.Moreover, while the pencil mode is super helpful, in hex puzzles it does not connect with the normal drawing mode, leaving a pretty significant discontinuity.Thanks for the help!

Avid "Sweller", Dec 22, 2021
Fun game - quite challenging

A lot of puzzle games on IOS are too easy and cluttered with ads. This game is neither of those. Complex enough to keep you intrigued, and no constant ads. Will continue to play. 5 stars.Will

Billypstii, Jan 23, 2021
Nice game, price too high

It took me very little time to go through a set of problems I was charged for. Doesn’t make sense, and not in line with the cost of other games.

BobTheUser, Jan 17, 2022
Nearly Impossible levels require guessing?

Love the game, I’m playing thru a second time. But I feel like some of the Nearly Impossible levels can’t be solved without guessing. Is that true? I feel like I’ve learned all of the tricks to solve.

curt_l, Nov 11, 2021
Great, but a bit broken

Amazing game, but when I try to buy an individual pack, I’m unable. I click on “Buy” but nothing happens. Will amend review when fixed!

Dr Ponyo, May 30, 2021
Hitting “Buy” Causes Crash (Edit: Fixed!!)

First off, I love this game, it’s an excellent puzzler and gives the same puzzle high as the likes of sudoku.However, when I went to buy all packs on my iPhone XS Max, I hit “Buy” and the app crashes. This continues to happen after restart the app. I want to buy all the content for $4.99, but it won’t let me!I will definitely amend my rating to 5 stars if this issue is fixed.Edit: Updated rating to 5 stars. Within a couple days of this review going live, the developers patched the game to fix this bug. Amazing turnaround. As a software developer myself, I love seeing this attention to customers. Wish I could rate higher than 5 stars but hopefully the $4.99 I spent to buy the packs is token enough.

jjthejetplane246, Apr 24, 2021
The best puzzle game!

Absolutely loved this game. Just the right amount of challenge to keep your brain engaged, but also not hard enough to make you bang your head against the wall. Also, I love the animation of the puzzles— so satisfying!

leilahardy_, Mar 19, 2021
Great game but the scoring is confusing

I love this game! Unfortunately I don’t understand how it’s scored. At the end of each level a percentage is given based on the number of grid spaces in the puzzle, however it’s unclear what the scoring criteria are.Still worth every penny since it’s satisfying enough to solve the puzzles.A very challenging game and nicely designed!

NolanWritesAReview, Dec 26, 2021
$18 for the full game?

In my opinion, the price is steep for such a minimal game.Additionally, you cannot play the “giant” levels on iphone devices, you HAVE to have an ipad? Why can’t the dev just let us zoom in?

The Feet of a Statue, Nov 28, 2021


Find a path that visits every square in the grid, avoiding walls and never crossing itself, to create one continuous circuit. To get the hang of things, start with one of the simple 4x4 grids. Plot your moves carefully.

Try to think ahead; not just by one square, but by four or five. If you think you've made a mistake, trace back over your line. It will disappear. If you really get stuck, press Hints. Any mistakes will turn red, then disappear. But if you're on the right path, we'll add a line. There's only one solution for every puzzle. When you find it, you'll know. Puzzles start with 4x4 grids and go all the way to 20x20. The bigger puzzles are very challenging and can take hours to solve. If you have to quit in the middle of one, don't worry: your progress is automatically saved. Many find working on these circuits meditative; others reach for the ibuprofen. But no matter which camp you find yourself in, know you're exercising your abstract thinking skills and challenging your brain in ways that actually matter. Inspired by a puzzle created by Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton in 1856, these circuits start off easy and get hard. Really hard. Good luck! Terms of use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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