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Wouter Walmink
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User Reviews for Secret Signs

Very nice

A lovely series of little brain teasers. Lovely, simple graphics with an interesting blurb at the end of what inspired them. The full set of puzzles is only $2. I’ve seen apps of this caliber can go for upwards of $10, so it was nice to see something reasonably priced. This app reminds me of those little puzzles you might pick up at a drug store. It makes me happy :)

Eyona.b, Feb 21, 2022
Fantastic Problem Solving Task!

Since learning about this, I’ve been using it with my concussion and brain injury patients to work on problem solving. The calming music and visuals are perfect for them while they work out how to operate each puzzle, what the end goal is, and how to reach it. Solving these is great for multitasking, prospective problem solving, and attention/concentration. I’m a HUGE fan!

go.cj.go, Jun 08, 2022
No ads and beautiful games

Its not just puzzles, but puzzle about different phenomenons. Its so creative and wonderful i wish i could give it 6 stars. I bought the extra 12 levels for 2 dollars. I don't like spending money on apps but i though this one is worth it. It might not be many lvls but for this game, if you are working and have money, (for me) 2 dollars is not a-lot. And spending it to support these creators so maybe all of these lvls can be free for everyone is well worth.P.S. for the creatorsThank you for not ruining this app with crappy ads that are everywhere nowadays even though it would have funded this project. It makes everything so much more fun when an ad is not spammed every second. Sincerely Thank you

ispeaktruth274, Dec 05, 2021
An Amazing Game

It’s been a while since I’ve fallen in love with a mobile game like this. This game is absolutely fun and really involves critical thinking, something which I enjoy. I also love learning about the inspirations for each level; it’s such a nice touch.Unfortunately, there aren’t too many levels as of now but I hope that changes in the future. If one is in search of another game like this, try Blackbox (another game I love).

Legodroid40, Aug 07, 2019
Love it!

This app is simple, colorful, beautiful, and provides really interesting little factoids about cool things humans have been doing for a long, long time. I helped found Sky Tripping Meditations, and I plan to give away a handful of free upgrades to this app if I can work it out with the developer because I think it does such a good job helping people practice mindful observance. Great work Wouter!

macwise7, Apr 04, 2020
Gameplay is good idea, not worth buying

The gameplay is intriguing, and well designed. The art style is simple and stylistic. The first 6 levels are free, but can be done in 15 seconds each, and then you’re stuck with buying only a handful more levels for $2. If the game had more levels I’d consider a 99 cent buy, but for as little actual content as there is, no chance I’m recommending the purchase. I downloaded, beat the free levels, and uninstalled the game in 5 minutes.

N~O~M~A~D, Jan 05, 2022
So disappointed…

I NEVER write reviews, but I am so disappointed. This game hooked me from the very first puzzle. I loved the graphics and the mystery behind each level. Little did I know, after finishing with what I thought was the tutorial, I am faced with an expensive in-app purchase. I understand that the developers need revenue; I wouldn’t even mind paying for the app if it was sold at that price. But I am sick of being blind sided by in-app purchases that ruin the game experience.That being said, I loved the game and would recommend it to those who don’t mind paying for the app.

Nannyboooooooobuo, Oct 01, 2021

So i just finished the first six, and im not sure if im going to end up buying the rest just because i like these kinds of games that keep you hooked but also challenged for just a short time.i really like this kind of puzzle, the difficulty level, the art style, the concepts, im looking forward to more gamesthe shoelace one was difficult tho hahahah10/10

Nicholas 🦕, Oct 27, 2021
Great game. Too short to recommend.

The puzzles are all high quality. The games issue is that the solutions are often uninventive or too easy. This results in only a few of the existing 24 puzzles to require more than a few minutes to solve. This results in a total playtime of 2 hours for adults. While I can vouch for its quality, there are many other paid games that get you high quality gameplay for a much longer period of time.I would 100% recommend as a 5 star were there ~40 puzzles.

NicolasDosAnjos, Aug 16, 2021
Great Brain Teaser

First off, this game is pretty difficult. Every puzzle is different and has a sort of gimmick which is explained after you solve them. You really have to consider every option and make quick connections. The first bit is usually working on what you can do and building on the little bit there. Some aren’t as intuitive as you’d like in terms of controls. Could just be my old phone being annoying though. Overall, a fantastic game would recommend to anyone who loves puzzles.

Slayr1589623, Feb 15, 2022


How do you solve a riddle that poses no question? Poke it, move it and look at it from all angles, because both problem and solution are hidden in plain sight. Secret Signs tests your creativity and imagination.

These riddles may seem abstract, but there is more than meets the eye. You may think “Huh?”, but soon you’ll say “Hmm…” and finally exclaim “Aha!”. What makes it special: * 24 unique riddles (6 free and one in-app purchase to unlock all) * No two levels are alike, each has a different look, mechanic and goal * No timers, scores or badges—just the riddles and your curiosity * Pick any level, because you can complete them in any order * Each riddle tells a background story when you solve it

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