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Lungo - Logic Game

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Lungo - Logic Game

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Jindrich Zak
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User Reviews for Lungo - Logic Game

Great game

This game is perfect for me. Thank you so much for creating something that’s challenging but with a simple premise. I have had stress related issues in my brain, mainly in my left front lobe, although my entire HPA axis has been affected. This game has really helped me gain ground in my recovery. I have one suggestion… it would be great to have the timer be optional. Most of the time I like having it since I can somewhat gauge my progress; however, in my case at times it would be nice to turn it off to ease the stress that timers can create. I don’t recall seeing a setting for this but then again my brain is certainly not at previous capability lol.

AZ climber, Jun 29, 2021
Good Game, Needs Polishing

Tha game concept is a good one, but the implementation is a bit clumsy - e.g. as one reviewer mentioned, the line cannot move “in all directions”. In addition to their example, the lines also cannot move diagonally. It’s a simple fix: the tutorial just needs more clarity. Also, the game needs a “replay level” option. Even better would be a “select level” page. The no-option data collection notice is definitely not a pleasant introduction to the game.It may not be the most elegant design, but it has potential. It’s a good game and most puzzle fans will enjoy it for a while. A few changes could improve playability and replay value.

DemoRaze, May 23, 2022
Too easy

Not a challenge at any size. Not what I’m looking forward at all. Felt like a children’s app.Response to developer response: of course I have tried the hardest difficulty. It would be irresponsible to say the game was too easy without first trying it.

Diemydarling, Mar 22, 2021
Relaxing game, good UI

Came across this game, and tried it out. It’s relaxing, a nice light game to unwind with. Thanks for coming up with it.

DowntownRob, Mar 14, 2021

Beautifully calming puzzle game that feels both easy and challenging at the same time. Interface feels effortless, and you move quickly from level to level without distractions. Wish this had existed when I played games on long bus commutes, as after several levels, I feel both calmer and smarter.

eilonwya10, Mar 13, 2021
Can’t Play w/o Allowing Data Tracking

Well, I wanted to play this game. Unfortunately this game does not let you play it if you do not allow it to take your data for advertising purposes. Not sure why the developers chose to do that, as all other apps and games I have let me choose to just opt-out of data tracking instead 🤷🏻‍♀️

megoonelizabeth, Nov 20, 2021
Very enjoyable with 3 small problems

The game is fun and addicting but, has a missing elements, a level select is needed, and more board themes and sizes would help with long term enjoyment. The biggest hole in this game though is the lack of sense of escalating difficulty as you progress. This in combination with some sort of reward system for solving these harder levels would drastically increase the overall enjoyment and longevity of Lungo.

michal carter benson, Apr 21, 2021
All Directions?

You say the lines on the grid can be moved in all directions. So why can't lines be moved to form a square even if they don't touch the other lines?

Michelle504, Jan 07, 2022

Playing this instead of being invested in my conservations with my friends

ThebestNoob1000, Oct 04, 2021
Forced Data Collection

I understand that devs need ads to be able to offer free games. However, there is a long-standing standard of use ads but offer a method of removing them for a payment. This app feels shady in that it just forces you to accept that it’s collecting data on you instead of providing alternatives.

xzend, Nov 21, 2021


Lungo is a logic game that will thoroughly test your thinking and deduction. Fill the board and cover all grey dots to solve the puzzles. Although the puzzles look simple and minimalistic at first sight, it may surprise you how challenging the game can be.

There are over 500+ logic puzzles. It's great to play the game in short breaks - for example in public transport. Playing this logic game is a great exercise for your brain and logical thinking. After you get to know the main logical principles, your brain will start to get better and faster at solving more logic puzzles. *** Main features: * dark mode * intuitive tutorial * hints when you get stuck * hundreds of levels * multiple languages * minimalist design *** How to play Your goal in this game is to drag yellow lines on the grid while fulfilling these three simple rules: 1. The lines cannot overlap 2. You must cover all grey dots in the grid 3. Each line has to reach length given by the corresponding number As the game grid gets bigger with higher difficulties, you will have to use your logical thinking and deduction before making a move in this logic game. However, if you get stuck solving a puzzle, you can use hints that will help you get back on track. Or you can undo your last steps. *** This minimalist logic game offers three difficulty levels that are suitable for both absolute beginners as well as experienced logic game players with developed logical reasoning and brain skills. To give you a quick start into this minimalist game there is an intuitive tutorial so you will learn all you need to be able to solve the logic puzzles. *** User reviews * "Perfect for small breaks!" * "Difficulty disguised in simplicity." * "It really makes you think!"

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