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TickPick: No Fee Tickets

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TickPick: No Fee Tickets

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User Reviews for TickPick: No Fee Tickets

Don’t Waste your money!!!

I also 2 tickets, got to the concert and 1 didn’t work. Neither one of us went inside. Took almost 2 months to get a refund and was only refunded for 1 ticket. They tend to take the sellers side even when they sell bad tickets. I’ll never buy tickets from this app again. It seems like this is a common problem with this app. Wish I would’ve seen the other reviews before I wasted my time, money and new outfit!... FYI the developer’s response says exactly what I said🙄. 1 ticket didn’t work, 1 did work. I couldn’t use the 2nd ticket because obviously I wasn’t going to go into the concert without my sister or let her go in alone. Therefore, I requested a refund for BOTH tickets that same night, before the event even started. I was told that the rep would handle my requests, but because they took 2 months to resolve the issue, I couldn’t get refunded for the 2nd ticket because they weren’t able to get their money back for it. They could have easily re-sold my valid ticket that night, because I wasn’t the only person that got scammed. . So in the end, I missed the event, got the run around for 2 months AND lost the $223 I spent on that 2nd ticket.

@Lond0nC, May 22, 2018
Don’t get burned

Sorry for length but wanted to shared so you will never have to deal with this. I know I have told a bunch of you to use tickpick for tickets. I hope all has gone well. I may NEVER use them again. Sunday we went to ram/49er game and were declined entrance. The gate attendant sent us to will call/customer service. After waiting in all those lines and showing my tickets in my ticket master account, they told me there was nothing they could do I had to contact Ticketmaster or who i bought the tickets from. After a few hours and not being able to get a hold of anyone to help, i bought new tickets from the rams will call. While i was buying the new seats, the ram customer service agent finally told me the season ticket holder used the tickets for entrance. The new tickets happened to be in the same section. I went to the seats. A woman with an empty seat, nervously told me that the seats were her’s and her husband’s season tickets. They never sell them. Finally today i heard back from tick pick. They talked to the owner who said they properly transfer the ticket, and the tickets were used for the game by the buyer. So, now I have to prove I didn’t use the tickets!!!!!!????!!!!! I heard a friend is going through the same thing with the LSU football game last weekend with them as well. Lesson learned. Wanted to share so you don’t get burned by tick pick too!!

appoligizeToWhomIref, Oct 18, 2019
Don’t Expect to get paid

I purchased my tickets; they were the wrong state. I put them up to re-sell, and they sold the night before the event. I was prompted to transfer them and then enter how I want to be paid, so I did. On the day of the event, it was cancelled, AFTER I made the sale. Now, if the event is cancelled/rescheduled, you’re entitled to a full refund if you cannot make it; but if you sell them and it’s rescheduled, they withhold your payment for 2 weeks AFTER the rescheduled event. It’s ridiculous. Regardless of how much or how little the tickets cost, consumers are entitled to their money in a timely manner. I would not suggest anyone buy or sell tickets thru these guys because if inclement weather, that is out of your control, dictates the event, you won’t get your money. What if the person who bought them from you decides they can’t attend the rescheduled event? Do they get a refund immediately? Idk, but it’s ridiculous that the seller has to wait months (potentially) due to something out of their control. Avoid this service if you can, it’s been nothing but a headache and I’m not the only one. Just be aware of the games being played with your money with a service you trusted.

Br@ndy12345, Jul 31, 2022
Do not trust this company - use Ticketmaster

I used to think this app was the go to place for tickets with their “no additional fee tickets” and they had saved me money many times. However that all changed when I purchased tickets for the Bengals Cardinals game. My tickets always came straight to my app for quick and easy scan, that didn’t happen with these tickets. I was given a notice that I had to “click this link below” to accept my tickets and low and behold the link wasn’t even clickable! I then spent 3 hours on hold when I called for assistance and got a voice recording telling me “no one is available to take your call please try again later” I was desperate to get into the game so I then purchased 2 more tickets hoping it was just an error with my first purchase, same thing happens. At this point the game had already started. I then called the next day, got ahold of someone, sent in an email with screenshots documenting what had happened and what was their response? They send me a link for the tickets and tell me to enjoy the event...an event that had already passed showing they have no idea what they are doing. I want a refund for my tickets I can assure you this will not be the last review I leave if this isn’t addressed. Thanks 😊

Dan the man that got scammed, Oct 08, 2019
Worst experience ever !! Zero stars!

Purchased my tickets in July to and Eagles vs. Buccs game in September. When I purchased the tickets I was told I would get and e transfer two days before the event. As I walk into the event I realized my tickets wouldn’t download , not in my email ( searched spam and delivered), their website, or app. Frantic I was told to head to customer service. We waited and then were told since all we had was a guaranteed seat together with our row and letter . I had no barcode or anything besides a receipt that I did in fact pay 300 dollars for them . THATS IT! I called after I had paid another $200 dollars to get in the game . When I did contact the company, I literally don’t think I've been giving such bad / rude customer service in my life . I demanded they give me a refund, because I absolutely never received anything . They did ask if I checked Ticketmaster . I replied why would I check ticketmaser when I bought the tickets on your app. Repeatedly was interrupted and condensingly talked to. He talked to me as if I was some idiot . Did nothing to help at all ! Had to get my bank involved. Advised to never buy again from the customer service at the field. (*Fraud* , looks like it’s is a trend with them)

gmowest, Sep 18, 2018
Definitely Recommend! Wonderful Support

I was slightly hesitant seeing some bad reviews on here and not being familiar with TickPick, but decided to take the chance and I’m so glad I did. TickPick is offering a product no one else is- ticket resale without insane service charges. The only other place with no fees is to trust someone on Craigslist rather than trusting an app with a 24 hour phone number and a support system in place. Obviously they can’t control bad people coming and using their app to sell, but anytime it’s happened they seem to have responded and tried to remedy it. My personal experience was great. I bought $850 tickets a few days before an event, and realized the very next day that I got them shipped to my billing address across the country, rather than the state I was currently in and going to see the concert in. As soon as I realized my horrible mistake, I called and the representative I spoke to got everything sorted out for me within minutes. It’s hard to take a chance on something that might not be as common a name as some of the other apps out there, but I’m glad I gave it a try and will absolutely use TickPick again in the future. I urge you to try it as well, the other apps just can’t compete because of their service charges.

Jaime Burrito 69, Jul 02, 2019
Not worth the stress

If i could leave a zero i would. I would rather pay ticket fees and have my tickets in hand at time of purchase than have to wait until right before the event date. Ticket pick says “your tickets will be delivered with ample time before the show” 25-48 hours before it usually and they will notify if you anything changes. I bought the tickets back in September. Watching the 48 and then the 24 hours tick away while constantly refreshing my email was a stress and anxiety that was not worth not paying a ticket fee. The morning of our show (8 hours before started) we still had no tickets and no communication from the seller or tick pick. I finally sent an email and i did get a prompt response saying the tickets would be at will call instead of digital delivery. That’s totally fine but i hadn't of asked i wouldn’t have known to go to will call and ask for tickets. We saw the show in the end and it worked out but the lack of communication and instruction from the seller and tick pick were not worth it. I also upgraded our seats and found at the box office that the ticket price was 84 each. i payed nearly 300 through the app. The upgraded seats were 135. So it would have been cheaper to buy tickets through the theater and not waste my peace of mind and money be using this service.

jmball19, Feb 14, 2022
Invalid tickets at the gate

I had heard a lot of good things about this app but when I used it for the first time, the ticket I purchased for Beyoncé’s concert turned out to be invalid at the gate! It was quite a bad experience to be refused entry at the gate. Despite their promise: « authentic, valid tickets backed by our 100% money back guarantee » I have not received a refund. The reason I am given is that an investigation is still pending. So basically, in addition to selling me an invalid ticket they are now insinuating that I am lying about it. I also want to warn you that despite the text written under « the TickPick guarantee » that states « what if my tickets are invalid? [...] we will do our best to locate comparable replacement tickets. [...] » this means they will google it and check if YOU can purchase an new ticket with YOUR own money. Nothing you can’t do with your phone nowadays. So while you are in front of the gate with your invalid ticket, they will do nothing that really helps you. They will not replace the ticket. In fact, in my experience, they will not do anything, they won’t even trust you and issue refund. So don’t be fooled by the wording on their website, you are taking as much risk as you would on Craigslist. Don’t buy any expensive ticket unless you are prepared to loose the money.

Matt44442222, Sep 22, 2018
Don’t use

If I could rate a 0/5, I would select that. I purchased tickets from them for a concert. 3.5 hours prior to the concert I tried to download my tickets. For the next 3.5 hours I was on hold or calling repeatedly to try and get through to customer support to fix this issue. (If you call and nobody is available after about 10 minutes, they kick you off the line and you have to call back and start all over again.) The concert started at 7pm and at 715 I was still dealing with someone trying to get the link to work she told me she had to hang up and someone would call and email me my tickets. At 730, I called the call center and they were closed. I never received a call back or an email. We travelled three hours for this concert, got a sitter for the kids, and had a hotel with the expectation of being able to use the tickets they sold me. At 745, I went to the box office at the arena and got a second set of tickets. We made it inside for the last song of the opening act. The next morning I called customer support and they initially told me they wouldn’t refund my money. I told them all I wanted was my money back for the original tickets and if they fought me, I would demand the cost of both sets of tickets and my hotel room. At that point they begrudgingly refunded my original money. Never again Tick Pick. Save yourself the heartache and disappointment.

Pondo20, Dec 15, 2019
Terrible Customer Service

I have previously ordered tickets from Tick Pick and was very happy with them and referred several people to their site. On January 5th I ordered 2 tickets to a concert scheduled for February 15th. I purchased the tickets and my credit card was charged. The next day I get an email explaining “Don’t worry, but your tickets will be ready for email on February 12th” Not only was it only three days before the event but it was after our anniversary. This had never been the case with any previous orders and I was concerned I wouldn’t get them at all. I went ahead and bought tickets from another site. I sent an email via their app explaining everything and that I would like a refund. This was more than two weeks ahead of the event which would allow the seller to resell the tickets. I never received a response. I received the tickets and since email didn’t work I called and stayed on hold several minutes only to be met with a Customer Service Rep with major attitude. “Adeleny”. She cut me off before I could even explain the circumstances and she told me there was nothing they could do (or seemed to want to do!) I asked for a supervisor and she told she was the supervisor. I asked for someone above her and she told me there was no one else around. I asked to hold for someone else and she explains there would not be anyone available for 3 hours! Seriously!!! I am out almost $200, needless to say I won’t be using TickPick again!

Rumecu, Feb 21, 2020


"This is the best app for buying sports and concert tickets. Seriously." TickPick is the most simple and affordable app to purchase tickets to all of your favorite live events, including sports, concerts, and theater. We have the same seats as our largest competitor - but we don't add services fees - so our prices are 10% cheaper. 100% BuyerTrust Guarantee.

Prices may be above or below face value. BEST REASONS TO DOWNLOAD THE TICKPICK APP It makes it simple to buy tickets to live events. All it takes is a few taps to buy no-fee tickets to all events. It’s safe and secure. All tickets are backed by our BuyerTrust Guarantee, which ensures all tickets will be valid for entry, and that all buyers would receive a 100% refund for any cancelled events. It saves you money. TickPick is the only major ticket marketplace that doesn’t charge buyers any additional service fees. FEATURES TO HELP YOU FIND THE BEST TICKETS Best Deal – Tickets can be ranked by our patented Score Report (determined by price and seat location), helping you get the best bang for your buck! Best Seats – Use our proprietary Seat Rating system to sort tickets from the best seats in the house to the worst, finding the perfect seats for you. Discovery – Find last minute events and just-announced concerts in your area – or search any team, artist, event or venue to see schedules and available tickets. 360 Seat Views – For all major sports, see virtual seat views right from your seat in an immersive, 360-degree experience. Track Events – Not ready to buy? Keep track of average ticket prices and available inventory for any event, so you can make an informed decision and buy when you're ready. Favorite Artists – Tap on the heart icon to favorite any artists you like, so that you can easily pull up any and all of their events right on the app’s main page. Quick, Easy, and Secure Payment – Use Apple Pay, PayPal, any major credit card, or buy now/pay later with one of our popular payment plans. Scan Tickets From Your Phone – Use the app to quickly pull up your mobile tickets and have them scanned from your phone to easily be admitted into your event. Post Transaction – Order an Uber, get directions, share etickets with friends, and much more. SELL TICKETS EASILY Manage Listings – Use the Listings tab to quickly update any current ticket listings you may have. Manage Sales – Use our Sales tab on your profile to easily keep track of past sales. GET TICKETS TO THE BEST EVENTS NFL Tickets NBA Tickets MLB Tickets NHL Tickets Concert Tickets Theater Tickets CUSTOMER REVIEWS “Way better than StubHub. No Fees. Works great. Tickets work great… Cheaper prices AND no fees. Will never use the other guys again. Very impressed.” “I mean, wow. Not only did this site give me more detailed info about my Super Bowl tickets (including a seat view and a ranking – yes, it’s subjective, but it helps!), they don’t charge buyers ticket fees. Best ticket app ever!” - Niki K. “Going through the process of getting inside the arena while accessing my tickets through my phone was seamless. I was so thrilled to be able to get four 1st floor tickets at such a great price! The group thoroughly enjoyed it!” - Jacon N. PRESS "The core of TickPick’s identity is the elimination of all hidden fees." - TECHCRUNCH “Hate paying too much for tix, but don’t like the ambiguity of sites like @StubHub? Check out TickPick!” – THRILLIST “TickPick has developed an app that will greatly improve the ticket-buying process for fans to any live entertainment event." – FORBES “A comparison of the exact same floor seat being offered by a specific broker across the sites shows that www.tickpick.com had the lowest all-in cost." – WALL STREET JOURNAL CONNECT WITH US Website: https://www.tickpick.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TickPick Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TickPick FAQ: https://support.tickpick.com/hc/en-us Customer Support: https://support.tickpick.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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