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The Mood Meter

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The Mood Meter

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Emotionally Intelligent School, LLC
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User Reviews for The Mood Meter

Week 1 review

It was discovered by myself that after two decades I had learned that counseling is a tool that allows one to privately share and sort out personal and family problems and issues. I have found this mood meter can be utilized as an additional resource to assist in diagnostic review for psychological and personal evaluation. The mood meter is a brilliant way to allow the recording of one’s own mood and is motivating, interesting and enjoyable at the same time. Being that there is also a solution offered at the end is a bonus and a surprise. The solution offered in the end as a way to change your mood, if so desired, serves as a means to entice the person back to track their own mood another day, to know themselves more and possibly receive private options for help.

1st Week review, Boston, MA, Sep 15, 2019
Also a mechanism for collecting data for research

The mood meter is used by schools in my area so I thought I’d check this app out. It raises some privacy concerns for me. Even if you opt out of providing any personal info, you are still required to provide your [a] birthdate to use this paid app. You may want to read the privacy policy before paying for it! I know I am not comfortable with a paid-for app tracking family members’ emotional states and then using it for research purposes without more information on the specific research questions being addressed and ability to opt out. Not sure how this passes IRB requirements... Uses of ‘aggregated’ data include “We may use and disclose aggregated and/or non-personal information about users of the Service for research and measurement purposes. No such use of disclosure will identify or be able to identify any individual user. For example, we might want to know how many people in Texas are feeling in the “Blue” at a particular time. If you are from Texas, your data may be included in this analysis, but we will not include any of your personal information. “

Chocolacula, Apr 18, 2019
Near Perfect App

Mood Meter, despite the fact that I have only had it for 4 days, has been so helpful. It has helped me recognize my emotions and help cope when I’m depressed. I love the fact that it gives you solutions and quotes to how you are feeling, and gives you the option to shift emotions. Under the “blue” category, which means someone is feeling anywhere from down to despair. I wish they would add a “suicidal” option, that when clicked gives you a warning message and links one of the many suicide hotlines that you can call or text. I feel like this would separate the app from an emotional aid, to an app that saves lives. All in all this app is near perfect and I recommend to everyone❤️

Ebee_63, Jan 05, 2018
Why did it delete my entries?!

I loved mood meter. I used it every day and it has been a big help. Then the app updated automatically to the new version and several things enraged me:- All of my months of entries were completely deleted! I have been logging so I can see patterns in my thinking and they are just gone!- The new version doesn’t even let you write down why you are feeling how you are feeling. How are you supposed to find patterns in your life now? For example, if you are typically upset around a particular friend, or because you stay up to late. This was the biggest benefit of the app. Now it just lets your mark if you are home, work, other. What’s the point of that?I just can’t believe all my entries have just been wiped. I loved this app and now I have no use for it. Can I switch back to the old version and get my entries again?

GameHunksFab, Aug 30, 2019
Very limited

As a therapist, I was hoping this app could be something I could recommend for clients. Unfortunately, with much of the work I do helping clients unlearning familial and cultural rules around emotions, this app sets up it’s own problems in trying to rank order emotion words along two axis. This is a useful tool for those looking to increase their emotional vocabulary and take a moment to look inward, but for those with even a bit more more emotional awareness, the challenge of feeling more than one way at the same time, and the challenge of defining your own unique relationship with your emotions and internal state are not only not addressed, but ignored entirely. I would like the app to give space to explore somatic sensations, and allow for more exploration of what an emotional is like for the individual. Separating the choosing of arousal state, good or poor valance, and emotion words (‘do one of these words apply?’ with an if not option), while adding somatic awareness (where do you feel this in your body) could be a great start. I like the work being done here, but there is so much more potential, and the app, perhaps great for some, would likely leave others feeling lost when they don’t fit into this cookie cutter approach.

Imagogami, Nov 10, 2021
Chain reaction

You probably have downloaded this application from “permission to feel”. Well utilizing RULER has never passed my mind until I started reading the book. I have been able to recognize and understand my emotions, but putting a label on them was the hard part. When I am in a bad mood I take this app out and look through the words to find what best suits my mood. By strengthening my emotional vocabulary I will have a suite of words to help label my emotions. By doing so I can effectively express them and then regulate them if need be. After inputting your emotion you are prompted to “stay or shift” and if you choose to shift it gives you a great motivational quote and advice to try to move you to a different quadrant. Such a beautiful good and a powerful tool. Thank you Marc and the developers of this application you have really helped my life out.

JermHern, Mar 27, 2021
Simple and helpful

Even though I’m an adult and have done a lot of therapy, this app is so helpful. I’ve realized I default to saying the same three emotions and doing this has really helped me be more aware of how I’m feeling and has thus allowed me to better handle it. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I wish you were able to view definitions on the mood meter. Some of the words are so similar, and without really knowing what the distinctions are, it’s hard to choose wisely. You could add the definition in the mood square directly; that’d be easy for users. Otherwise I love that the app is simple, I hope it stays that way!

meeko694, Jan 26, 2021
Great for mood mindfulness but not for mood management

I love the idea of this app but I think there is need for improvement. I appreciate the color chart for practicing awareness of my moods and feelings. However once I’ve logged my feelings I find this app fails to deliver meaningful advice or direction, particularly if I want to “shift” my mood, as the app prompts. If you choose to shift your mood you are brought to a page that has two sentences on it. One is a quote, and the other is a piece of direction for how to help shift your mood. Nice...except the sentence of direction is not especially helpful, and some of the directions are actually frustrating or help emphasize my bad feelings. For example, it is not helpful at all when I am feeling depressed to hear the advice “put a smile on your face”. In fact not only is it not helpful or substantial in any way, it’s also a little insulting. When I tried to refresh for more meaningful advice I found that the sentence rotated between 5 or 6 short directions, some of which might be effective, like calling a loved one, and some that were not especially inspired, like “do something fun”.This app helps me with recording and noticing moods but it does not help with shifting or managing moods. At least not directly. I feel that work needs to be done to make that part of the app more robust and meaningful.

ninanina9, Oct 17, 2020
Super Helpful E.I Tool

As an educator working at a Title 1 school, emotional regulation is a BIG part of my teaching day. Kids need to learn to recognize their emotions, understand the “why” to what they’re feeling and then learn the skills of regulation. While I know this is critical for our students, I am aiming to learn these skills for my own well-being. This tool has been empowering for me! As I become better equipped, I can see myself using this with my students to give them the emotional language they need. Feedback: I’m hoping this app could eventually keep record of the journal/reflections? I’d love to be able to look back and reread my reflections to recognize the patterns or habit that lead to my emotional reactions. Also - I wouldn’t understand the legality of this request, BUT is there any way this tool could sync with a Google Classroom? It would be an awesome tool to use digitally but our school does not have access to apple products.

now.go.play, Jun 06, 2020
Great bones, hope it continues development

This is a nice app, thank you devs for making it. Here are my suggestions to grow its usefulness:1. Offer an option to enter the number values (-5 to 5) for both energy and pleasantness. The UX here is often “leading” in that you basically “pick” your mood rather than discovering it based on assessing your energy and pleasantness first2. The journal view shows dots on a chart but you are not able to see what you wrote or if a given score was work/home etc. this whole section could be greatly expanded. I’m sure there are some great visualizations that could be provided for tracking mood3. “Shift” your mood is really basic right now, would love to see more thought out into this rather than “do something fun”. The way I learned the mood meter is that when you want to shift you actually pick the mood you want to have and then think of a strategy/actions to take to get there. Again, great bones in this app, now needing a little meat!Thanks devs

thinayr, Aug 17, 2021


The Mood Meter helps you identify your emotions throughout the day and supports you when you’d like to shift to a different emotion. Using the Mood Meter is quick and easy, helping you expand your emotional vocabulary and discover emotional nuances. Use the Mood Meter to: * Check-in regularly with your feelings at work, at home, anytime. * Discover what causes you to feel the way you do and see patterns in your feelings over time. * Share your emotion check-ins with a small circle of family, friends or colleagues. * Learn effective strategies to help you regulate your feelings and enhance the way you manage your life each day.

Over time, you’ll develop emotional intelligence skills that can help you in all areas of life.

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