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User Reviews for Terminal & SSH

Constantly crashes

I tried this, and it crashes every time I open it. 1/5

An Avid Linux User, May 27, 2022
VERY useful app

I'm a big user of putty... and my work basically never stops. So I need to check in on things. This app makes it a whole lot easier to do so... and with my iPhone.It's a keeper.

AuroraNewYork, Jul 11, 2021
Easy for simple apt updates for Raspberry Pi’s!!!

I use it to upgrade packages (mainly through apt) and reboot my device when needed! I am starting to learn how to open text files and other things through a command line, and this is a great easy app for that. :))

Caelan50, Sep 18, 2021
Great SSH app

This is a great SSH app that has other features as well.

Customer54875, Sep 15, 2021

this would be great if it had keepalive features so that it doesn’t disconnect during long builds.

Guesss Who, Jan 11, 2022
Best available option

No ads and free. Hope there will enough donations so that it remains ad free.

Hsibai, Jul 24, 2021

I have been trying out many terminal apps so far and this is one of the best. Just one thing, I use physical bluetooth keyboard, is it possible to enable physical arrow keys so that I could press up and down arrow buttons to go through my previously entered commands? I can see there is onscreen button for arrows but I just do not want to take my hands from keyboard to screen while doing serious fast work. Please enable physical arrow keys in the terminal.

K Nur, Jul 15, 2021
Getting there

Most things are simple, well implemented and stable but the UI needs some work to be truly useful. It would help to get common keys on the toolbar, like / or ~. Having to dig thru the iPad keyboard makes typing a path tedious. I'd also appreciate being able to touch and drag back thru a command. Pressing the back arrow a hundred times is, again, tedious. Not being able to swipe up thru the history is almost as tedious but I can deal with the up arrow for that.

Mordac85, Oct 02, 2021
good app, one problem

this is a really useful app and i’ve used it a lot to control a raspberry pi remotely. my one issue with it is that the arrow keypresses on an MFi keyboard don’t transmit to the host. this makes things like raspi-config hard. four stars. would be five if this was added/fixed.

QwertyOMGt5650, May 22, 2021
maybe doesn’t work on ios12?

looks cool, but doesn’t work on my ipad mini 2... but it IS old.. so.. not blaming anyone. :P

Rahil627, Jan 25, 2022


Terminal & SSH is a complete command line and server administration solution that provides secure access to Linux or IoT devices and helps you quickly resolve issues from a mobile device. SSH Features: • SSH connection with password or key authentication: DSA, RSA, ECDSA, Ed25519 (OpenSSH format). • Emulation: XTERM-COLOR256 / XTERM / VT100 • Connection settings are securely stored in the Keychain. • Unlimited server list. • Local text editor with syntax highlighting for more than 30 programming languages. • Snippets (saving commands for quick access). • Special keys Esc, Tab, Ctrl, /,:, -,!, |, $, *, F1-F12 SFTP features: • Upload files from your device to your server. • Download files from your server to your device. • Create / rename / delete files and directories. • Edit text files. Network tools: • ifconfig, ping, whois, host, nc (netcat), nslookup, telnet, dig, curl And: • Authentication to the application via Touch ID / Face ID. • Work with Git. • Code editor for: Swift, Kotlin, Java, Python, HTML and more. • Customize the terminal theme. • Adjust the font size.

Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula

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