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Tarot Meanings

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Felix Mood
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User Reviews for Tarot Meanings

User friendly!

I don’t normally give reviews, but this Tarot reading app has really helped me understand Tarot and its meanings. I’ve seen others, but this one has been my go to and works really well in insight. I highly recommend this one and that is coming from someone who doesn’t say this that often! Great app!

beloved358, Mar 31, 2020
I Love this app!

I have to admit I have never paid for an app before in my life. It was 1,000% worth every penny! I am new to tarot cards and the explanations it provides are extremely easy to understand. I am so happy I took the plunge and bought it. A+++

BillieJimmyEva, Oct 01, 2020
The Sun and The Moon

I’ve noticed that the sun and the moon cards are switched on the meanings. This makes it very confusing for me. I’ve gotten the moon for today as my daily card but the picture of the card says the sun. So which one is it? Is this suppose to be like that?I’ve noticed this before, are you going to fix it?

ema010301, Jun 05, 2022
Useful Interpretations

Some of the images are wrong, that could be fixed.

Eric wherehim, Jan 30, 2021
Wonderful App

Absolutely enjoyable. I do wish there was a more defined reverse definition but I use the blocked for the message mostly. Nice to have all cards and meaning in my hand.

Hagloch89, Aug 23, 2021
Great but there’s a mistake

This is a fantastic app. But the Star card has shows the Moon Card and the Moon Card shows the Star Card. And the i formation is for the card not displayed. Should be an easy fix.

Izolderandwiser, Feb 10, 2021
Great app for learning about Tarot cards!

I use this app all the time to research meanings into the various cards. I do have a few criticisms though (nothing that discredits the app though). If a “Reversed” tab for each card were implemented that would really be nice. Reversed cards are usually up to your interpretation or are “lesser”, but I still think it’d be nice especially for a paid app.Also the sun card and the moon cards images are switched, which I must say is ironic. I don’t know if that’s intentional or not but I hope you appreciate the feedback.Thanks for making a great app guys, I enjoy it!

mario penis, Aug 29, 2021
Very accurate information

Tried few apps, this one is the best, given different meaning depends on the context. A minor issue, the name for the sun and the moon card are reversed, should be an easy fix.

Ppayun, May 20, 2022
Some of the cards are labeled wrong

I think yesterday I noticed that the sun and the moon were switched..,not a huge deal but something to look at.

PrettyMsKitty, Nov 18, 2020
I LOVE this app!

A wealth of knowledge and really helps me. I struggle with short-term memory loss but still enjoy reading intuitive tarot and this really helps. Thank you! It has helped make it so much easier for me to read again. 💕 Thank you, thank you!!

shihtzugal24, May 25, 2021


Learn how to interpret Tarot cards with this easy to use reference guide. * Detailed meanings for each of the 78 cards . * Learn how to interpret in different situations * 300+ pages of explanation (78 cards X 4 situations). * Learn a card a day. * 10,000+ words of text.

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