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User Reviews for StudentVUE

How this app helps me a lot

I use this app for school and it helps me a lot and when I’m absent because I’m not feeling well or something then I can Check my grades and emails I have. Also, I recommend you use “Google Classroom” for helping you when ur also absent from school

addiethrgreat, Oct 30, 2023
Worst app to check grades in

I’m so mad. This app literally gives me so much anxiety because the grades for each class don’t have colors that go to it, it’s just black numbers in form of a percent. In all of the other apps that we used to be able to use (but now that our school district changed things) there was a green box for if you had an A and the percentage inside, blue for B, yellow for C, orange for D, and Red for E/F, now I have to deal with figuring out whether or not I have an A or a B because at a certain percentage point a high B can turn into a boarder line A. It’s so much more complicated and I’m literally so mad that my school county thing changed everything like literally were dealing with enough change and they decide to change this and cause everybody even more stress. So I suggest that this app does the color coded boxes with the percentages inside and just ease everyone’s anxiety or stress because it’s already stressful enough opening the app to see what grade we got for a test in X class and then to have to figure out whether something in the highs of a for example B is a boarder line A is just annoying and stressful.

against psycho parents, Sep 24, 2020
Busted 😫😫🗿🍷🍷

After 0.1 nanoseconds after checking my grades, I busted all over screen. I had a 102 in science. IM HIM. Unfortunately, this also made my dog that’s S fly wears the purple frog on a Saturday morning afternoon. My swimming airplane also ended up BUSTING all over my screen. I can’t see any of the letters on my screen while typing this because my airplane busted so much. Please fix this immediately or else I’m gonna put laxatives in everyone’s school lunch.

Berry M-Kockinner, Oct 04, 2023
Busted 😈😈💦💦

After 0.1 nanoseconds of opening this app I busted all over my screen bc I had a -26 in my math class then I got home and my parents saw my grades and kicked me out the house then I started living in my dogs house😈 without them noticing then they called the police on me 😔 after that I went to the police station and got deported back to South Africa👨🏿‍🦲 after that I took a plane back to school for my final math test I thought I did very good until I checked my grades and I had a -1M in my math class, ofc I got mad so I pulled my pants down and BUSTED!!!💦💦💦 All over my teacher and classmates after that I decided I was going to live in South Africa for the rest of my life. In conclusion this app in the worst😔

BIG D. RANDY., Nov 11, 2023
This app ruined my life

After only 0.1 nanoseconds of opening this app, I immediately busted all over my screen. I had a 100.7% in Spanish. I started to cry, it was just too beautiful. Then, my dad heard my busting and came in confused. Once he came in, he scared the life out of me. I nearly fainted, and then busted all over my room again. He was shocked, and wondered if he believed his eyes. Then he slurped up all of the liquid to prove that it was what he thought it was. After slurping, though, he caught COVID-372 and was furious. He was so angry that he ended up choking our house rat (my beloved pet) and kicked me out the house. But, just as I walked through the door, he dumped all of the liquid that I busted onto my head. It hurt. Now, I also have COVID-845. So, I’m currently on the way to the hospital, but will probably get there 26 days from now. My phone also has 20 STDs, and will probably give me the STDs one by one until I get to the hospital. Thanks, dad!

BrodyHowManyNickNamesAreTaken, Nov 04, 2023

This is a very good app very well made and simple to see my grades But is there any way to fix the glitch where it says all of my grades are F’s just kidding this app is very good would 100% recommend to all students out there keep up the good work 😄 I also like the fact that you can just look straight at your grades with no hassle what so ever. One thing that I would fix though is that sometimes it won’t let me log in to my account and then randomly fix a week later but other then that one thing this is a very nice app and would definitely recommend this to any student out there who needs to check there grades easily. Once again keep if the fantastic work Synergy 👍

Dedenneify, Jul 16, 2018
I cant take anymore of this pain

The very split nanosecond I opened this app my legs felt a very tingly numbness and it felt like I was being pinned down by 30 clowns dressed in jumpsuits with long claws tickling my legs. I quickly found I could no longer move my legs which caused me to give up my athletic career and enter a internal state of depression. While I was falling asleep the following night I felt a tap on my shoulder so I quickly turned over panicked since i was home alone. The clowns were back and wanted to tickle me because i had a 7 in gym due to my paralyzation. Ever since my entire family has been taken and we have no leads. Only the clowns can tell.

Jamal Stevenson, Nov 22, 2023
Very helpful app :)

I honestly don’t get why this app is rated so low!!! A bunch of the reviews are saying that their parents constantly checking the app stresses them out, it strains their relationships, etc. but there’s nothing wrong with the app itself! If your parents are freaking out over your grades for some reason, that’s THEIR PROBLEM. Don’t just blame the app for everything, jeez. People are saying they get good grades but their parents still get mad, but again, that’s their problem and if you can’t clear it up and decide to blame the app instead it’s just annoying. The app works well, don’t trust the negative reviews.

JirachiRX, Apr 08, 2021
For the love of god make the app better

If we plan on going all digital, StudentVUE and parentvue in entirely should be getting upgrades and updates way more often than once a year. There are so many necessary changes and QOL issues they could fix but just don’t want to. 2 major additions I think should be a given is a chart that shows how your grades changed over the semester and a system to put in a specific grade to see how your grade can change for a future assignment/test, the system for it is a bit flawed and limits people to only see how they could have improved previously to see how to get to a higher grade instead of what specific grades they need to be getting in the future to reach that next milestone.

Jjabskdiwihe, Mar 24, 2022
StudentVue is serves its purpose well.

It is not a bad app because of over bearing parents. If your parents are being over bearing or if they’re concerned by some missing assignments then its more of an issue between student and parent. Just because the grades aren’t color coded doesn’t make it a bad app. just take a couple seconds to look it over and if you forget something just look at it again. If my fellow students could stop taking their frustrations out on the app for problems outside of said app that would be lovely, maybe then I wouldn’t have to boost my review from 4 stars to 5 stars to compensate 😊

K.Thorpe, Apr 12, 2021


The StudentVUE Mobile application helps students stay informed and connected by providing day-to-day insight into their own academic experience. StudentVUE Mobile works with the Synergy™ student information system in much the same way as the StudentVUE web portal, allowing students to stay on top of upcoming school events, classroom happenings, assignments, tests, and academic performance. Students can view their classroom assignments and scores, attendance and more.

How to find District URL and Login Information:   The StudentVUE Mobile for the iPhone/iPod Touch app uses the same user login as the web-based StudentVUE portal.  If you need help please contact your School District’s Administration office for access URL and StudentVUE login information.   Requirements: • Only school districts using the Synergy™ student information system version 6.5 and higher can support the StudentVUE for the iPhone application. • Requires wireless or 3G Internet connection. • The StudentVUE Mobile for the iPhone/iPod Touch app uses same user login as the web-based StudentVUE portal. Please contact your School District’s Administration office to verify Synergy™ version and StudentVUE login information.

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