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Spiritus Ghost Box

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chris rogers
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User Reviews for Spiritus Ghost Box

Pretty legit app

Seems to work no joking I found a spirit that likes chocolate out of the blue it said chocolate so I asked if it liked chocolate then it said chocolate again but in different sound effects and then I asked if I should go eat chocolate cake it then told me I like that and then kept saying chocolate kinda made me laugh a little

CampMajdanek, Dec 18, 2018
The real deal

I am a medium and have been able to see and hear spirits since childhood. So why did I buy this? I have over 35 years of metaphysical studies behind me and will never stop researching proof life after life. I am a medium to bring peace and Love to those who can’t see and hear as easily. This app makes it possible for them to reach out and Connect with their loved ones. My ex husband passed and when he came through this app his voice sounded and felt exactly the way it did when he was alive. I highly recommend you watch the tutorial on you tube to help you. It’s the real deal.

daisygirl65, Aug 25, 2018
It’s a great fun application

I’m not sure what people are expecting Full on on sentence and a chat with a spirit? LolIt’s interesting and I’ve been having fun.There is some legitimacy to this app.Although I wouldn’t use it for a full investigation, it is is still a great tool and look around.There have been some pretty accurate answers I’ve gotten. Also, to get the the most out of this is to record and review your audio or footage and edit and slow down. There will be a load of hidden messages and accurate responses.The itc visual is cool!If you use screen captureLook at it frame by frame and you’ll see faces! It’s a fun app and I enjoy it Some people are expecting something different and have no idea about the paranormal

disiebfncjid, Mar 14, 2019
Waste of money

You know, it wouldn’t be so bad for entertainment if it was a $.99 app or something. I will say that the graphics are really good. But this is in no way a legitimate ITC communication tool . This is only a toy for child’s play. One of the channel banks has the same voice on it only backwards. And if you listen to these voice banks for any period of time you start hearing the same noises over and over. What a disappointment. And to think that Steve Huff endorses this as a legit ITC is very disappointing

JimmyStream, May 04, 2019
I am beyond scared

TBH this app scares the crap out of me. So much that I hardly use it. It works for me! I work graveyards, and when I'm Y the zoo it says zoo, when I'm at the hospital it says things related to a hospital. I have heard clear long sentences. Even spirits speaking Spanish! Which is legit because I live SUPER close to Mexico. I love this app. And I am completely terrified. Good purchase. It would be even better if you can add a recorder to it to record my sessions! Think about it 😁

Jyalda, Jun 07, 2017
Don’t waste your money

I purchased this app for $13 and it does nothing but make a joke of true paranormal research. You can categorize this as “entertainment” all you want, but marketing it in other ways as an actual app for paranormal research is a flat out lie. You recorded words/sentences and threw some reverb, reverse, etc on it and made it into an app to get people’s money.For those looking to actually communicate with the paranormal, look for devices that are actually made for it, NOT bogus apps just looking to get your money.

kaycie.jackson, Oct 24, 2018
Not for true paranormal investigators

Really wanted to like this, but cannot say I did. With experience in the paranormal field it appears to be nothing more than a noise maker.. and at almost a $13 an expensive one.Now the developer will claim it is for “entertainment” but it is clearly marketed for paranormal research. The developer will claim that it is for spirits to manipulate, but clearly words are recorded and played- with or without effects- to get you to believe it is “coming though”. One button seaming sweeps channels but no at a quick enough rate to do any good. Again, at $13 when there are $3 radio sweep apps it’s- again- a waste.Save you money.. the only spirits you will catch with this one is the ghost of monies past!

Para Pro not 4 Scares, Sep 08, 2018

I sometimes play around with this app when I’m alone. It is most of the times very difficult to understand, this is why I use this with headphones or there is no background noise. I recommend no beginner use this. I heard an EVP say something to what sounded like, “You feel what I feel.” And then seconds later I started getting strange vibes. My throat felt odd. I don’t know how to explain it or if I’m just crazy. Because a few minutes before the EVP said that it said something like, “Are you nervous.” So I just closed it out for awhile. I don’t use channel 2 anymore because I think it might be demonic. Hell I don’t know though.

Passion Bat, Jul 18, 2019
Really? Come on now...

This appears to me to be nothing more than a random sound generator that repeats itself after a while. It then edits the sounds to basic short syllables. Snippets of words and sounds. Often running them in reverse. Sound effects like echo and reverb only add drama to the fake mambo jumbo being generated. Asking for a simple 1,2,3 count produces nothing. Asking for a simple coherent sentence, again, nothing. The visual effects appear to be just randomly generated cloud patterns with contrast variations.While I know for a fact that life continues after death, this app does nothing to convince me that it is capable of connecting to souls that have crossed over. Save your money for ice cream cones. You’ll get more enjoyment from that!

pixelwarrior121, Oct 31, 2017
Needs an update

App is great. Have gotten great results on investigations. The app needs an update, too many loops. The same sayings loop back a lot. We used it on one investigation, which was our first time using it, and when I got home I let it play for about an hour and were able to debunk a lot because the same stuff was coming through so there is a continuous loop. Please update so it won’t loop.

skater420NC, Sep 20, 2020


Spiritus Ghost Box Disclaimer: Intended for entertainment purposes. Use at your own risk. Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) is the technique of contacting spirits using electronic devices to capture images and voices.

Spiritus Ghost Box is an audio and visual ITC tool that combines the latest in ITC research and development. This application has the ability to contact and communicate with intelligent entities on the "other side". Audio manipulation of sound banks has been a proven means of communication with spirit. Enhancements to this communication have also came in the form of audio effects such as reverb and echo. Reverb for instance is known for creating a spacious sound that in return allows spirit a more optimum environment for audio manipulation. This app incorporates new and experimental ideas in visual ITC and features other functions, effects, and properties to possibly further enhance this communication. Features: 4 channel sound bank Echo, Reverb, Phaser, and Filter audio effects Intensity Scan feature that affects the 4 channels, all effects, and the visual ITC. Light and Dark Ambience to set the mood before, during, or after a session. Visual ITC feature uses a particle system that is designed for spirit to manipulate visually.

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