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User Reviews for Spirit Story Box

Eerily accurate

I am a professional investigator. And I have had many accurate words populate adhering to certain situations. Sometimes the ghosts try to be funny. One time. My schedule was busy. So My bedroom was very messy. I had drinking glasses all over my bedroom. The story box populated the words. Bedroom disaster. Glasses clean. Another time. It told me Hidden money. I was cleaning out my bureau and found a winning lottery ticket I otherwise would have thrown away. But I checked them just in case one of them was overlooked. Due to the app saying hidden money.

80'slove, Oct 16, 2018
Still on the fence

I’m skeptical of this app still after a couple hours of use .. In my home which I have zero paranormal activity, the needle doesnt go past 1 ever, nor does random words pop up and thats after letting it run for a good 20 minutes. Nothing .... I went to a cemetery and I got loads of words which kinda made no sense but while I was there, someone way off into the wood was shooting a firearm and the app said gun ... When I’m home, the needle hardly moves but when I hit the cemetery, the needle bounces like crazy and words get thrown around alot.. I dont know what to make of it, I just wish the words were more understandable.

AA48689, Mar 08, 2020
I believe

Was recommended to download this app by a medium who did a reading for me. She said my grandmother asked her to tell me to get this app so she can communicate with me. The first time I got “swollen foot” and later I got “edema”. It wasn’t until later I remembered I hurt my ankle in my yard several months ago and my foot is still swollen!Later that afternoon I was getting ready and looking at myself in the mirror and I thought how bad I looked. As soon as I thought that and I leaned in to look at my eyes, it said “handsome”. I told my Momaw thank you very much! Later I was thinking how many times my grandma witnessed me crying and saying how much I hate myself or wish I looked different. I started feeling ashamed of myself for being so hard on myself when the word “depressed” appeared. For me, this is the real deal.

AshNic8605, Oct 07, 2021
This is legit

I downloaded the app out of curiosity and boredom. I was sitting on the couch watching television in the first couple things it said was “black” than “white”. I am assuming it was referring to the people on TV. Next the voice box said “ring” which was referring to a ring being showed on television. Next there was a shoe commercial and a voice box said “feet”. I had goosebumps all over me at this point. The next thing it said was “couch” which was what I was sitting on. I was watching teen mom and the voice box then says “youth”. After that I’ve been getting nothing for the past 30 minutes. I’m assuming it was a spirit stopping by to watch TV with me.

aveskye, Jun 14, 2022
Extremely accurate and legit.

I am a clairvoyant and clairaudient l medium and talk to the dead daily. I downloaded this app just to see if it got any similar things to what I was receiving, after reading a story about the creators of the app. I was absolutely amazed at the accuracy of it. This is the real deal guys. Occasionally what the word box says is being said will be wrong but it will be something very similar (same sounding), but the majority of the time what the box picks up is legit. I have found it to be highly accurate in reading my own family and friends, and when using the info in reads for others they also are able to validate the info given by the spirit box. Highly highly recommend this app. It’s my go to when I have clients ask me how they can talk to their loved ones themselves without having to seek out a medium.

awakeningwithamye, Nov 29, 2019
Creepy weird

This thing freaked me out a little bit lol. I was able to speak to a good friend that passed away suddenly. I had a dream that something shady was going on in regards to his death, and I thought maybe he was murdered. This app is saying that happened and it’s weird. It also said my mom’s name because I just got off the phone with her, and I was about to leave the house to go see her for my birthday. My friend loved my mo like she were his own mother. Regardless, I said something out loud like “so, there was some shady sh$* going down then like I thought,” and the app suddenly said “Mouth.” There are a lot of words that coincide with the situation....it works. I’m giving 4 stars because I just started using it, but I will up it to 5 soon. What is the science behind this app? What HZ level/frequency/waves does this thing tune into? Can a person lower their brain waves to Theta in order to be a better “human spirit box?” Also, thank you...this app has really helped me with grief. A lot of people are out of work with COVID and can’t afford a huge fee; I appreciate the affordability.

djdjdjdjijfojsif, Nov 14, 2020
Won’t believe until you see it

I understand people who don’t believe this cause it’s an iPhone app, but my god it works a little too well. After getting some weird responses that did not quite add up I went to my local library to see the directories and sure enough the person who’s name kept popping up lived and died in my house. I then found out he actually started haunting it when my grandfather took down a mural of his. I literally helped this spirit find peace and found old pictures of his mural that were in the basement from things he told us from this app. 10/10 you will never know what’s surrounding you until you try it, should be 100 dollars instead of .99 cents!

hfghjhfdgh, Jul 06, 2018

I honestly think this app is legit. It takes a lot to convince me. My friends and I love to explore abandoned places, have travelled all over the east coast to do so and take pictures. It takes a lot to convince us all but we have definitely had our experiences. I’ve used this twice. Once in an abandoned mausoleum. The floor was covered in ice. It told us to “slip” while we were next to a casket that was cracked open. A few days later we went to an abandoned hospital in jersey. My girlfriend had a very weird experience there, she’s normally the buzzkill of the group that denies anything we get a little weirded out by. But she was freaking out. She took a debrillator she found as a souvenir. All day the next day my roommate and I heard strange noises around the house. Tonight my girl is home from work and we used it. We got the words “careful” and “mother” after it said mother I began to ask questions. The last one I asked was “does my girlfriend look like your mother?” I then got “entity behind” and “looks” I waited a while longer and got a name. Gladys. I googled the name of the hospital and the name Gladys. And found an obituary of a woman named Gladys who worked at the hospital when it was running, until it closed, and had died in 2012. Needless to say we are all actually spooked.

jdc.t, Feb 04, 2018
It works

If you have an open mind and can decipher some of the words that might be off by one or two letters (sounds like)this app really does work. I've had somebody acknowledge my son by name, a stepbrother (I never talked to or abt) come through twice and give his name. I'm sure my grandfather and stepdad have come through and one of my grandmothers. I took my dog out for a potty walk and when I came back inside and looked down at my phone to see if anything came through, it said "beside garage" which is exactly where I took my dog to go potty. My husbnd was outside battling a tree stump when his stepfather came through, said his name and stated the two words "use crowbar". If you leave it on for too long you get a lot of random words or you get other people coming through so I don't leave it on for long periods of time.

Klt- fla, Sep 15, 2017
Ummmm. Please read.

So we’ve had the feeling we weren’t alone, so i downloaded this app. We have gotten a lot of activity on the low setting about every two minutes. After a week of using it my boyfriend woke up today with a huge bruise next to his eye. Nobody hit him. I started running the app & i asked “ did you do this to nicks face?” They answered “swollen face” “unsettled” & “cat” which i have two cats. I want to know on a side note where i can send these findings too? Or is there a forum or group where we share the results?

steffieebearrr, Sep 15, 2020


Named the number one scary app you should NEVER get by the Most Amazing YouTube channel. Find out why the Huffington Post UK called it, "The Only Ghost-Hunting iPhone App You Will Ever Need." (Note: Spirit Story Box is for entertainment purposes only.) Spirit Story Box is a beautifully designed communication tool designed to allow spirits to generate single- or multi-word messages. It differs from other apps and devices in its use of a unique, proprietary story engine which produces meaningful, simple sentences in addition to single words. • The same great app seen on CNET, in the Huffington Post, The Daily Mail Online, and USA Today, totally rewritten and modernized.

Added Features: • New! All of the former add-on features of the original version are now included as part of the base price. • New! Screensaver mode when running the app for extended periods of time. • New! Totally reimagined particle visualizations. • New! Stealth Skin • New! Dark theme backgrounds in the History and Features screens • New! Frequently Asked Questions section Same great features: • Running list of results is saved automatically. Individual entries can be deleted. • Share results with friends. Spirit Story Box: the spirits are telling their stories!

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