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Speech Tutor Pro

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User Reviews for Speech Tutor Pro

Want to give a better rating but...

This app is great. It's a bunch of apps rolled into one. It helps clients with the placement of their articulators, it helps screen new clients to know what sounds they need to work on, and it also allows you to use it's own set of cards to work on sounds that clients need to improve. It even allows you to keep track of their progress as they go. The issue that I have is with the graph that is used by the app to track clients' progress. Dates are all mixed up and sometimes it is hard to figure out if the data should be read from the left or from the right. It's a great concept and it has a lot of potential to be an even better app. But right now, it needs some more work.

Berg'inyon Baenre, Oct 26, 2018
Great app for SLPs to target speech sounds

I am a pediatric SLP working in private practice. I enjoy using this app with all of my speech sound clients. I love that I can edit sounds based on each client and have those sounds saved. I appreciate the different themes, including being able to use no themes for my older clients. Some of the navigation isn’t intuitive, and some of the games are a little challenging for kids to play, like the story maker. But overall, I love the app and love all of the updates! My favorite feature is the videos showing the speech sounds. This has been a game-changer for my kids who are visual learners. The app is well worth the cost!

G. Panda, Aug 19, 2021
Across the lifespan functionality

This app has been so helpful for supporting articulation goals across my entire caseload of children and adults. The ability to alter the app appearance is also helpful for transitioning between younger and older kids and adults (TBI, HNC, etc). The videos of articulator movements during sound production are so clear and helpful! The support for the app is phenomenal. Corey is quick to respond and eager to resolve issues or answer questions.

M2+E, Oct 15, 2018
This is great!

I just love Speech Tutor Pro! As an SLP in a Kindergarten through grade 5 school, I’m always looking for something that will appeal to all ages and abilities. The videos helpSo Many of my students with correct placement. They actually ask me to show them the videos. The games and cards are engaging for students of all ages. I use Speech Tutor Pro all the time on my iPad.

mmargaret56, Dec 04, 2021
So helpful!

I’m an elementary school based SLP. This app has been extremely helping for giving my students a visual for articulatory placement. It has also helped me teach interns about proper placement and how to instruct the students during therapy. I’m so happy to see that the app was recently updated! I haven’t had a chance to try out all of the features, but this is one therapy app I couldn’t do without. I highly recommend it!

ms_speech, Dec 01, 2021
Love this app!

I’m a school-based SLP and love to use this app. My students like the pictures and benefit so much from the videos. I like the repetition of the stimuli, so my students get multiple tries on the vocabulary. The customization is very useful. My students love looking at their results at the end of the session and seeing their graph of progress. Looking forward to these updates!

slpJill, Aug 19, 2021
Speech Tutor Pro - FANTASTIC Sale!!!

Hi All! I am an SLP working in a private practice. I am beyond thrilled to be able to purchase this great app for $9.99!!! I have been wanting it for a LONG time. What an incredible deal! I really like it so far. I hope I can get the Dynamic version to use during my teletherapy sessions. This is a valuable asset for any SLP working with clients/patients/students who can benefit from additional visuals when working on target sounds. At $9.99, it is a worthy gem to add to your arsenal of tools, and I don’t think you will be disappointed. So, READY, SET, BUY Speech Tutor Pro TODAY!!! 😊

speechiegirl1, Nov 30, 2021
Great for Teletherapy Visuals

I am an SLP working in the public schools. This app is great for teaching tongue shape and placement for students in-person and on Zoom, particularly for sounds whose placement is not readily visible. I love that you can pull the videos up while working on practice cards for a quick review. My students love to watch the videos forwards and backwards! Being able to use the slider to move through the video is also super helpful to combat the lag that sometimes happens with Zoom. I wish there was the ability to annotate on a paused video or use a laser pointer (to, for example, highlight points of contact). As for now, it works to take a screen shot of the video, then switch to the photo app and annotate there.

Valerie8642, Oct 26, 2021
Wonderful app for Artic therapy

I use this app frequently as a school based SLP. My favorite part are the videos that show how to move articulators in the mouth. Those visuals really help for those trickier sounds. I also love the ability to take data right on the app as well as being able to switch targets (word position and level) without having to exit and begin again.

very_bad_update, Aug 19, 2021
Excellent Artic App

I use this app on almost a daily basis! I especially love the videos that show my students how their articulators should move to make the target sound. It’s helpful that you can switch between front and side views as well as slow down and speed up the videos. I also really like that you can record videos of your students and share with parents. I haven’t used the create your own deck feature yet because I just don’t have time right now, but I am so happy that this is an option and look forward to using it in the future. The theme selection is amazing! I mostly work with middle and high school kids, so the “clean” theme is perfect because it doesn’t look “little kid-ish.” It is truly an app you can use with any age - very versatile! I appreciate that there are game options, but I haven’t used them as my students prefer physical board/card games. I do wish there were more minimal pair decks (although I’m happy I have the option to create my own). Overall, this is a wonderful app and I look forward to using it for many years!

Whovian117, Dec 01, 2021


Speech Tutor Pro is the culmination of nearly a decade's worth of work designing apps for speech therapy. This app brings together the content from 5 of the most well-known apps in the industry and combines them in one easy to use app. Content and features in this app are listed below.

Two Articulation Screeners Speech Tutor Pro comes with two different, easy-to-use screeners. A "SLP Friendly" screener and a "Parent Friendly." These screeners reveal which sounds children should have acquired by particular ages SLP Friendly - Easily screen sounds at the beginning and end of words. - SLPs can also tap a button that conveniently lists phonological processes heard during the screening. - Write notes during the screening Parent Friendly - Screen for the major sounds targeted by speech-language pathologists - Write notes during the screening - Questions guide parents for identifying phonological processes Articulation Decks - 33 phoneme decks (Levels: Word, Phrase, Sentence; Positions: Initial, Medial, Final) - 36 minimal pair decks - Nearly 5000 different cards -Use minimal pair decks and phoneme decks at the same time -See multiple clients at a time -"Kid Friendly" mode and "Clean" mode for older clients - Detailed data tracking with line graphs, bar graphs, and word charts to send home for practice - Record videos and save them to client profiles to view progress - View articulation videos during sessions to help with placement - Add/Remove decks during a session Decks included sm, sn, st, sp, sk, sl, s, z, f, v, sh, th, ch, j, l, blends m, n, ing, p, b, t, d, k, g, r, er, or, ar, rl, ear, ire, Cluster Reduction (choose all, L, R, S), Deaffrication (Choose all, Ch, J), Deletion of Final Consonants (Choose all, ch/j, f/v/, k/g, p/b, s/z, t/d, m, n, ing, Final Devoicing, Fronting (choose all, sh, ch/j, velars), Gliding(choose all, L, R), Prevocalic Voicing, Stopping of Fricatives (choose all, ch/j, f/v, s/z, sh, th, Stridency Deletion Articulation Videos (52 Videos in all) - Front and side views - Slow, medium, fast speeds, and pause - Palate views - Information on the ages sounds should be acquired - Tips on how to elicit the sounds - Camera view so clients can watch as they produce sounds - Record/playback video and save to client profiles Videos show the following sound productions: R (bunched), R (retroflex), L, sh, ch, j, s, z, f, v, th (voiced), th (voiceless), p, b, t, d, k, g, m, n, ing, i , æ, a, u

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