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User Reviews for Snapfish: Photos Cards & Books

Loyal customer

I have been using snapfish for YEARS. I have all of my photos backed up on this site and I purchase books and prints all the time. I keep seeing that I get 100 free prints but I just ordered 206 prints at 9 cents a piece. None of them were free. Yes. 9 cents is a great deal. Thank you. Why advertise the free prints if it isn’t a reality. The mobile app is better. Not great by any standard but better than it once was. You can not use the website on your tablet though. Doesn’t work the same. Also, photo cropping is crap. My phone and tablet do not take 4x6 photos, so they crop automatically which cuts a lot of the photo off. Some I would like to change the crop square from horizontal to vertical to get who I want in the photo... nope. You can only utilize the default. Creating a book is painful. Very. Painful. Especially if I want more than one photo on each page and I want to arrange them myself. Impossible. Good try. Maybe get some better developers. I don’t want to have to delete all of my photos here and start a new company with a better app. 10 years ago you were a great service. You’re still around which means you can afford to be a great service still.

~Stina, Dec 22, 2018
I hope this keeps you from using this app!!!

I don’t even know where to start so for sake of not having you read a novel I will be short. Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service. I received envelopes with the wrong address on them. After reaching out to their customer support chat line I was first accused of putting in the wrong address to a house that isn’t even in the same state as me. Once I proved that they sent me the wrong envelopes and it had nothing to do with me doing something wrong, they then told me a supervisor would be reaching out to me immediately. After 2 days of not hearing from anyone I reached out to them again. Finally hearing from a supervisor they told me they were looking into it. After waiting a total of a week from the time I initially reached out to them they finally emailed me to say my new envelopes would be sent out in 2-5 business days. Well by that time I might have gotten my cards mailed out by Christmas. So I had to go purchase my own envelopes in order to get my cards out in time. I really had high hopes that I would love this app but I’m left highly disappointed!! I will never use them again. Plenty of other companies that go above and beyond for their customers so you should consider having better customer service!!

APhillips 0316, Dec 10, 2019
Works great with iphone

Works seamlessly. My one complaint is that when I order the prints you have a chance to edit them because every pic has a crop area on it and you want to move it so that it’s centered or move it over the part of pic you want. The complaint is that it always seems as though it’s cropping too much of the photo. I’m doing 4x6 pics so you would think I would be able to get more of the pic in than less but it doesnt seem to work that way. Since it seems that most people use their phones to take pics nowadays you would think they would figure out a way to get the whole photo printable. Other than that I have no complaints. I have needed pics in a hurry for an occasion and loaded them to snapfish and picked them up at Walgreens and had no problems. When I get them directly shipped from snapfish the pics are always great quality and shipped timely. I definitely recommend Snapfish

Bob Lor, Jul 20, 2019
App has some issues

I do like that you get 100 free 4 x 6 prints every month. I order these and send them to my grandma several times a year. The only problem is the app very often goes wonky to where you’ve cropped the picture in the way that it should be cropped and then you scroll down and crop a different picture in the way that it should be cropped, and if you scroll back up you’ll often see that the initial crop job you did on the first picture reverted, so then you have to do that crop again. It’s some sort of glitch and it has actually shown up in the pictures that were delivered to me— I’ve had pictures were peoples’ heads have been cut off because the cropping was done wrong—and I know for a fact that I went through meticulously and adjusted the crop of each picture prior to ordering. Hopefully this is something that Snapfish developers can work on. Otherwise I really love this app.

drmcgowan03, Jan 11, 2022
Can you reimburse my time?

I have made numerous attempts to order pics from the app, and every time my pics are somehow removed from my cart, and I have to start all over. For the “umpteenth” time, I’ve just spent 2 hours trying to order 24 pics from the app, only to have to start over on my computer. It’s a pain that way, too, as I have to add the quantity I want to order to each picture individually, as it automatically enters “1” on the 4x6 option, even though it tells me that 4x5.3 would be the best option. So I have to go through and enter “0” for all of the pre-filled entries, and re-enter on the correct size. I have NEVER been able to take advantage of any of my “100 free prints” due to it not being an option to pick up in store. Plus, the shipping still isn’t free, which makes their “free” offer NOT free. 🙄 I used to love and recommend Snapfish to everyone, but it seems like they’re having a harder time keeping up with what’s really convenient for their customers. Also, it takes HOURS or even DAYS to upload pics, if you have very many, such as coming back from a big trip. 700 pics from an overseas trip is a lot. But should it take DAYS to upload them all?

I'd Like My Time Back, Jul 04, 2018
I’m going to say what happened in my occasion.

Okay so y’all may see the reviews all over the place but imma be real with you there were some problems but that was on my part because I did not have a lot of space on my phone it said the photos were not available so I had to delete some apps and then it worked perfectly fine. When I went to place my order I did get 100 pictures free but obviously you have to pay for shipping but I’m okay with it because in free prints it is more expensive for less pictures so this is really good and it does make sure everything is good . I had put my mom’s address for billing but it said there was a problem so then I put mine and it worked perfectly fine , I guess I had to put where my card goes which is a first but I like it . Also it does tell me if some are low resolution which I like and my order did not take long to happen and I will put how my pictures are when they arrive but all was really good, thank you.

kimberly🤘🏾, Jun 29, 2020
Best Photo, Christmas Holiday announcement Cards, Gifts, ornaments Service Ever

I print pics for my scrapbook. I make yearly photo books which I order 3 every year (for us and each set of grandparents). I make birthday gifts with the kids pics for calendars, Notebooks, mugs, tiles, large photo canvases, Christmas ornaments, stickers. Then I make important sayings quotes on pillows, blankets, coasters and give them out as housewarming gifts. For Christmas I make so many gifts for the grandparents, in-laws and friends using Snapfish. Snapfish has so many great ideas and their patterns are so beautiful and contemporary. They’re always updating the cards and background graphics to keep it fresh. Just LOVE working with Snapfish graphics. It’s sooooooo easy to make photobooks, posters, gifts, everything. Can make your gift order so easily from the Snapfish app on your phone. Quality is amazing. Colors are bright and sharp for the cards. Use your imagination and get creative now with Snapfish.

RocknRollPhotographer, Nov 10, 2021
No preview option before purchasing (or review after purchasing)

I just created a holiday card using the app. The card had space for a caption, which was what I wanted. But on my phone, the caption text box appeared very small. It was difficult to ensure that I didn’t have any extra commas or periods or anything like that. So I was very surprised that there was no chance to preview the card (and enlarge it) before finalizing my order. And now that my order has been placed, I can’t find the card to review.I shared this message in a Chat and was informed that the app has limited functionality and the website is a better choice. I also verified that there is no way to review the card I ordered — I guess I can’t see it again until the full set of 80 arrives!I am extremely disappointed that previewing the card is not part of the checkout process. It seems very important to verify that everything is correct before the order goes in. And to not have any image available to review after the order is processed seems very mysterious— what will I get 80 copies of?

Spo206, Nov 27, 2018
I use it every year!

I use this app every December to organize a year’s worth of family’s photos, order prints for my home, create Christmas cards and photo gifts, and capture memories in a book! They have improved the site/app a lot since I started using it! It’s now extremely, extremely easy to upload your photos directly from your phone or Google photos! It’s pretty easy to work on projects, though a computer screen is better for complicated ones like books and detailed cards. I think it’s the most user friendly version of this photo printing type service on the market - and thats the reason I like this site so much! It’s also the least expensive! Special sales are always going on, especially around the holidays! And the quality of prints are excellent! One negative is that projects that are added to the cart through the app must be ordered through the app and won’t show up alongside projects that are in your shopping cart on the online site. However, the project itself is saved from the app, and can be ordered on either platform. Another caution is that sometimes the photos appear darker once printed than they do on your phone. This is something I have noticed from EVERY photo printing site. If it seems a bit dark on the order, take a moment to adjust the brightness (which is very easy to do!).I am a huge fan of this company! They have made it easy to manage all the pictures in my life!! The app makes it even easier!

ThoughtIKnewSpanish, Dec 07, 2019
Glitches and no ability to save

I struggled for 3 hours tonight trying to make holiday cards. I knew the design, the photos, and the text I wanted to use, all I needed to do was input it into the template and check out. Easy, right? Turns out, anything but easy. The app blinked twice while uploading photos and I was unable to upload successfully without exiting the app and starting completely over. Twice. Then, when I selected my card, I was unable to access the album and had to upload the photos yet again. Then someone texted and I accidentally opened the text instead of swiping it away and when I reentered the app, my project was gone. Next time I attempted to save the project as I went and couldn’t find a way to do so, despite there being a menu item called “saved projects”. Finally, the card is done and I go to checkout. When updating my address, the app blinks again and I’m unable to save the address without exiting the app and returning to my cart, which thankfully still has my finished project in it. A stressful experience from my favorite place to get photo prints and cards. Updates were current when I started this project today.

Veteran counter, Dec 19, 2018


Sign up now. Get 100 free 4x6 prints every month, upload your photos & make custom photo books, personalized cards + invites on the go! Conveniently order prints for photo albums & create personalized photo gifts directly from your mobile device.

Ordering for home delivery is fast and easy. With the Snapfish app you can upload your pictures & access your baby, travel, pet, wedding, birthday, graduation, vacation, snapchat photo albums from your phone or social media (works with Facebook, Instagram, iCloud, Google Photos & your Camera Roll) anywhere, anytime & claim your 100 freeprint allowance every month! Perks of the Snapfish App: • Get 100 4x6 monthly print allocation (just pay shipping)! 100 Prints offer valid on US app only, see: promo.snapfish.com/free-prints for full details. Free prints resets monthly • App-specific deals on products • Quickly find your photos with album or timeline view • Choose collage photo layouts for photobooks & canvas prints, or design your own • Make photo books, print photos, acrylic desk accessories, photo blocks, glass prints & more! • Variety of print sizes, from wallet size to 20x30: order 4x5.3 prints–perfect size for mobile phone photos without cropping, or try square prints–ideal for Instagram prints • Improved prints builder lets you zoom & pan in the crop area, edit quantity / size of print & choose a paper finish for entire order (glossy or matte) • Combined print size orders • Quick! Have your photo prints mailed, or pick up in-store at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart within an hour if you need images fast • Easy Payment options: Apple Pay, PayPal, Afterpay, Bank or Credit Card • Create perfect gifts for special occasions like Christmas, Holiday, Mother's & Father's Day or everyday fun custom photo gifts + photos delivered to your door New Products! Find the perfect gifts for special occasions or everyday use with fun custom cards & photo gifts • Custom Embossed Foil Cards in gold, silver, or rose gold metallic foil + Seal & Send (all-in-one) cards • Wide range of Christmas Tree Ornaments • Custom Face Masks, Tshirts + Sweatshirts • Colored Photo Coffee Mug in 10oz. & 15oz., Insulated Coffee Mug & Wine Cup plus Enamel Campfire Mug • Custom Glass Pint Glass • Square + Heart Shaped Photo Tile • Personalized Stone Coasters • Personalized Beach Towels • Custom Tea Towels & Pot Holders + new Spoonflower Table Runners, Napkins + Wallpaper • Custom Playing Cards & Jigsaw Puzzle for games nights • Leatherette Desk Set for home-working order More Products: Order prints, create personalized cards, invites or announcements, plus make custom photo gifts like photo canvas, photo books, mugs, blankets, pillows, tote bags, tree ornaments, key chains & photo panels • Create fun Secret Santa gifts or order Photo Prints & Framed Pictures • Cards in a variety of designs with back of card customization & return address printing are perfect for party invites, announcements & special occasions • Tote Bags, Canvases, Photo Books, Blankets + Pillows with a wide array of new layouts Your Questions, Answered: • Change book layouts: Click on the individual page you’d like to change to see different layout options • Cropping: Our crop options provide the best fit to the dimensions of your prints. Be sure to review the cropping of your prints before you order • Free Prints: You may see your 4x6 prints listed as $0.09 before you place your order. Don't worry, you’re still getting your free prints! Once you’re in the cart to place your order, you will see your prints reflect the final discount. If you are placing an international order, you will be charged the appropriate international shipping rate • Grid vs. Album: Click “Show Albums” or “Show Grid” to view photos by album or date so you don't have to scroll through all your photos in the camera roll Snapfish LLC is part of the international Shutterfly Inc family of personalized cards + gifting websites + apps

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