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Photo Prints Now: CVS Photo

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Photo Prints Now: CVS Photo

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User Reviews for Photo Prints Now: CVS Photo

Very easy / convenient! Odd sizes available!

I had been a long-time user of the Walgreens photo app due to the proximity of the store to my home. However, when Walgreen’s photo app started acting up I downloaded CVS photo app on whim to see if they had the “upload from your phone, print at store feature, and they did! I had access to all my photos, and they automatically suggested 5x5”, an uncommon size. The also have wallet size available. I will be using CVS for my quick photo printing needs from now on.

A_B57, Oct 30, 2021
Works for others

Well, it’s a good idea but of course it doesn’t work for me. Tried several times to get my pictures prepared and uploaded but nope. It says be patient the order is preparing then I had to wait an unacceptable amount of time. Almost an hour for 34 photos then it said error and cancelled it out. Several times. I had to go to the store and just do it myself. Why does something that sounds like a good idea turn out bad like this? And no it isn’t my WiFi. It works for my relatives who live in other cities, but for me, nope. Of course not. This app was more of a headache than anything but it had potential.

DahvissAngel, Aug 11, 2019
Easiest photo ordering App ever!

Y’all. This is the easiest app to use if looking to order photos! For my situation, I selected the store i wanted to print at, uploaded my photos, made any adjustments to size, then submitted my order. That’s it. There were no additional hoops to jump through, no signing in to different accounts, nothing. Just simple, straight forward photo ordering! Looking forward to the other options this app has in the future!

Dstor12, Sep 20, 2021
So simple it’s unbelievable

I recently was in CVS using the old fashion method with the USB cord to print my pictures for some reason, no matter how many times I retried all of my pictures didn’t display. So I sought out to find an app that would allow me to print ALL of my pics.... and long and behold. It was so easy. Didn’t even take me all of 5 minutes to select my pictures, the finish, as well as the sizes. Now all I’m waiting for is an email letting me know when I can go pick them up.

Faith329, Jun 29, 2020
Hangs up repeatedly

I excitedly downloaded app to use a T mobile Tuesday promotion. Likely will not get through before promo expires. I have printed photos at CVS before not using this interface and looks like it needs some more refinement to handle the traffic and complete the upload and transfer of pictures. Bummer, I was looking forward to sending pictures to my Mom for first visit post COVIDAfter 6+attempts it finally went through. The process shows a percentage that goes up only to go down again. Feels like a roller coaster and ends up being more like watching paint dry. It took about an hour plus to complete

h2o babi, Jul 06, 2021
Type-o with address for CVS location

The app was very user friendly which is the most important feature the app should have, but the address for my CVS location was not the correct address which caused a lot of confusion for me about whether or not I was sending my prints to the location I planned to pick them up at. I had to search for my location online to double check the address and that’s when I figured out the app had a type-o. I would have rated the app a higher score if it hadn’t had that error. Your tech department needs better proof readers.

Jrgdjv, Nov 19, 2020
CVS Prints

I take so many pictures with my iPhone and some of them are just incredible in fact most of them are of my family my children and my grandchildren and I’m always sending away for prints. I have canvas ,wood ,glass ,pictures that are framed ,all kinds of different textures and shapes and formats. CVS is right down the street from me ...within walking distance but I only walk if I need exercise lol , nevertheless it’s 24 hours and they have a print service it is so efficient and way cool! I print out a picture about every other day ever since I stumbled using this app it is so cool to put your family up on the wall and have pictures of events,parties birthdays,graduations, just all kinds of stuff. It’s convenient it’s easy and they’re ready when you get there.

lisamarie232, Oct 08, 2020

I was kind of skeptical because I saw a bad review however I said I’m going to download it and if I have any issue I’ll just delete it. It also access all your picture location from your phone, social media, google pics etc. I want these pics urgently and COVID stopped the world so ppl have less access to libraries and photo printing places. Thanks very much for this app. I love it and it is easy to do. No issue. Everything was smooth. The only downside to it is that I have a CVS less than a block away from my home however that location isn’t a pickup point which is a downside but nonetheless I’m grateful I was able to get these printed.

SexyKels83, Jun 16, 2020
TERRIBLE app & won’t load

I gave this app more chances than a normal person ever would & now i’m no longer wasting my time! Every time I download it and try to get the app to open, it completely FREEZES! i shut down the frozen app & try re-opening it, but guess what happens? it freezes again & is utterly useless. i thought it may be best to completely UNINSTALL it, reboot my phone and then download the app again & reinstall it…. yet THE SAME ISSUES persist! the app locks-up, freezes & doesn’t permit me to move forward. this has been happening for over a year! they say “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” well it’s embarrassing just how many times i’ve been fooled into thinking this app works because it simply NEVER HAS! if anyone has advice or knows a trick to make this unstable app actually open & allow me to upload photos…. please post your solution here. i genuinely appreciate it!

tvirtue, Jul 14, 2022
Over charged, misleading

My 2 orders of 10 pics each were supposed to come out free as I followed T-Mobile Tuesday promotion, downloaded the app for me and my husband and as I placed orders they were showing the total 0 , but then I got and email that one of them came out not free, so I have tried to use my promotional coupon again since it didn’t go through the first time but it did the same thing showed that it’s free while placing order and then I got email that I will be charged. Please take a look into it , it is very upsetting that I spent so much time trying to download the app and add features to my phone like payment method and spent time picking pictures but now I’m getting charged for both orders which were supposed to be free . I m not going to try and place order again as it is so confusing.

WBlonde B, Jul 10, 2019


CVS photo printing with Genuine Kodak Moments paper! Print to CVS Pharmacy or order photo prints & gifts home delivered. Send photos to print at any CVS location or for home delivery: 1 Select pictures from your phone 2 Choose print sizes 3 Order photo prints at CVS or home delivered.

High quality photo prints ready for 1 hour pick up or delivered to your door. Make Lasting Memories with CVS Photo Prints & Photo Gifts: Use Photo Prints Now to print your memories at CVS locations. Transform treasured moments into wall decorations with large print sizes. Print photos and pick up in 1 hour at your nearest CVS store. Print Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox & Print Google+ pictures. Order Prints Home Delivered: Enjoy fast delivery of photo prints & photo gifts. Order photo prints home delivered from your phone. Get your photos delivered to your home with speedy shipping. Surprise someone you love with photo gifts and prints ordered from your phone! The Best CVS Photo Printing App: Faster than kiosks and simple to use. We use high quality Kodak paper to make a lasting archive of your life’s memories. Perfect for scrapbooking or to make a greeting card extra special. Transform your memories into the perfect printed photo masterpieces. CVS Photo Print Sizes:
 • 4x6” Photo Prints
 • 5x7” Photo Prints
 • 8x10” Photo Prints • 6x6” and 8x8” Square Instagram Prints
 • Canvas Prints • Print Panels • Poster Prints • Magnets • Wallet Prints • Panoramic Prints • Bamboo Ornaments • Photo Cards Print Pictures at CVS: Trust your memories to the best photo paper, genuine Kodak moments photo paper at your favorite local CVS. After selecting your favorite memories for printing, select your size and quantity and then, simply send them to CVS to print within one hour. Use our CVS store locator to easily find your nearest CVS store. No subscriptions or other gimmicks. Get your phone’s pictures into print quickly and easily. Order photo gifts: Surprise someone you love with photo gifts and photo products home delivered or at CVS. Print Panels: Print panel sizes range from 4x6 to 8x10. Options include acrylic, bamboo and wood print panels. Photo Magnets: Add fun to any fridge with photo magnets. Create 4x6 and 5x5 magnets. Photo Posters: Large format poster prints and photo posters are perfect college room decor or business signage. Print your design or photo on a poster. Wallet Prints: Create wallet prints easily. Wallet prints are perfect at gift giving time. Panoramic prints: Choose panoramic print for an extra long photo print. Bamboo Ornaments: Fun sized bamboo ornaments are ready same day at CVS. Photo Cards: Add your photo to a card design. Ideal for Christmas, Birthdays, Invitations and Save the Date. Photo cards are ready same day at CVS. Canvas Prints: Decorate your living area with personalized canvas wall art. Print your photo on a canvas. Create canvas prints as large as 20x24 or 24x36. Home Décor, Wall Art and Designer Prints: Make a statement in home with wall art and designer prints. Select a design and leave the rest to us. Pick up at CVS Pharmacy. Designer prints and wall art are available on posters, print panels and canvas prints. Application partnership with CVS: By partnering with CVS we’ve made it possible to print photos at CSV without using Kodak photo kiosk. Over 9600 CVS stores are available nationwide to print 4x6, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 & 8x10 prints in 1 hour. Displaying pictures on your wall or sharing pictures with your family could never be easier. If you have questions about Photo Prints Now or CVS photo we’d love to hear from you: [email protected]

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