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User Reviews for Print Studio


I found this app on accident and I am so glad I did. I had tons of pictures I wanted to print off but the problem is that a lot of them were taken on my phone and some places like Walgreens and Walmart do not allow me to print a lot of the photos I have for some reason. However, I found this app and decided to print my phots with them. I placed a HUGE order and was so happy how easy it was to import and crop the photos to my choosing. The price is extremely reasonable for VERY HIGH QUALITY prints. I just received my package and the shipping was very fast especially for a very large order. The packaging was amazing and the prints themselves are obviously very high quality and not fuzzy or blurry by any means. I highly recommend you print your photos with this company and I can’t wait to order more products from them.

_kelyjo_, Aug 17, 2019
Amazing Service and Crucial in Our Day in Age

Life is going by faster with our technology advancements. We don’t hold the photos and memories we create like we used to. It’s all digital and lost into the ether with updates and upgrades. This is such a special company that does a service to humanity by helping preserve our histories and the love and happiness shared in them. I love the photos I received. I always wondered how I could save the memories made on my phone. I ordered 96 photos sized like the ones we would get processed at Walgreens off our old cameras. 60$ is a good price for all of them. This is one of the most special purchases I made. Now the memories will not be lost. I did think the photos were going to be glossy like the old kind and I own the miscommunication on that and I should have looked into it more. But other than that I am extremely satisfied and the photos although I didn’t order them glossy, they come on the same good quality photo print paper that is durable and can last for decades and decades. I let my girlfriend and mom know about this service. I will be ordering many copies of old photos and new ones to come. May Print Studio have continued success for the years to come(:

4L3xAnD3Rrr, Apr 12, 2019
Top quality

I’ve ordered with this company a couple of times. First time I got a wood picture, 3x3 magnets, and photo strips. The quality of the photo strips really caught me off guard. I love that the pictures have a matte finish and a white border. I’m not afraid to handle the pictures and also it just feels like high quality when I handle them. I was really excited to show my family because the photo strip also looks cool! The magnets are top notch (I just ordered more....at my husband’s request!). The wood picture was a really neat idea but I think I selected the wrong picture for it. I think the wood gave a warming effect to the picture that I did not want. However, I still like the product. I would definitely order another wood picture but next time I’ll keep in mind this effect. The packaging was also top notch- the products I ordered were packaged mindfully so that they do not get damaged during delivery. I really have no criticisms!I will continue to order from this company!

Ang_elica24, Mar 07, 2020
Went above and beyond

The ladies (and gentlemen) specializing in the customer service department of this company truly save the day when it comes to fixing mistakes and compensating for the errors. I ordered 2 calendars with big beautiful pictures of my baby’s first year: one for me and one for my dad. I was very impressed by the quality and size of the calendars and by the fast shipping as well. Unfortunately, some of the photos were out of order and suddenly the calendar didn’t make sense: the baby’s Christmas photo was in July, Easter picture in November, etc. I spoke with several different people over the course of 2-3 days who truly exceeded my expectations and helped me get in another order, free of charge of course, AND they even offered to express mail the second calendar to my father so he could receive it before Father’s Day. He got it 2 days before Father’s Day and I was so impressed. Although each email I received was signed with a different name, it always felt like I was speaking with one person. Communication was smooth, the conversations never staggered and I not once had to repeat my issue to anyone or give anyone an update on what’s going on. It always felt like they were 2 steps ahead of me to solve the problem.I will most definitely be making future gifts with this app.

bombdotmom, Aug 15, 2021
The best photo app and people!

I love this company so much- so much that I’ve never written a review on here before but I’m here doing it now for them- because they are that great! They are now the only place I order photos from. They are so innovative and I love all of the products they offer. I also absolutely love my photos every time they arrive- such great quality and I love being able to easily decide which size I want, and love being able to print some with the white border- so fun! The app is extremely user friendly and it makes the process so quick and easy. I’ve contacted them a few times for some help on my shipping address because I forgot to change it on my Apple Pay (twice now) and the staff is the best. So helpful and so quick! And they are very personable and clearly care about their customers. I seriously couldn’t recommend this app or company more! Also- they have a postcard app that I love to use when I travel and it’s the best quality postcards I’ve sent so check that out too!

Brianne C., Jun 19, 2019
A Purpose to All Your Photos

Let’s be real - the most devastating part of a phone or computer crashing is losing all the photos you’ve taken and only stored digitally. Changing OS? Forget about it - nothing carries over. The beauty of Social Print Studio is that they give you an option to printing your photos out for an affordable rate AND at a good quality. I’ve been a long time fan (the shoeboxes in my closet filled with photos from, oh, the last five years can attest to this) and I’ve watched the company change ownership without losing quality. The customer service can’t be beat, and there’s no where else I can print 45 photos for $15 AND get them within two weeks. When I ordered prints from my wedding as gifts, I came to SPS first. They’re the first place I recommend when printing photos and they’re generally my first stop when I’m thinking of prints.

Cassie Wood, Jan 27, 2020
Always perfect!

I’ve become addicted to Social Print Studio photos. Just got my 3rd order and working on my next one. After losing a dear friend I realized I really didn’t have pictures of him. I looked for all the moments we post on social media and take for granted and wanted to desperately save these memories. That’s when i found the Social Print Studio app. I picked the 4x4 option, perfect size to display but also carry in my journal when traveling, and use on my Day if the Dead altar.I found myself not only ordering pictures of my friend but also my entire family who lives in a different country, my dog and snap shots of daily life that make me smile. The quality is perfect! The customer service is absolutely amazing! I had issues with my last upload and someone got back to me right away. The turn around is also very quick. I can’t recommend Social Print Studio enough, and the price is really reasonable.I’m looking at calendars and other little keepsakes as gifts for clients now, as well as reordering for myself.

ccnn06, Nov 06, 2022
Excellent customer service

I made a 12 month calendar for my parents for Christmas and two of the photos got swapped resulting in a weird cropping and sizing of those two because one was the cover photo which is a different size. I contacted customer service and they responded within hours in spite of it being days before Christmas. They pulled up my original photo order and confirmed how I wanted it set and said they would remake it ASAP and get it shipped. They were so apologetic that it might not arrive before Christmas in spite of them rushing the production and paying to have overnighted to me, also offering to ship it directly to the recipient since it was a gift. That wasn’t a problem since I had the incorrect calendar in hand to give to my parents (who live in the same town as me) and I just explained the corrected one was on the way. The Print Studio staff did everything possible as quickly as possible to remedy the mistake and never made excuses about it being their busiest time. It was like working with a small, local business that responded as if my order was the most important one on their plate at the moment. Their products are beautiful and you receive the quality you expect from the photos online. I was already a returning customer and will continue to be one for as long as they’ll let me!

Equinn28, Feb 26, 2021
Love u guys but...

I’ve literally been a fan of u guys since u were a lil studio in sf. I KNOW u have amazing products. But y’all reaalllyy need to figure out the whole album maker situation. Every time I save it then reopen it all the pictures are in a different order. And the holding and dragging is a pain when I’ve got to drag 2 pages from the bottom to the top, one by one. I feel like it makes more sense to select the pictures I want then be able to put them on an empty page in whatever order I want. The cropping feature could use some work too. There’s a bit of an interface problem when you’re in the cropping window. The toolbar at the bottom (where it says select or crop) is completely over top the lower part of the image so I can’t see where I’m cropping lol. Also a snap feature wouldn’t hurt. It’s kind of a pain when I try just to fill the page with a photo but I basically have to guess where the edge is and battle between the edge of the photo and seeing white from the background. At the very least a reset crop button. Also a buggy window in general (interface wise). When it opens up, the actual cropping space is awkwardly off centered and it even cuts a tiny bit off of the right side. Idk if I’m the only one having these problems or...Also for context I’m on an iPad Pro (2018) and I’m also running the latest app version. Truly I’m not complaining, I’m j letting u know BECUZ I CARE😭<3333

i lov u long time. PERO..., Mar 30, 2020
Save feature needed

I have yet to receive my layflat book so I have no comments as to quality of the product. However, I had a frustrating experience using this service yesterday that I wanted to share so other users won’t find themselves in a similar situation. I had spent about an hour going through a year’s worth of photos for my boyfriend’s Valentine’s gift- uploading, cropping and organizing them thoughtfully. Midway through, my laptop showed that I was low battery. When I went to plug in, I realized I had left my charger at work. “No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just save this for later and finish when I have my charger.” I searched for the save feature and couldn’t find one. I reached out to customer service (who did respond immediately on the chat feature) and learned there is NO SAVE feature. Anyway, I managed to start all over and finish up on a different computer. However, even then, curating 38 pages worth of photos in one sitting was annoying. I wanted to save the project and go to sleep at one point, but was unable to do so. This issue really should be resolved, as it’s a glaring defect in an otherwise awesome service.

KFox89, Jan 25, 2019


The best way to print your iPhone and Instagram photos! Get quality prints, photobooks and more, delivered direct to your door - wherever you are in the world. Print Studio has been featured as "App of the Day", "Print Your Photos On Anything", "12 Apps for a Stylish Home" and more, by the App Store.

OUR PRODUCTS - 100% MADE IN CALIFORNIA We print your photos with meticulous care at our California printshop and we're adding and updating our product selection all the time. Our current offerings include: ◆ Prints - thick Classic Matte Prints, professional Large Format Prints, and retro photobooth-style Photostrips. ◆ Photobooks - Hardcover and Softcover Photobooks, and the best-priced Layflat Album you'll find online. ◆ Home Decor - glossy Metal Prints, rustic Wood Prints, stunning grid Posters, and ready-to-hang Framed Prints. ◆ Stationery - Greeting Cards for any occasion, fun Stickers, quality Magnets, and adorable Buttons. ◆ Unique Gifts - our bestselling 365-day Tearaway Calendars, novel Giant Photostrips, holiday Ornaments, and locally-sourced Display items. HOW THE MAGIC HAPPENS 1. Choose print products from our curated lineup. 2. Select photos for printing from your Camera Roll or Instagram account. 3. Receive your order in the mail and enjoy your photos forever! APP FEATURES We pride our app on having a beautiful and intuitive user-experience, no instruction manual required. These include: ◆ Intuitive cropping and editing tools to get you the perfect prints. ◆ Easy checkout, just scan your bank card or use Apple Pay. ◆ Help text and additional information available for every product. ◆ The best customer support in the business. ABOUT US This app is made by Social Print Studio, the creators of Printstagram! We’re a small company trying to make our way in the world with no outside investors and we really appreciate your support. Give us a try and let us know any feedback by leaving a review or hitting up our social media @socialprintstudio. To reach us directly, email [email protected] and our amazing customer support team will make your day! Shop more of our products at www.socialprintstudio.com and check out our other apps Greetings - Easy Holiday Cards and FrameJoy - Picture Framing Made Simple. Thanks Forever, Social Print Studio team.

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