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User Reviews for Mixtiles - Photo Tiles

Great idea!!!

I have seen this tiles being advertised everywhere and I wanted to see what they were all about. I ordered my first tiles a month ago and I was sooo pleased with how they came out, that I ordered another tiles. They are easy to order. They ship to you fast and they get put onto the wall like it was nothing. If you don’t like it where you placed it, then take it off and put it somewhere else without hurting the walls or tiles. The biggest issue is which pattern or style you are going to place them onto the wall. That is the hardest part in my book. I did have some issues with shipping which was all MY fault but they still reordered my tiles for me and shipped them to the right address. This last order, I forgot to re-crop a picture and when I told them, they automatically gave me a free tile so it could be fixed. Their customer service is great and replies back to you fast. They definitely have great people working there.I cannot wait until they can make biggest tiles because when they do, I will be one of their first customers!

**BAM**, Jun 18, 2018
Do they ever ship?

This is the second time I have ordered from mixtiles. I loved the first three I got but they didn’t ship when I was told they would and they finally arrived over a week after what I was told. Recently did a second order and ordered 13 tiles! 6 of them are a Christmas gift and I ordered them because it said they would arrive by December 20th. It is now the 22nd and my items still have not shipped. I received an email after writing to them on the app and they sent me a tracking number. The tracking number says my items are still sitting at the facility waiting to be shipped. I am very very disappointed and I wrote them over a day ago to find out if there was a way to overnight them as I need them before Christmas. I have not heard back from them and am probably going to have to get a different gift. I get things happen but the fact that you cannot call and talk to someone really disappoints because if I could I probably would know what is going on by now. Also because they didn’t ship on time I was issued a credit of 30% of the purchase which I am grateful for, however like I said my items still have not shipped and was told they would arrive by the 22nd (today). Here’s to hoping someone gets back to me and let’s me know what is going on.

Aldeeze, Dec 22, 2018
Awful Product :(

I was stoked to get my mixtiles, but upon receiving them today, I’m not happy. I saw the video ad on Instagram where the guy said it was “physics” so I thought they had figured out some super cool way to hang them up without damaging your wall. That’s not the case at all because they’re literally just light weight plastic. I mean you could get the same stuff at the dollar tree and stick a piece of command tape on the back and claim you have mixtiles because that’s pretty much all they are. Not to mention, about 6 of the 11 I got are bent, so I have some frames that are flush to the wall, and some that start out flush and then stick out as you near the bottom of the frame. I was going to say the only good thing about them is that the stickiness holds up, but I just hung them up about 10 minutes ago and literally as I’m typing this message 2 have already fallen off the wall. As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, the quality of my pictures are absolutely horrible!! All my pictures are super grainy looking, and I know it’s not my pictures because I have gotten some of the same exact pictures developed and they don’t look grainy like these do. I’m usually not the one to complain, but after being so excited to get these and spending a good chunk of money on them just for them to arrive like this, I knew I had to say something so others didn’t have to waste their time and money.

BrookeTis., Aug 19, 2019
Wonderful Customer Service

I was very excited to get a photo collage hung up. The photos came and are very beautiful, but the adhesive tape because it is not that sticky and as a result I had more than half of my tiles fall off the wall. I took every precaution in the directions - wipe wall with clean, dry cloth, only remove adhesive backing when ready to hang, press square firmly and evenly to wall, etc. Still, the tiles fell. I reached out to customer service, and they were quick to respond and were very friendly and helpful. I was hoping they might be able to send extra sticky tape so I could add another row and hope that would help, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option. However, they offered to send new squares to replace any that weren’t sticking free of charge. I persevered with the tiles I already had and was able to finally get all of them to stick but one. Mixtiles is sending me a replacement tile for the one I couldn’t get to work and they let me know that the tiles are 100% recyclable, which is great. I am still a bit nervous that if anyone should bump into any of the tiles I’ve hung that they will quickly pop off the wall, but overall when you combine the product with the excellent customer service I think this product is worth the money.

Kfree377, Sep 29, 2020
Amazing Quality & Customer Service

Placing your order is as easy and simple as it can get. The quality of the pictures on the tiles are clear and beautiful! The tiles are light weight, almost like a foam texture but much sturdier and won’t leave damage to your wall surface. That being said about these amazing tiles, let me talk about their excellent customer service. I received an email from a rep asking me for my feedback on the tiles. Just so happens, I was getting ready to contact them because it had been past the 5-6 days of expected delivery. Their way of contact is much like texting but through the app. It’s a really cool method! Their reps were so quick to help me try and locate my package and even offered to resend my tiles if I couldn’t locate them! Luckily, it didn’t have to come to that. Turns out my package had slipped between my porch and planter area. I was relieved to locate and immediately let the reps who were assisting me know they were found. Nothing like great quality and excellent customer service. I’ll be ordering more in the near future :)

LiveLoveFashion416, Feb 27, 2018
Nice but limited

The customer service team are very good at responding to ones questions and emails - the produced final product is good quality for the price paid - a couple of limitations - sizes are 8x8 for frameless (edge) and some of picture I sent was still cut off and even slightly more cut off if one choses framing styles like bold or clean - the other two framing styles classic or ever result in an even smaller size for the print (6x6). The pictures are cut off at the edges rather that resized to fit the 8x8 for example so even though I fit it as I liked it to be - I lost some of the edges of my pictures ( I only ordered edge style where the whole production is the picture - no frames - mainly so I dont loose anything of the picture) and when selecting the pictures I like on the app there is no option to size down ones picture to fit the frame - only enlarge if one wants to focus on part of the picture and cut off some.Also the app is not a long term account app - so every time I need to order I have to enter my information from scratch and I can not view or check status of a current or view past orders on the app which is very limiting. I did order again however because I did like the final product - its very light because its produced on styrofoam and it sticks directly to the wall because of 4 stickies on the back - dont know how long that stickiness will last - but it is convenient especially as I moved them around until I decided on final arrangment.

Manal Morsy, Jan 27, 2019
I would give Mixtiles 10 Stars if I had the option!

I came across this app and fell in love with how convenient and simple it is. What an easy app to use and navigate through. Only a few steps and Ta-Da.. get your costumed mixtiles sent straight to your mailbox. and wow, I only had to wait 7 days for almost 2 dozen tiles. I ordered 22 mixtiles, and it was worth the money I paid for. Prior to my purchase, I read some other reviews expressing that the price is kind of high for the first 3 tiles. I agree with them, and that is why I ordered more than 3 tiles. I would recommend buyers to do the same if you are worried about the cost. Mathematically speaking, it is worth it when you order a lot.The pictures came with awesome quality. The two sided tape were nicely taped onto the back of the tiles. I sticked it to my walls and moved it around all over the place and it still sticks to the wall fine. If you press it lightly onto the wall sometime it might fall, so be aware of that.Also, it was a great experience I had with customer service. I was prompted and informed about the progress of my order, and I am satisfied with our conversations. It is a great feeling when you know the seller cares about the quality of their product and the customer service aspect.

Narutokungkung, Oct 27, 2017
Tacky & Overpriced - looks better on the ad

Received tiles the day they they were expected to come in; however, I found it odd that there was no postage on the box - it was just a blank box. It also felt so light and realized the tiles were literally styrofoam boards so right off the bat you know the quality isn't great. I expected it to be wood-like material all around but the sides are black styrofoam which they did not specify when ordering, maybe offer different options of material at a high price. Picture quality is good. Picture was cut differently than what I edited on the app as some parts of the picture I did not want cut off was cut off. I also can tell some mistakes were made when cutting the pictures as an edge was not straight (cut crooked) on one of my tiles. Some of my tiles don't stick after a while. I was under the impression they were gonna be Velcro but it's just sticky tack. They should also warn that these do not stick well on perforated walls. App is easy and smooth to use. Maybe add an "editing" section in the future. One downside to this business is that most people will only purchase once then delete the app (as I did). A creation of something to keep users loyal through time will help this business stay successful. If not, there will be no steady flow of customers eventually. Overall, these tiles is something you can make at home yourself if you do have the time. Overpriced for the quality - you'll need to buy more than 3 to make your money worth it.

Sweetmisfits, Dec 14, 2017
A great way to get the pictures you love from your phone to your walls!!

I love my mixtiles. It’s great for someone like me who wants to frame some of the great pictures that I have on my phone. I don’t have the time or inclination to have another DIY project that I start and just don’t finish because of my very busy schedule. The quality of the pictures is great. You do have to do a zoom and crop to make sure that the pictures don’t get cut off. This happened to me on a favorite picture of one of my dogs. I contacted customer service (which is outstanding...they respond almost immediately) and they offered to redo the picture at no charge. They explained how to use the zoom and crop that I mentioned above to get the picture just right.As for being able to stick the tiles to the wall, I haven’t had any problems with that. I have also moved some of the tiles around and there was no problem with sticking them in a different place. There was also no residue or damage on the previous location.The frames are not of the highest quality. However, due to the dimensions of the photos that the app makes they look and work just fine for me.I’m going on an overseas vacation shortly and cannot wait to commemorate some of the highlights using mixtiles.

Sydnus, Sep 06, 2018
Even better than we expected!

After reading the reviews for Mixtiles, I decided to try them. Of course once I began placing an order, I just kept adding and adding pictures. Finally when the order reached 15 pictures, I regained my self control and placed my order. After waiting with baited breath, the box of Mixtiles arrived. I should note that we had already been contacted by Mixtilecustomer service to a) let us know they had received the order, and b) it was being processed and when we could expect the shipment to arrive. Again before it arrived, customer service let us know that they were there should we have any questions when the order arrived. I opened the box and began unwrapping the pictures with my wife watching. She had no idea what I had ordered and if they weren’t stunning I’d have been in hot water! Fortunately the picture tiles were absolutely beautiful. We have already placed many of them on the walls of our home. The others are for dear friends who lost their home in the Santa Rosa fire of October 8th. We know they will be happy to have these.

Tlaxcala-one, Oct 31, 2017


**Stickable Photo Tiles** **Hassle-free wall art** **No nails required** **80,000+ reviews** **Free shipping worldwide** **Photo prints & picture frames all at once** With the Mixtiles app, you’re just a few clicks away from stunning, stickable photo tiles delivered to your doorstep. Simply upload your favorite photos to the app, select your frame style, and check out! All orders get free shipping, and we have an 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Within a week, you’ll have photo tiles that are ready to stick on to any wall. All photo prints come framed & ready to hang, It’s really that simple. DAMAGE-FREE DÉCOR No hammer, nails, or hardware needed. And that means no unwanted holes, either. Our photo tiles are designed with magic peel-and-stick backings that make them easily stick on to any wall, anywhere. If you get tired of them in one location, simply unstick and re-stick in a few seconds. The perfect stickable photo tiles. LOVED BY MILLIONS Millions of people choose Mixtiles each year to transform their cherished photos into art—whether it’s for a gift, or for their own home or office space. Our goal is to provide a simple, hassle-free, and damage-free way to decorate. The hardest part? It’s probably choosing which photos to use. Try it now - upload and create your photo tiles. PERFECT FRAME SIZE Each one of our photo tile sizes measures 20 x 20 x 2 cm, or 8 x 8 inches, and just under an inch Whether you order one frame, or ten, you can look forward to stylish, aesthetic photo tiles that add personality and flair to your living space. Frame your favorite photo prints all at once. HIGH-QUALITY PHOTO PRINTS As long as your photos are at least 499 x 499 pixels in resolution, we guarantee a high-quality print that you’ll love. And don’t worry—the app will warn you if the resolution size is too small. FREE TO USE The Mixtiles app is 100% free to use, no subscription required. We’ll guide you through the process, and when ready to place your order, we’ll direct you to checkout. FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING Get free shipping on all orders from anywhere in the world! Select your country from the drop-down list at checkout. We’re committed to delivering your order in about a week, or less! Get ready for beautiful wall art that will complete your home. Download the Mixtiles app today to get started and order your photo tiles now. KIND WORDS FROM CUSTOMERS We love reading your feedback! Check out some of our favorite customer reviews below: "Wowza. I'm not sure there's a more affordable and simple way to get memories sent to your door. This app is amazing!" - Adam E. "They came out way better than I ever imagined. I ordered 10 the first go around and will be ordering 10 more this weekend." - Stan S. “I love my mixtiles. It’s great for someone like me who wants to frame some of the great pictures that I have on my phone.” – Sydnus “It's a great app and easy to use. We have used Mixtiles to order some of our wedding photos and we were happy with the products!” – James K. “The prints are beautiful; they are very easy to stick to the wall and to readjust if needed. The app is also super easy, all in all it took me 2 minutes to install it and order.” – Yulia M. Have questions? Contact our team any time at mixtiles.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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