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User Reviews for Photo Prints+


I have used this app with success twice before but the third time, I received only 4 out of 10 pictures that I ordered AND two pictures of a different family… now I am worried that someone else has the other 6 pictures of my children. I reached out to customer support for help and a refund, while they acknowledged my email they have not offered a remedy. I also asked that they call me…. They have not. There is no phone number anywhere for customer support (or any department) just an email. Next time I’ll just print at Walmart myself and avoid the risk of my pictures being sent to someone else.

ayyemgeee, Dec 07, 2021
Poor customer service, poor design

Doesn’t show prices of prints until you’re at the cart. Which you cannot edit your choices from. Doesn’t have easily accessible customer service. Not that it matters since their customer service is of no help. I did receive prints. In three separate packages for no apparent reason seeing as one only had two pictures in it.....and they were all ordered at one time. There is no option to track the order or get a tracking is to attempt tracking prints on UPS or FEDEX or even USPS websites. You can’t review an order you’ve placed at all. The frosting on the cake was waiting for the canvases I ordered for WEEKS and then opening a box to find upside down canvases with the cheapest hanging fixtures industrial gorilla glued to the back so they can’t even be fixed. Got in contact with customer service (had to google them so that I could contact them) only to be told I uploaded them that way.... which is so strange since none of the rest of them were upside down and they all looked the same orientation when I uploaded to the app. You live and learn I guess. Deleting the app upon completing this review. Honestly, just use Shutterfly or FreePrints, heck go to a Walgreens or Walmart when those are good to go again

Elizjoy😁😁😁, May 06, 2020
Update app and communication

I’ve used this app pre-pandemic and now during pandemic. Pre-pandemic it was pretty good. I used it while out-of-town and was pleased with the outcome. I tried to use it over the last 2 weeks and have been completely disappointed. Realizing that supplies can be delayed/limited there is no communication from wal mart about what is happening. I found out from an associate in-store that the reason my store location wouldn’t come up on my app was due to a pink ink delay from the warehouse. Then I accidentally placed an order to a store location an hour and a half away from me. I couldn’t find anywhere on the app to cancel the order. Emailed support that said due to high volume of emails to contact photo lab associate. I called the hour and a half away store and spent 1/2 hour on hold to find there was no one in photo lab and no one could help me. The associates were all very nice and wanted to help, but had no knowledge or information. Some communication and an updated app would be so helpful.

Hurricane2665, Jan 30, 2021

App says you can pick the store you want to use. Lie! I have 3 Walmart’s that all do photos within 40 miles of my house, however, they only show me one Walmart near me and the rest are 50+ miles away. I emailed them and was told that Walmart stores can remove themselves from the app when they’re out of ink or having printer issues. I can tell you right now the Walmart I was wanting had no such issues. I ended up using the Walmart app (which is an extra hassle that I was hoping to avoid) and low and behold my order went through and I picked my sons photos up the next morning (ordered them at like midnight). I emailed them back telling them this and haven’t heard a word from them since! If they aren’t going to be honest about their issues or get back to me I’m not going to use their product. App has since been deleted. Waste of my time and my phones space!

JenMari23, Sep 02, 2020
Doesn’t recognize my neighborhood Walmart!

The closest Walmart this app would print my photos to is 10 miles away. I know there are two Walmarts within 2 miles of my house. Not so convenient after all...Edit: my bad. The problem might be on Walmart’s end. I haven’t printed photos there in a while and I guess they don’t have photo centers at all locations anymore. I haven’t gone in-person to verify (COVID risk), but I couldn’t do it on the Walmart website either. I’ll give the app developer the benefit of the doubt and change my review to three stars.

Kulunaokala, Dec 29, 2020
Easy to Use!

This is my first time using this app, but I love how easy it is to use. You can go through all your pictures in your device and pick all the ones you want printed and they just add them all up for you. I had 330 pictures I wanted delivered and they prepared them all for me! So nice to be able to get pictures without leaving your house! I totally recommend this to anyone. So far so good!

Lovemesomecountry!, Feb 14, 2021
Could use improvement

Every time I’ve used this app it freezes. Several times I’ve had to redo my order 2 sometimes 3 times before I can place the order. It freezes every time I try to add more than one print or will completely shut down. I do like that when the order is placed Walmart gets the pictures and they are ready usually within an hour or so. This morning I needed pictures quick so I tried using this again. It took 4 times ordering and going through all of my pictures.....the app kept shutting off. I ordered one last time and it went right through but really didn’t let me read anything. It just placed the order. I ran to Walmart to pick them up and they were not there. The app sent my photos to another Walmart 15 miles away! When I was talking to the clerk he said he’s had a few customers that that has happened too. I’m deleting and going to try and find a more reliable way to get my photos.

Muffins6, Apr 19, 2021
Misleading prices and random added cost

Two main issues: 1- Misleading prices ( twice as much to be exact) 2- Extra charges for no reason. The app selected 6 random pictures to be made 4x4 and charged 5x the price of normal picture. In short go to Walmart load up pictures and print them. There is 0 advantage to using this app or at least none worth paying twice as much.Originally found this app online as part of Walmart. Most other companies has a similar app that is part of the company (CVS, Walgreens etc). Nowhere obvious doesn’t it say they are not part of Walmart which according to search are the most affordable picture printer. It was later brought up to my attention this was not the case and they are a separate “premium” company. I would have been ok with a extra few cost as part of the service but not twice the amount. To make matters worse there is no deliver or other special feature. You are better off just going to Walmart or any other company for that matter and loading up your pictures there. Customer care was unhelpful and dismissive.

nacho501, May 22, 2022
Not happy

I ordered 3 sets of photos. Spent about $30. They sent me a confirmation email with an order number that I could use to track my order. They told me it may take 6-10 business days to receive my photos. On the 6th day I sent out an email because I could not figure out how to track my order. I used a guest account so I couldn’t track it through my Walmart account. No answer. I emailed again on the 7th day. No reply. I emailed on the 8th day. Nothing. It has now been 9 days, i have not received any help or my photos. If I spent $30 to get no pictures and no help to find out how to get them, I will be extremely unhappy. I’m giving 1 star because Customer service is not good whatsoever. I just want my pictures or my money back but no one will even answer me in order for me to get a refund, either. Will not print photos this way, again.

SavannahhhMoore, Aug 02, 2020
Randomly shut down twice

After taking my time to choose 100 photos, the app just shut off on me while still on it. Now I have to start over which is frustrating. I’ll come back here and update review once I try again, if it shuts down on me again it’s keeping a 1 star.Update: I went back into the app and took two hours of my time to choose 1000 pics. Got to check out and chose pay method and then it said it needed to upload all my photos and started doing so, it counted up and got to the last 50 photos and app shut off again. Now this app has wasted a total of 2.5 hours of my time and I have no purchase. I went back in and the app didn’t even save my cart, back at zero just like the first time. Also not I worked at T-Mobile for 3 years and I’m a mobile expert so no it’s not my phone, update on my phone or app or wifi. This app is complete trash and now that it has wasted to much of my time I will delete it and leave this horrible review here. Don’t make an app to upload multiple pics if it’s not stable enough to handle it. I suggest firing whoever is in charge of software for this application. I’m DONE!

truthitis, May 09, 2022


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