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User Reviews for Skyward Mobile Access

Won’t let me log in

I used to use this to check my grades and I never had a problem with it. But recently, it has been stuck on the “Verifying...” screen forever after I put my password in. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it just to find out that it won’t let me search for my School District. Anytime I start typing I see a pop up that says “Please check to ensure you have a Wi-Fi or other data connection and try again. I have turned my WiFi on and off and even tried using my data but it still didn’t work. Therefore I believe that this is a problem with your services, especially since I have seen this problem in other reviews from as far back as October. Listen to the reviews and fix this.

andrewxcxsx, Feb 11, 2019

It is a great app, but after about three weeks of having it, it is being a little bit funky. It logged me out saying I had a lot of invalid passcodes, yet I all my information was right, and I didn’t even log in for a couple of days, so it’s impossible. And now it won’t log me back in even when I deleted my account, and the app, and tried everything all over again, but it won’t take anything. It is just too strict and it won’t let me do anything, no matter how hard I try. So now I can’t see my grades and projects, and things due. Over all, it has some things they might need to fix, but it’s a good app.

brookcook04, Sep 21, 2019
App is horrible

I have been using Skyward to view my grades and register for classes since I began middle school in sixth grade. No other app we use in school has ever come close to being as frustrating and just plain awful to use as skyward. The website already had many problems such as the horrible user interface, freezing randomly, and just flat out not working most of the time, and all of these things unsurprisingly are present on the mobile version as well. This apps user interface is extremely cluttered which makes it annoying to navigate. On top of that, it is very ugly and everything is very small which just makes it inconvenient to click or look at. I wouldn’t mind this too much if the app would actually work when you interacted with it. More than half of the time when you click a button or a drop down it will freeze and take 5 or more seconds to load. This adds to the overall clunky and unpolished feel of the entire app.

Charliebtw, Jan 28, 2022
Not good enough for eight years

This app has been in the App Store, available as a platform to check homework and manage school for eight years, and yet it still seems to have problems expected in a relatively new app. The app is not as navigable as it has the potential to be, and the performance thereof is extremely glitchy. Also, the extra security with that ridiculous passcode is unnecessary. I’ve used apps with much less security to safeguard more private information. It’s not as if I care if people get a glimpse at my straight A’s either. And what’s the major threat with a glitchy school-sponsored app? That someone will hack in and do my homework for me? Sure wouldn’t want that to happen. 🙄In addition, the app crashes when one switches from app to app, or even accidentally presses the home button. I am almost certain this is an easy fix, considering I have no other apps with this problem.Looking at the version history, it doesn’t seem like the app developers at skyward have noticed their early-2000s quality graphics or utter dysfunction of their app; they haven’t even reached a second version of the app (despite it desperately needing updates) which goes to show that these developers are not trying hard enough. So do us all a favor, skyward, and update your app!

Entropy1.618, Aug 15, 2020
Many issues

I’ve used Skyward since sixth grade, and I have ultimately associated it as a trouble causing app at times. Sometimes it is annoying to navigate, as I have to log back in each time I come back to the Skyward screen no matter how short I was being away from the app window. Same goes for Skyward on the computer. The changing/renewing your password every six months can often be very annoying and much of an inconvenience. Since I’m doing remote learning this year due to COVID-19, I couldn’t access Skyward until several days ago. I sent multiple emails to the district and received an e-mail only until recently on a way to renew my password. Very annoying, now I have to do major housekeeping with my Skyward account because I couldn’t get in. It’s an inconvenience to not only me, but my teachers, as I’ve had to tell at least one of my teachers this year that I couldn’t do two quizzes they assigned in Skyward because I couldn’t log in and wasn’t getting any help in trying to get my password renewed. I appreciate Skyward for being there so I can see my grades, but it definitely likes to mess with you it seems.

Josh C. aka Josh C., Oct 16, 2020
It’s ok

Although this app works it’s not the best. It’s nice that it auto signs out when you clear the app and that it recognizes you fingerprint as a sign in option. But, if you switch apps it and then return without fully closing the app it crashes, which is extremely annoying, especially if you accidentally click the home button. This is for skyward in general, why do I have to change my password every six months?! Why?! Every other password protected service doesn’t make you switch your password and, most of the time, they have more personal/sensitive information than your grades. I personal could care less if someone else saw my grades, but I get why people wouldn’t like to have their password stolen and people be able to see their grades. But. It should have an option to make it so you didn’t have to change your password every six months.Tl:dr - it’s buggy, has its problems, but it does what it needs to.

Nate Scheuber, May 11, 2020
Won’t let me access it

I have been using this app for a very long time to check my grades and while it has have had its moments, it was overall fine. This entire app though recently won’t let me access it even though I logged in with WiFi on! At first, I thought this was a glitch and would check my grades another day, but every single time I do it had the same error. I am now convinced it is your faulty service and I also have seen many other reviews complaining about the same issue. If your school uses this service, use the website version as it is much better. If the developers do change this problem though, I will edit this post and change my rating.

Neko123637;&, Nov 02, 2019
Works ok, but lots of room for improvement

This app works fairly well, does it’s base job of displaying grades. However, the UI seems to be just a simplified version of a website, not an actual native app, which makes it somewhat cumbersome to use. It would be nice if grades less than 48 hrs old were bolded or somehow highlighted to help me identify new grades easily; a notification that new grades have posted would be awesome. I see no use for the calendar function at all, though that may be because teachers just aren’t using it.Also, can you please make it possible to hide dropped classes? This is possible in the web-based version, but not in the app.

Nickmeister03, Aug 26, 2019
An actual honest review

My school uses Skyward for students to use for checking grades, attendance, disciplines, etc. I personally feel like the platform is very good for what it’s intended for. No, the mobile app isn’t as advanced as the desktop version in my opinion, but it still works good. I guess I don’t really have anything else to say since it’s main purpose is simple lol.Also, pretty much everything said with the app crashing, lagging, etc. is all made up, or it’s a problem that has nothing to do with the app itself. The app “crashing” when you close out of it for a second is because “Background App Refresh” is on in your phone’s settings. And your password having to be reset is your school’s choice, not the app’s. (no I don’t work on the Skyward staff)

Norab Ebuk, Sep 10, 2020
Very buggy

Half the time it does not recognize my face ID while I have no issues with this on other apps. Sometimes it does not recognize my passcode. Other times it tells me I have invalid credentials even though my login info is current and I haven’t changed anything. The push notifications are only temporary and do not show up other than the single time they originally are displayed; when you go to look at the app later it does not show you the new info and you can’t go back later to find what it was because it does not save them in the notification screen. I receive push notifications about administrative messages and it displays the same messages that were there before. This would be a good app if not for all the bugs.

Snarfbug, Nov 05, 2018


Skyward Mobile Access provides intuitive access for students, parents, and school staff that currently use Skyward’s Family Access, Student Access, or Employee Access. Skyward Mobile Access will automatically locate your district and take you instantly to your vital information such as grades, attendance, discipline, payroll, time off, and more! Please contact [email protected] with questions, comments or concerns about the app.

Note: Your school district must activate Skyward Mobile Access Automatic Setup in order for this application to locate your school district and connect to it.

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