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SimpleSirens WLN

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Jacob Simon
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User Reviews for SimpleSirens WLN

Get his other siren app

Just like another reviewer stated. There is background noise in the siren tones. Was this recorded during a hot day and your window was open and facing a busy street? I was expecting a horn like a fire truck but was clearly disappointed. Realistic sounds but very badly recorded. Please update to better recordings and the fire "stuttering horn" and I will change my review. Do not purchase this app. Buy his OTHER one. Much better recordings.

chuck_tempe, Jan 10, 2016
Good Job Again

Great job once again on a siren app. I like the tones. It could use a smoother transition as the other reviewer wrote but overall good job. Also could use a little more detail, perhaps in later updates i.e a working pursuit/slide switch.

Cop1705, Jun 22, 2014
Pretty good

Easily one of the best. The only reason i give it 4 stars is because of some lag between switching sirens. Also I would recommend a longer time to hold the man button before it loops again. Other than that I would highly recommend it.

DeRanKeR64, Jul 01, 2014
Very realistic

Most realistic siren app ever!! I've always wanted a whelen siren app! Only things it needs is the slide switch to work, to be able to select the traffic advisor pattern, and more whelen tones like mechanical. Can't wait for future apps!

Firedept197, Jun 27, 2014
Please add a second manual tone!!

This only needs one more thing. A manual wail tone that you hit the button and it winds it up. This would make this app perfect. Please do this!!!!!

Hebeiqbdbdos, Nov 11, 2015
Its alright

The sirens are great just wish they can take out some of the background noise in the siren but its fine but i mean when i turn off and on the sirens it has to load and i dont like that it takes away the realistic aspect

K1NGKEV1N, Dec 15, 2014

Would be nice to move the switch but other than that it perfect

Nmg6701, Jun 25, 2014
Great app!

Sirens are great, despite the background noise.Also, creator, you think you can make the air horn sound like an actually whelen horn? Also can you make an app out of "signal vehicle products ss670" siren? Thanks!

RobM29319284, Nov 24, 2015
If you have other app, not worth it.

This app is pretty much exactly like their Simple Siren LMT app. The only difference is that the airhorn sounds like a firetruck. As soon as I opened the app, I regretted spending the .99 cents. I much prefer the police style airhorn and all the other sirens are the same. This is getting two stars because I was expecting a little different tones, and it's hardly different than the other.

Sirius U., Jun 23, 2014
Great with exemption of few small bugs.

Great new siren. Still clearly has a couple bugs that need fixing before it is on level with the simple siren. Would be nice if the slide switch worked. There is a bit of lag sometimes on the buttons but it sounds pretty close to a whelen siren. The only issue I really have with it is the tone difference between speakers and head phones. On the speaker it is almost flawless sound but when you put on headphones and use it there is clearly background noise like it was recorded in a moving vehicle on a highway. That's the only reason I give it 4 stars. Great app by all means and I'm sure they will fix the small bugs in future updates.

WMDfirefighter, Nov 04, 2014


Turn your iPhone into a realistic police siren! Scroll through the tones just as the real versions do in squad cars! Includes: ~Wail ~Yelp ~Priority ~Manual ~Airhorn Note: Due to potential copyright infringement, we will be unable to provide any rumblr or EQ2B siren tones.

All others presented through this app are available to the public.

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