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SIMO : MATLAB programming app

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SIMO : MATLAB programming app

  • Education
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User Reviews for SIMO : MATLAB programming app

Loved it!❤️

Awesome app! Wish there could be more build-in functions though! Hopefully it can replace the need to use MATLAB on PC for homework purposes. Please add symbolic support

😃Y😃F😃, Feb 09, 2018
Pretty cool

This is a great app if you have some results you want to carry around with you, especially to/from class or at a conference. It's like having Matlab in your pocket, with almost a seamless transition between the two. Obviously, it's not as powerful as workign on a desktop, but it still packs quite a punch.

bu zhi dao, Mar 03, 2015
Good MatLAB alternative

I was looking for a free app that I could use to brush up on my MatLAB, and this seemed to be an awesome option! Some functions and syntax things are a bit different, but overall, MatLAB knowledge transfers over well.

budgiesarecool, Jun 23, 2015
Good potential

As an electrical engineering student I love the idea of being able to use matlab without the need for a desktop computer or laptop. However, for my needs, I find this app to be limited. It doesn’t have the function to find the determinant of any NxN matrix, I can’t create symbolic matrices, and it doesn’t have support for transfer functions, bode diagrams, etc. I really hope this functions are added in future updates.

e^(AVC), Jan 23, 2018
Useful app needs more functions

It is useful to have a matlab like app for the ipad. But I think it would be more useful if it can implement more features, such as being able to set multiple search paths; and functions such as “load”, “FFT”, “tf”, “bode” etc.

Jgc846, Jan 28, 2018
Very useful app. Countinues to improve with more available functions

Very useful app. Countinues to improve with additional available functions

megapascal, Oct 05, 2020
Missing Language Syntax - Not Full-Featured!

Within 30 seconds, I found out that I WASTED my money. This app does NOT support anonymous functions, structs, or cell arrays, which are a part of the Matlab syntax. By not supporting these language features, Simo is NOT a full-featured Matlab replacement. I can forgive not having every built-in function, but advertising as full-featured but lacking critical language syntax is INCREDIBLY MISLEADING.In addition, I cannot hide the Simo keyboard when using an external keyboard. It doesn't handle keyboard presses such as Enter when using the command line. You can't change the font size or swap line-wrap/line-continuation when editing text. All of these issues make using the editor and the command prompt very frustrating.

Nick879123, Oct 03, 2019
Not much here

Try rref on a matrix. The ui is clunky and not intuitive but i could get used to that if the first simple linear algebra attempts had worked. Buy one of the other apps.

SpeedOfSoundOfLonliness, Mar 25, 2018

Still needs support for transfer functions, bode diagrams, etc.

Vitorgl, Jan 22, 2018
Great app for scientific studies

I really enjoy using this app for a orbital mechanics. It is simple and easy to use. I also like being able to use the script files I create on my pc with Matlab. Overall, my experience using this app has been excellent!

Wave Path, Oct 21, 2021


~~~~~~~~~ Check out our FREE app Console, which is powered by SIMO's MATLAB interpreter. If you find Console useful, SIMO is definitely suitable for you. ~~~~~~~~~ SIMO is a feature-rich development environment for MATLAB. We have developed a version of MATLAB interpreter that works for commonly used language syntax and functions for beginners. [+] Who will find SIMO useful? - Students learning the basics of MATLAB. - Course instructors of fundamental MATLAB courses. - Individuals whose works do not depend on specialised toolboxes and advanced language syntax. [+] What is SIMO? - It is an integrated environment for running MATLAB. - It allows you to create, edit, and run MATLAB code on iOS devices. - Unlike other apps that compute on the cloud, it performs computation entirely locally on device. No internet connection is needed.

You don't miss a single app feature even if you are offline. [+] What SIMO cannot do? - It does not completely replace MATLAB, as it has only a subset of built-in functions of MATLAB. - It does not support advanced features such as Simulink or creating user-interface. [+] One app, all platforms - You will be amazed at how much work you can do on a phone. The app is designed to let you work effectively on smaller screens. - The iPad app features a split-screen layout. You can enjoy a full-screen workspace, or work on two views simultaneously. - The iPad app runs on Macs with Apple silicon as well. Buy one app and it works on all of the platforms. [+] MATLAB interpreter - The interpreter works for language syntax that is essential to survive a MATLAB course. It provides the most commonly used built-in functions for learners. - The interpreter computes on your device locally. You will not miss a single app feature even if you go completely offline. - SIMO comes with a full set of documentation and user guides. It is offline accessible and full-text searchable. [+] Visualization tool - Plots are rendered in real-time using your device's computing power. Operations such as updating line attributes, pan and zoom are fast and responsive. - Stunning 3D plots are rendered by the device's GPU in real-time. Pan, zoom or rotate with multi-touch gestures, trackpad or keyboard shortcuts. - Plot attributes are editable through the built-in user-interface. You can improvise with different styles without entering a single line of code. [+] Command console - You can run one or many lines of code from the command console. It supports line numbering, auto-intent and syntax highlighting. - Search over thousand lines of output data instantly. You'll never get overwhelmed by the sea of numbers. - Output data are formatted automatically to fit the screen size or app window. Data are always neatly presented however you resize the app. [+] File manager - Files can be synced across all of your iCloud Drive enabled devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac). Or, you can store them locally on device. - Tons of files buried in tons of folders? No worries. The search feature will help you find an item instantly. - It has features you expect from a useful file manager. Add, copy, delete, duplicate, move, rename, sort and more. [+] Script editor - It has features you expect from a useful script editor. Syntax highlight, auto-indent, line numbers and more. - Search for a word in a script. Replace occurrences with another word. - Recent items are accessible from your finger tip. It is a useful feature for navigating through frequently accessed files. 

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