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Signal Spirit Communication

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Signal Spirit Communication

  • Entertainment
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chris rogers
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User Reviews for Signal Spirit Communication

Great app!

I love the app and the customizable presets. I have gotten great communication with it. My only complaint is the 3D effect can get a little annoying when turning the knobs. Other than that, best mobile portal box in the game.

062400, Nov 17, 2020
Great App!

Works perfect 👌 great app 👏 It’s works and make the job . Definitely make a huge difference when the person who use it know what is doing . I will not recommend this app for just curious our curiosity . .. connecting was for me super quick and clear very impressive app .

7_Jesus13, Nov 17, 2020
Doesn’t work-not even for fun

It sweeps between two radio stations so essentially youre just listening to their broadcasts in 2-3 word bursts. It’ll have you thinking ghosts want you to buy tires or invest in bonds. Because all you hear is We have new/youre money would be best/tires at our/invested over/locations for all/time and various/….DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Amp1229, Jun 12, 2023
This one VS Necrophonic

I gave it an try and all I get is radio & every time I open it my settings are wrong.. I programmed it 5-8 X’s on all preset buttons & none of them keep my settings after closing the app.. Sometimes when I’m not sober I think the app works and hear them talking VS sober sessions...Necrophonic is still better then this one...

DarkStoner0420, Dec 09, 2020
Stations not coming threw even after update and re loading after deleting app .

Can you please fix

Dasynergy, May 12, 2021

There is nothing spiritual about this app. There are 3 people connected and are using the camera and microphone of your phone. I told them that I knew that they were a scam and they actually told me over the app to contact the BBB. They are using your phones microphone and camera. There is nothing spiritual about this app. $9.99 so they can sit there and manipulate the sound.

Dria1966, Nov 17, 2020
works great

This app works great, I was able to get very accurate responses to my questions. I connected with a little boy named Tommy with a previous app about a year ago. Tommy also came through on this app! I was able to get clear responses with help of an audio editing software.

iffybruh, Nov 24, 2020
SCAM doesn’t work

I love your Deadwave app so I was excited to try this one. This new app, all it does is play music and 10 to 20 second clips of a radio program, crashes and does nothing else and I’ve tried all the settings...I am very disappointed ....requested a refund. Waste of money.

Mystic Q, Nov 18, 2020
It’s great.. until it stops working.

The app was working and not when I turn it on it makes no noise. It’s an expensive app so I hope it gets fixed. I’d like to use it.

panda123009, Nov 16, 2020
Good app

Won’t save my presets. It’ll say it’s saved, but when I go back to the app later, it’s all back to factory preset. There hasn’t been an app update since I’ve downloaded this. I’ve been using using spirit box’s for years & the only thing I get on this one is the radio. I mainly downloaded this because it was recommended by Steve Huff. Necrophonics & my faithful SB-7 are still the best

ScraggJ88, Jan 26, 2021


The Signal app is an internet radio sweeping app made for Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC). The idea is modeled after a traditional ghost box that sweeps through AM/FM radio stations and picks up random bits of audio that spirits can use to form speech. Unlike terrestrial radio bands that are filled with a lot of static and harsh sounds this app uses internet radio stations that are static free.

This provides a cleaner sounding sweep that has only the speech sounds needed for spirits to communicate.

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