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User Reviews for Shiftsmart Partner

No Employment in the DFW, Texas area

I'd like to start this review off by saying I was extremely excited to have this app, to have some extra income generating for things I enjoy. I downloaded this app after seeing the Refugee Support Staff application (position aligns with my career path for experience). I filled out the application (in late MARCH or early APRIL) and waited patiently, received an interview for the position. I continued to wait after that.. the wait turned from days to weeks and eventually months. I had called back three times to check on my application; the first time being told the application takes time to process. The second and third time being told that my application was going through the background check.I received a text from the app late May or June saying that the position was closed and they no longer needed help. So I was 1. Never hired 2. Taken through an unnecessary loop through their system. I am blessed to had the opportunity to continue looking at other places of employment.Also, the job is still populating in my app even though they are done hiring and I can't find any other open positions in my area. I feel like my information was taken down and used for something instead of actually being used for good.

✗O ❤, Jun 23, 2021
Can go either way

Doing work through this app can be either really good, or really bad. When it’s really good, you login, you do the work and by the following week you get paid. Heaven help you though if there is an issue with your pay. You will get a runaround from anywhere you contact. You can text or you can email and essentially nothing gets done. The work that I’ve done that there were no issues, I got paid and it came like clockwork. Twice I’ve had issues and I got nothing but a run around. To date nothing has happened, and I’ve not been paid for the two times I had issues, and both times involved multiple days. At this point I’m just not even accepting Robbany more work from them because it’s not worth it to spend my time working knowing that there could be a problem and I won’t get paid. There are also the issues with the app freezing and technical bugs that come up sometimes but by far the biggest issue is getting an employee to respond and actually look into an issue and try to fix it. The issues I’ve had have cost me about $300, and I’m just not willing to work for free for anyone anymore.

1 Rob, Aug 07, 2020
Great Side Gigs!

I found out about ShiftSmart in 2018 and actively became a mystery shopper on technology items. The video at the time was completed via a different platform and was pre-recorded. If I ever had trouble with a payment I would just message them about it and it would be resolved. It was a great way to earn extra money with jobs that I could accept or decline based on my schedule. I’ve returned and I’ve seen some improvements, they have new opportunities to sign up for tabs, calendar, a place to add work experience, education and certifications. Now when signing up with a gig you must take a training and other people are part of it, with a live instructor. I’ve seen a great improvement on this app as well as the companies efforts to makes these opportunities available for folks who want extra change in their pockets. Navigation on it is easy and quick. Response and training sign up fair quick too. Definitely give them a shot if you want a extra $ or learn something new. I’ve sign up for a new gig and once I have more experience interacting with the app this year, I can update you all.

503S, Jun 03, 2022
This App is absolutely 100% legit!!!

I have been working for Shiftsmart since July,2020 and have gone from one project to the next with a consistent amount of steady work. I can set my own hours, set my schedule just how I need, work from home and best of all - I am compensated for my time DAILY!!!!Shiftsmart started out as a small, unknown company that has grown, improved, maintained and provided steady projects all through out my entire time with them. Best of all tho - I have gained some fantastic experience while having the options of working various projects that have ALL been financially rewarding. It really is worthwhile for anyone to get into. It’s a new opportunity for anyone and everyone to do. Stay at home moms, college students, hustlers or even mom and dad - could ALL benefit from partnering up with Shiftsmart.

BabyCakes904, Jan 12, 2022
Refusal to pay for work performed

I did a 2 hour test that was supposed to be paid at $50 + $40 bonus. I have the check in pass that I received at the security desk when I arrived, a screenshot of their congratulations for completing the shift message, a screenshot of the app showing I completed the shift, google maps screenshot of my location walking from Penn Station to the location and being there for 2 1/2 hours, screenshots of all the texts sent to me before and after the shift.Shiftsmart staff says Regus marked me a no show. I had to sign a NDA for the work performed, but I feel as if I am indeed a now show, I wouldn’t be able to describe what I did there. There is a problem with the app in that I had to re download it at the site to prove I had a shift as they said they couldn’t find me. Whether by error or by design, I believe what may happen is they over book expecting no shows, fill up all the spaces they can as people arrive and then tell people they “can’t find them.” Very shady deal, especially since the say the follow some anti-slavery act of 2015. Working people without getting paid is a form of slavery. Anyone interested in filing a class action lawsuit?

Fatgeorgeranch, Oct 22, 2021
Right idea, wrong technology.

I work for a company taking remote shifts at home that are usually around 4-7 hours with plenty of options each day which is convenient if you have a busy schedule whether you have kids, are in school or have a primary job, to make some extra cash on the side. This company uses Shiftsmart to manage their available shifts, clocks employees in and out, payroll management and for messaging between “management” and the employees. The concept Shiftsmart has as an app is amazing, and would be extremely convenient if the app worked 100% of the time. Often times I have to restart the app by completely closing it and reopening it many times to get it to load the shifts available, my pay, or my schedule, which can be extremely troubling when some of the shifts are time sensitive to claim before others. Another issue I often have with Shiftsmart is the way the messages load. Often I will have technology difficulties with my computer or other job specific issues and need to message management for assistance, but when I message them it doesn’t go through immediately, and when they reply it usually doesn’t load until the next morning when it is very much too late. If they could fix these issues I 100% would give 5 stars, but right now it’s the right idea wrong technology.

jasmyn. johnson., Aug 07, 2020
So difficult

I have been using this app for 2 years and one of the assignments I do often is mystery shopper assignments. I know the rules and how to complete the surveys after the assignments. I try to fill out the surveys while sitting in my car after completion but because the app is so crappy that your current assignments can disappear or not submit which is a frequent problem and always has been. The last 2 mystery shopper assignments I have done were done back to back and couldn’t be completed at the site due to app technical problems so I completed them when I got home. I accidentally uploaded the same selfie to both surveys because they were pulled from my camera roll and were side by side. One was rejected due to geo location of picture being wrong. I immediately messaged Shiftsmart back with explanation and the correct picture and I have been messaging about this for 3 weeks with no resolution. I have the correct picture with the correct geo location but they have ignored me and not paid me. I am now rethinking using this app because gas is way too high to go do assignments and not get paid due to an error that was explained and the correct picture provided

Jennisbrody&sladesmom, Jun 17, 2022
Shiftsmart Experience

I have been working with Shiftsmart for a little over one year. I have experienced the kinks and possible bottlenecks with the organization as far as communication and the app used while completing work tasks for the company however I have observed how this company has improved. This is a startup company with a new concept that I was very curious about. I found the work appealing but at the same time there was room for improvement that the company needed in the areas of communication and also explanation of the tasks assigned. Despite all, the company has impressively improved its communication and the app is very user friendly and easy to navigate and use. I have recommended this company to my friends and even my boyfriend because this is a great opportunity to make a little side money while having a normal9 to 5 gig with room for flexibility! I would love to see other opportunities available with this company because I feel like this company may be the on the next Forbes list because of its concept and appeal! Keep up the good work Shiftsmart!

JJ Garrett, Nov 17, 2018
Was enjoying working with them until

Until I was contacted by some unprofessional lady with to much power in her hands. Her name Shekinah so for those thinking of joining think about this for a second. It might say $15 dollars for merchandiser role but they don’t mean that just false advertising. They might say $1000 sign on bonus they don’t mean that. They say your an independent contractor but treat you like an employee without having to pay employee tax and wages. When you try negotiating about the wages no paid they play dumb. Well i take that back I spoke to a few professional gentlemen that explained I’d be paid after so long. This Shekinah though be it cause she a woman with some power over a man she feels it ok to take away all my shifts I scheduled the week before. I was needing that money for bills, food especially food. Why is it all the other managers I spoke to were as professional as you should be. Yet you this Shekinah could not and felt to cause me more financial hardship. Is it because like she said she a woman. So if anyone thinks about downloading this help just remember it won’t be $15 or sign up. Then the more of us sign in a we all can report them to the Federal Trade Commission. I can tell you how dissatisfied I am and how much I needed this mind

Non-Biased Truth, Feb 09, 2022
No Communication with Your Problems

I signed up, and was constantly called to partake in a study and was promised a $100 bonus on top of that. Sounded great and I was receiving constant communication. I wasn’t able to pick up the shift in the app because I couldn’t log in but q person over the phone was able to confirm it. I went to the study, and the lab personnel had to call a shift smart manager to set up my appointment. Which was a slightly difficult process. I was told I would have to log into my app to receive my payment. I was having issues logging in so I decided to call support to help me. got into contact with a person and they said they would escalate the issue to a manager. Nothing. I called again, they put a “ticket” in and did not CC me in the email. Nothing. I called again to get into contact with a manager, I was told there wasn’t “enough man power” for a manager to communicate with me and I was also told I only had one ticket in for a password reset. I am currently upset because I have not been able to get paid the $120 and it’s starting to look like a scam for people to waste their time to do a study and then not get paid and for them to play the run around with the person when they try and contact support. I still have not been paid and it’s been a week since the study

Study Failure, Apr 26, 2021


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