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User Reviews for Qwick for Freelancers

The 1 star reviews are the truth

Man I just got deactivated from Qwick, just disappointed not that I got deactivated but the fact I gave my all to a company and still didn’t work out. Some I’ve these companies I worked my very best , but regardless if you work off the Qwick app your employer is going to always look at you as less than them. You will be treated unfairly. I had 2 low ratings out of 50+ jobs. The owner of a company didn’t want me to properly wash dishes , she wanted me to spray them with water and make them look clean which is unsanitary and something is never do. They need to be properly clean . Had a health inspector been there , they would’ve been close to getting shut down. Based on what she was doing. Qwick has no contact number to call . They can care less about their employees . The customer can call but not you. A traditional temp service listens to their employees not side with a customer that they don’t even know. I could go on and on. The owner of Qwick is a good man but there representatives are going to run his company into the ground

1234567Appleapple, Sep 19, 2022
Easy to use, atheistic design, just a nice app!

I’ve been using this app with Qwick for about two years now. It’s easy to use and just well designed. I have a few feedbacks for future features I’d love to see. 1. Include a place for professionals to see reviews written by other professionals about a business, before they accept a job. Also include a place for specific feedback about a shift… things that might have been helpful to know before arriving. 2. Let the professional monitor the feedback they receive as well as the scoring system that tracks canceled shifts, tardiness, etc. maybe make it a separate part of the app, where they can see how they can improve and get better. Also include a place for requesting investigation into why something isn’t the way it should be when one of those things is not accurate. Complete transparency is something most people would really appreciate.3. Include a place for businesses to request professionals with a ranking system, according to the one they would want first, second, etc. Give each professional (who is personally requested) a window of time to respond before the opportunity is opened to the others in the queue. This would avoid constantly being “waitlisted”, even when you’ve been requested. Thanks for a great app! Keep up the good work!

Abeethegreat, Jun 08, 2021
Can’t log in to clock out and get paid

I have been working for this company for about two weeks I’ve picked up shifts almost every day and I have worked all of those shifts that I have picked up. I go into work this morning and I can’t login it’s almost impossible to try to figure out how to get a hold of anyone from this company, I finally received an email stating we tried to text you but the text is not going through they also said for me to call my phone company and tell them to unblock their number my phone company doesn’t block numbers first off second I’ve been using you guys literally every day so why would I have your number blocked or why would my phone service block your number. Also I was assigned to the same job for this whole week with request for my manager I excepted it now I can’t confirm my shifts I went to work and was told that they kicked me off of the shift I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the same for tomorrow it shouldn’t be that way I am highly upset.

azliving11, Nov 18, 2021
Bad algorithm.

I started working with this app a month ago , I was getting plenty of jobs sent to me. Every job I accepted I was on time and got along with the people where I worked. One day at one of the jobs I didn’t get my break. So I reached out to Qwick and told them since they take out your break from your pay. They had paid me then took back the money and told me they were waiting to hear back from the company to confirm. The next day I still had not been paid for my work and I canceled my shift for them since I didn’t get paid and needed gas money cause the job was 40 minutes away. I wasn’t able to look at jobs for 14 days and now I don’t receive any jobs ever from them. And the person from Qwick was rude over text. Also in MY experience, Qwick sides with the companies instead of their workers. My friends also have had bad experiences with Qwick. I worked at ASU cafeteria and they would always give me my break at the end of my shift or forget.

Bellaaaa0920B!, Sep 29, 2022
New design is hard to read, but a great app, nonetheless

I love how easy this app is to use. I have been treated professionally by the company so far, and it’s definitely the most intuitive gig app to use (I subscribe to all of them) and I like that you can easily see all info about a shift in a glance, including exact location unlike most other gig apps. There have been some clock out issues, but I remain at the location and keep trying until I am successful. I do think that once the manager has been contacted to come meet with you that you should be able to start the shift - it’s not fair to have to wait 15-20 minutes for others to arrive before you get approval to begin work. Perhaps adding functionality such as an “I’ve arrived” gps button that shows that you are within 100 feet of the building, which then notifies the manager. Having to call the manager outside of the app is a bit unwieldy but not a dealbreaker.I loved the old design but it was recently updated and, well, it’s hard on the eyes. The font they switched to is difficult, and I’m hoping it is reverted to the previous font or something more legible. The rebrand comes from the mindset that they are trying to mimic the handwriting on BOH tickets according to their press release, which is a clever idea in concept but not in execution. I will update my review to 5 stars for sure if things change to an easier to read font.

Jabberwockymissi, Nov 18, 2022

Got accepted for my first shift (which was 2 weeks away- they have very limited shifts available so don’t depend on this full time!!!) Uncontrollable circumstances arose on my way to the shift , pushing me back 5 mins. On the app, you can hit the “running a little late” button which is supposed to contact the on-site manager of that job. But of course an error occurred. So I just called the business on my own (found their number on google) no answer so I contacted support through the app. They sent me another phone number to the on-site manager , which I called & still no answer. So I showed up anyway asap (7 mins late)….. Didn’t make the shift but spoke with the manager, she understood and told me to come to the next shift EARLY!! Which I agreed and apologized for my inconvenience. Got back on the app and was told, that specific company doesn’t want to work with me anymore but I could still work through the app, I will just no longer see their shifts. A couple hours later, I was banned from the whole app. No explanation or reason. Tried to reach out to support to resolve the miscommunication, NO RESPONSE!!

lllllllllllll lll, Jun 06, 2022
Not Recommended

I have years of experience working in NYC, NJ, CT, Kentucky Derby, The Knickerbocker Club, Metropolitan Club, Cipriani’s , Presidential Suite and Moet at US Open Tennis in Queens NY.. catering and food and beverage, coat check, bartending food prep etc, decorating, event planning etc.. and the only question they asked me was do I feel comfortable carrying 5 to 7 plates on a tray. And I said no because not many places I have ever worked do that, very few. So possibly the reason why they didn’t take me but their loss. But don’t put the reason I didn’t get accepted is to follow back up when I have more experience. No I do not carry that many plates and never will. If you have enough staff you know how to get the food out fast without doing that. Had to rant because I already work for other Apps doing the exact same job. But Thank you for the last minute interview.. Now they respond for a 3rd and different message saying my values are different and not what their company values are! ???? How ?? You need different interviewers or you will not have top notch people for long. My Values are top notch as far as Gig/temp work is concerned.

Monitatranquila, Nov 28, 2022
Stay away from last minute shifts

If you can’t make it to a last minute shift on time it’s best to not accept it because it may be a huge waste or your time or gas. I was almost to a shift I accepted and it was 20 minutes after the starts time and it was cancelled as a no show. Qwick offered no compensation because me being late didn’t work for the business needs according to the rep. This was my second shift accepting and they marked me as a no show and Qwick locked up my account. I had to TEXT back and forth with a rep to get my account restored since two minutes after verifying that I could still report late since it was last minute shift I got a automated message saying I was a no show and have not been able to be contacted. Neither the business nor Qwick attempted to reached out. This was a major inconvenience. Only accept last minute if you can actually arrive. The employer is already upset it seems since they saw those types of shifts come from other employees canceling. They need to do better. Most platforms pay you something when the company cancels. Qwick seems to do it only at their discretion.

NewtoQwick, Oct 23, 2021
Easy gig work, if you catch the available shifts in time!

The jobs book fast so you have to open and respond as soon as you get the text notification or it’s gone. I’m the beginning there were plenty of jobs paying $30/hr d you could be a bit selective but it seems lower lately and no matter the pay it will go fast so it’s not always worth it to wait for a higher paying opportunity. Most jobs I’ve done have been well run and straight forward. I feel like I get a bit robbed when I have to wait to find a manager to clock in so now I clock in on time as I’m never late but sometimes the parking instructions or directions on how to contact the shift manager are lacking. Overall a great app!!

Shutter bubble butt, Jul 12, 2022
Accurate review

Qwick is the very best app for freelancing gig work. Everything about this company is just that “Qwick”. Literally everything I mean the hiring process getting accepted to jobs and not to mention u literally get paid less than minutes after completing your shift! There contact system is even speedy they always get right back to me if I have a question within the next 2 mins. You can even get certified in food handling and alcohol serving right through the app which u can use on your resume. I’ve worked with some great professionals here who seem happy with there life working here as well. Businesses should not hesitate to work with Qwick they are very speedy and professional. Qwick is absolutely the very best !!!

Vincent_M_Williams, Oct 30, 2021


Qwick helps F+B freelancers find shifts that match their expertise, empowering them to work more flexibly and freely. As the professional platform at the heart of hospitality, we’re dedicated to the industry as your digital staffing resource so you can: MAKE YOUR OWN SCHEDULE Our platform makes it easy for you to work when, where, and how you want. No more crossing your fingers when the weekly schedule drops.

RECEIVE BETTER PAY, YOUR WAY Earn a living wage, not a minimum wage—fast (as soon as 30 minutes after you clock out). GET MORE WORK WITH GREAT WORK Our two-way rating system means that the better you do, the more shifts you're matched with. Shift types offered include: • Front of House - Busser - Bartender - Mixologist - Barista - Restaurant Server • Back of House - Dishwasher - Line Cook - Prep Cook - Food Assembler - Barback • Events + Catering - Event Chef - Banquet Cook - Banquet Server - Banquet Captain - Concession Worker - Event Help TEXT US ANYTIME Our service-oriented support team is here for you with real-time answers from real people.

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