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User Reviews for GigSmart Get Gigs

Gig Smart- Pay attention to mileage.

I accepted a gig the other day based on the miles on the app which said 6 miles to the construction site in Littleton. When I put the address in my Apple Maps function, I was told it was 26 miles. That meant basically over an hour of unpaid time stuck in a car. When I brought it up to the rep, she said it’s not their problem, it’s the requestor that’s responsible. Obviously that’s not an acceptable response. Gig smart is actually responsible for that error. It is their duty to double check and make darn sure the facts are right. In addition, we are representing gigsmart when we work and it is their duty to take care of our grievances internally. So in this case instead of making $20 per hour, I made 16 per hour factoring in the time and the gas. Anyway, the point is; pay attention and double check the mileage to the gig. Do not accept gig if you’re unsure. And gigsmart? if you’re reading this make sure you understand exactly how far the mileage is from the workers residence to the job site. It’s VERY important. Thanks. Besides that it was a pretty seamless process as far as tracking the hours and getting paid. And thank you gigsmart for making work available to us people who need extra money.

60s Crossfitter, Apr 02, 2022
Something isn’t right !!

I really appreciate this app & the vast opportunities that it offers, but I’m rather confused at times. It seems as if I have to confirm a job 2-3 times to ensure that I’m going to show up & complete the job. When I 1st downloaded this app, I only had to confirm once. I’m noticing either last minute or after my shifts have been canceled that I was supposed to confirm again after I’ve already confirmed in front of the hiring manager. This is frustrating because I’m anticipating to show up to work & so are the employers that are expecting me. This isn’t a good impression that I’m showing Gigsmart or any of their partners. Currently, I believe my account has been restricted because of this matter & I was personally sent shifts directly from an establishment & now I don’t see them anymore. What is going on ? Can I please have some assistance ? I use this app to assist me with making up for bills that my other job cannot cover & that puts me far behind than I need to. Please, help.

CockyEye, Mar 02, 2023
Been Great For Me!

I am in no way affiliated with GigSmart and this review was written on my own volition:I’ve used this app for over a year, mostly to generate income in between jobs — and it has truly been a Godsend for me! Shortly after I started using the app, I managed to get a job that put me in the middle of an amazing art exhibit for six months — something I will never forget. I haven’t used it much, the point of the app is to help you get quick money when you need it. And for that purpose, it’s served me well. I’m now in between jobs again and I’ve managed to pick up 7 shifts through the app, and that is going to be a tremendous help! Hopefully I don’t have to use the app again, but it’s good to know it’s there for me (and you!) if / when I need it.

hemisF, Nov 30, 2021
Payment issues

This app was good right up until a few days ago when a requester contacted me outside the app told me not to come due to the weather and not having funds to cover payment on the days I was supposed to work. Contacted gig smart about it and I have basically been told that I’m not getting any payment because the requester said they canceled my shift due to performance. First my shift were canceled because the requester failed to contact gig smart and let them know that they didn’t not need me to come in 3 hrs before my shift was supposed to start. Then gigsmart restricted my account which canceled my shift for the next day out and I get called out filie being a no show….that clearly doesn’t make any kind of since. The policy states that I will be paid 50% of what I was originally supposed to be paid for the day and I’m missing two days worth of payment and time I can’t get back because of how the requester and gigsmart handled the situation. My advice to everyone is to be careful when working on this app and with these requesters.@ Cockyeye had a very good point and I have been having that same issue as well!

KeithHollywood, Jul 05, 2023
Finally got a gig and it all went perfectly

Have been applying for gigs for weeks and I finally got one. One of the gigs I had applied for sent me a request to work a shift, which I didn’t know was a thing, but was super stoked that it is! A representative from the app called me upon my acceptance and gave me a play by play of what the gig was going to be like, as well as instructions for what to do next and answered any of my questions. The gig requester contacted me right away (which was awesome because with most of the other gig apps you can’t even get ahold of the businesses you’ll be working with/they have outdated contact info). When I got to work it was a blast! I was able to make the necessary changes to my time sheet and it was approved and I was paid within 24 hours! Love this app!

Mad<3Dean, Feb 03, 2023
Ant Boogie

This is a great side hustle! Don’t trip too much if you feel as if you’re not being paid an hourly rate that you’re worth. The way to overcome that is to show up on time of course to your first gig, work impressively, so that you get call back for repeated assignments. Each day after working, paying the 3% for an immediate transfer, actually translates as an additional four dollars and a half to $6.25.Today was the sixth assignment for the same employer, and he asked me if I wanted to work full-time. No sir… I do not! However, I do want multiple assignments that fit my schedule, and I receive immediate pay, which increases my motivation to work hard and work constantly without being tied down to a full-time job that conflicts with my schedule. This is the best gig app that is on the market in the area that I live!

OH IO!, Aug 19, 2023
Could be better way better

I don’t need someone to call and ask me if I’m going to show up everyday . This new feature where you confirming is useless … that’s the whole reason you cancel before the 10 hour mark if they don’t follow through suspend them unless a valid reason but I just got my job and didn’t even have a message to confirm it ANYWHERE and it canceled my shift and put me behind ALSO gig requesters should NOT be allowed to wait until Day3 to pay us because a lot of them are purposely waiting or taking there time to pay us , we should be paid as soon as gig is over or the next day not wait 3 whole days for a job that we already completed and requesters waiting to pay us just because they can, when alot of us are on this app because we can’t wait 2 weeks to get paid our kids are hungry Now ! also we should be compensated option to get more requesters on the app for people who need workers immediately. Also instead of suspending someone for two weeks the first offense should not be so long some of us live off this app and life happens to everyone . Punish the people who consistently make it a habit and consecutively cancel last minute.

sutrodidit, Jan 30, 2023
A waste of precious time

I really had high expectations for this app but it seems that the employers take forever to hired. If I applied to a job two to three days before the actual job date and I don’t get a response I’m I supposed to not go on with whatever I have to do? The uncertainty of not knowing if you will be hired or not or how soon it will be doesn’t leave room for the people applying to these positions to plan accordingly. Your app is built on the notion that people don’t have other things going on. I’m glad I gave your app a shot, it’s better I stick to the other gig apps that have a system that allows people to plan ahead. Plus: it doesn’t show you the location of the job until you sign up for the shift. How does that even make any sense? How I’m I signing up for a gig not knowing where I’m going? It gives you an estimate based on what mode of transportation you say you use. It simply doesn’t give you the option to decide if you’re willing to go to a particular area or not until you sign up. Take this from me, you’re better off with Insta work or Wonolo where you can see the addresses from the jump, are automatically hired for the shift (gigsmart literally wants you to sleep on the app waiting to be hired). I thought this was supposed to be an avenue to make extra money without wasting time.

themyschic13, Dec 10, 2021

Every negative comment that was written about this app is true. I hate it. No job opportunities, no one to speak to (no customer service number or chat), no nothing. I read some where on the comments where they take your information and use it. Recently I had someone hack into my PayPal account and I believe it may have been this company. I have been requesting to delete my account for the longest and no one has deleted my account yet. Every day I have submitted atleast 20 request to delete my account. I even took most of my information off that app including my profile picture and name. I changed my name to a profanity name (F-U word) and my profile picture is all black and still my account is up and active. I have seen fake jobs requesting me to work even with my profile looking like this. Now what real job will actually want you to work for them if they see your account is full of profanity and a dark profile picture? I want them to delete my account now! I love Instawork! They have sent me jobs and paid me on time! I recommend you use them instead.

Yohanna J, Jun 28, 2022
Don’t sign up

I work almost 3 weeks this agency need to be shut down I live in California I work over 10 hours they did not pay me time in a half straight payThey also don’t tell you but they take money out of your your earnings I like eat up to nine dollars a day for their fees for him they say Disability in case you get hurt it’s always different so there’s a big surprise every time you get beat you worked a certain amount of hours and you look at what you got paid for the day but before you know if they’ve taken 15 $20 out of your pay so you make nothingI work for a job and they the job didn’t let me take my lunch to after five hours in the state of California there’s a penalty for that they do not wanna pay me that extra money this is not a company that should be in business and they need to be looked into by the state of California because this is not the way to run a businessWhat the heck in a company get away with not paying you time and a half for overtime after eight hours plus if you work past five hours and you’re supposed to take a lunch and can’t they don’t give you the penalty money on that all are also this this agency is a joke they still owe me money and he can’t they won’t even pay me me

yourrder$, Dec 25, 2020


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