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Adia – Jobs on Demand

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Adia Solutions LLC
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User Reviews for Adia – Jobs on Demand

Not worth your time

I don’t care about giving reviews, however the experience I had with this app was terrible.After going through the whole filling out information & interview process, I was told that there were no jobs currently in my area, but in a few weeks I should be seeing jobs populate. A few weeks later, I received a notification for a job. I accepted the job & the app stayed that I was good to go for the job. However, I didn’t see it in “My Shift” category in the menu. I thought it was a glitch or whatever & I would see it pop up later. After making sure I was 100% available for my shift, I checked again, but still I seen nothing. I got in contact with Adia Support Team to figure out the situation. By the way, the person who helped me was very pleasant & super helpful. No complaints about the Support Team at all.I was told that the job I selected was only a test from Adia to make sure the app was working correctly. Like what?? I should’ve been notified at least that it wasn’t a real shift. I thought it was very inconsiderate at bare minimum. I was reassured that jobs should be posted very soon. I’m not going to waste my time on it.Again, I don’t care about posting reviews, however I don’t want anyone to unnecessarily waste their valuable time like I did.Much love ✌🏾

christhecloutgod, Jun 07, 2019
Glitchy but works

I like others had issues with the onboarding and the app does malfunction now and again. Sometimes it will say I need to onboard and other times it won’t let me clock in or out at the job site. Other than the occasional glitches it’s pretty smooth. Jobs get offered regularly but you have to beat others to it. When I’ve had issues I have to call soo many times because their wait times are so long they just ask you leave a message, but they do fix it for me. They have work to do on this app but it’s not all bad. In a month I’ve made more than 1k on weekend gigs alone. Also you are a w-2 employee so it’s easier come tax time.

GrizzlyARC, Apr 25, 2022
Complete waste of time. Terrible

AVOID THIS APP! Not sure why people are giving this app five stars. The onboarding process took forever to complete. There was a problem with my completed I9 and I wasn’t notified until a week later when I called in because nothing was progressing on the app. This delay caused me to lose out on the one job I applied for and the only reason I downloaded this app. I have not seen any new jobs other than the one I applied for. They never respond to messages unless you call them. They don’t tell you information unless you call in and ask. The support reps are hard to reach and I constantly found myself having to call in multiple times in order to connect with someone. No email updates on your application progress, no updates on the position you applied for, nothing. I was guaranteed a position but was abruptly dropped from it a couple days later with no notification or explanation. This app is a complete waste of time and a scam. Do not use!

jonathan1077, May 18, 2019
My Safety Net

Adia has become my safety net. I have been working with Adia for close to a year now and I thought I would never say this about any Gig type App but here it goes “I love it!!!!!” I’ve tried other gig type Apps in the past to my disappointment but Adia is truly different. For one your payment is always on time(for me every Wednesday). For two if there is any issue with your payment it is quickly resolved by Adia reps. Third I have never went without work with good pay and last but not least I use this App in multiple states. So as a young single man who likes to travel a lot I use this app to finance my travels. The flexibility you have is such a bonus to me that I can finally admit “I lov this app”

Lawrence T. Brown, Jan 26, 2022
Unaccountable and dishonest

I just drove 30 minutes to go to a Microsoft research panel, the directions were terribly laid out and when I get there eventually right at the time I need to be no one’s there the lights are turned off the doors locked and when I try to check in on the app it says please refresh the job to check the job status. And it’s been canceled last minute so I just wasted my time driving there in traffic wasted my gas wasted my money to not get paid, and now no one will call me back or return my calls or tell me what the heck is going on? I don’t understand this is not right and I just want to know what’s going on

Miley sa, May 11, 2019

When I initially started to set up my profile on this app, things moved very quickly someone contacted me, via text message, letting me know the process and other basic info about how the app works. I completed everything on the first day, but I now have been stalled during the everify step for almost three weeks and it’s very frustrating. I texted the number back after a week of waiting to be able to move to the next step of the on boarding process to ask if their was any reason things were taking so long and I was given a short brush off answer, which I didn’t understand, but felt as if I was not welcome to asking more questions. I now feel like this app was a complete waste of my time and I’m concerned that I entered personal and sensitive information and I don’t know what that information will be or is being used for. The initial feelings of excitement have turned into disappointment. I even updated the app last week thinking that may have been an issue with the process stalling, but still nothing.

nlc39, Apr 09, 2020
Adia Saved Me!

Working for Adia has been nothing short of amazing. The sign up process was quick and easy too. Once I was onboarded I started getting jobs right away and honestly it’s been a life saver during Covid. Their customer service is also outstanding. Any time I run into any issues Annie or Camille are quick to help and are always so kind. I can’t say enough good things about this app and it’s amazing employees. With Covid I understand that there might not be as many jobs but I can’t wait to see what else I am able to do through this app once things get back to some sort of normalcy. It’s definitely worth checking out and I recommend it to anyone I meet. Thank you Adia so much for the incredible opportunity!!

Novoxoel, Oct 05, 2020

I’m so disappointed in this app and the way it functions. I used to to be able to pick up remote jobs almost daily without much of a problem. Now, the app lags constantly. I’m only notified sometimes about new jobs. About 95% of the time that I am notified and I check, there are no jobs available. Staff can’t help with this issue. It is really disappointing because it did not used to be this way. Now, I just can’t pick up any jobs. Is it my phone? No, I had it checked out. Is it my connection? No, I ended up purchasing faster internet and that didn’t solve anything. I deleted and reinstalled the app so many times and made sure to allow notifications. I hope no one else is having this issue.Just thinking...since staff isn’t responsive about this and has been completely unhelpful, it might be their way of letting me go. Who knows what I did.

sc23458, Dec 13, 2020
Be careful of this app!

I am having difficulties trying to finish my profile for my onboarding process. There’s a section for the I-9, and the preparer/ translator section for your identity and authorization that says you need a trusted person to verify your drivers license and ss# yet it needs like a boss at a former position…! This is a hassle and waste of time most of these apps let you take pics for these documents. Keep in mind, that this app now has all my private business from my ss#, name, date of birth, home address , mobile number, and my State Driver’s lic #! I’m completely NOT happy about any of this information being in their possession yet ppl please be careful! Yet, if this app doesn’t contact me asap I’ll be forced to file a police report to protect myself against identity fraud

TKelly923, Apr 25, 2022
App doesn’t work

As much as I want to use this app it’s just not working. When I first downloaded it I had problems creating an account. Instead I had to go straight to the Internet and create my account from there and it provided me a link to open the app which is kind of silly. I was able to open the app now that I had an account and that I was logged in. My only issue after that was the on boarding process. I completed all of the on boarding steps and for some reason it kept saying no Internet connection when I had Internet connection on my phone on my phone plus Wi-Fi going in the background. I’m a little bit upset because I was really relying on this app and it’s a shame that it only works if you register your account through the website instead of through the app. There’s quite a few bug issues that need to be fixed and if they are I believe this app can really make huge progress with helping people find work.

viirology0225, Apr 19, 2022


Finding a job you love shouldn’t be hard. Adia makes it easy. You can book ANY job you see, with just one tap.

It’s awesome, we know. How it works: Once you download the Adia app, you’ll create a profile, telling us your interests, skills, and availability. You’ll go through one-and-done onboarding to get hired. Once your profile is activated, you can book any full-time, part-time, and pick-up gigs you see in the app. We’ll match you to jobs you’ll love, based on your preferences. Book the jobs you want to work, and pass on the ones you don’t. Whenever a new job is available, we’ll notify you. Work as little or as much as you want - it’s 100% up to you. Perks: as a W-2 Adia employee, you’re eligible for full-time benefits. Plus, you’ll get paid every Friday. We’ve got something for everyone: • Service industry • Hospitality • Catering • Special events • General labor • Retail Whatcha waiting for? Download Adia now and start booking gigs.

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