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User Reviews for Bluecrew - Find Flexible Work

Terrible company/scamming likely

This company hired me on the fired me in the middle of the work week with no explanation. When I followed up with the chat board, due to the fact that their are no actual contact #’s to talk to an HR department. After I was fired with no reasoning they proceeded to tell me repeatedly that their are no jobs on the apps because they get filled in the first come first serve order but that wasn’t the case either. The only job available was a cashier position in Seattle, and I live in Lynwood. Due to my poor experience with just one week of working with Bluecrew I stopped using the app because supposedly your supposed to be able to make your own hours, I was informed via email that I was now unable to work under Bluecrew company, this email had no information as to why besides that the decision was made from a report outside of Bluecrew. So with all that I’ve been fired twice with very little reasoning from a job that promotes working a schedule best suited for you.

......him12700, Feb 15, 2022
Blue crew really came through for me

I heard about them on a CL ad. I was in the process of looking for a part or full time night job . After finding out about Blue Crew I was able to download the app and set an appointment for an interview within a hour or two . By the following day my profile was all set up . Background check cleared in a few days . A few job leads came up that didn’t exactly match the schedule that I was looking for but in less than three weeks I had found a job that worked great and got hired right away . I’m only training at the moment but I’m excited to see where this takes me . I’m very happy with the way Blue crew treated me and the process. Thanks for your help .

8Jose7, Jul 08, 2019
IT doesn’t help

I enjoy working with Blue Crew when my app actually shows me jobs. I’ve sent numerous pictures to IT of my job offers vs my coworkers job offers. My app doesn’t update with every available job I’ve even re-download the app to see if it would work but nope. It has yet to provide me with a solution after two months of delayed responses and inquires. When I do get a slot for a position on standby it would be nice to get a notice that I didn’t receive the job instead of it disappearing on my screen. It’s discouraging when it disappears and I can see the position is still available on my coworkers screen. Sometimes I get notifications that the employer went with another person other times nothing. Talking with other blue crew members I know that I’m not the only one with these issues in San Diego. I hope the other hubs are doing better.

Happy Nappy AK, Jul 24, 2019
Waste of Time

I’m sure if you downloaded the app it’s because you seen a job advertised which promoted you to go through with the downloading of the app. Once you download it you select the job you want to “apply” for (which you’re really not applying for) it ask you questions to screen if you would be a good candidate, after that you are set up for an “interview” which is more like orientation (only for an hour...unpaid). After that you are told you have to wait for your background to clear (for me it was instant)...after that you can then apply for jobs...but the problem is there aren’t any jobs showing & the ones that come up aren’t in the area...they’re far. DAYS HAVE WENT BY & THERE HAS ONLY BEEN 2 JOB POSTINGS & like I said...NOT in the area. They advertise it & make it seem great & a more efficient & tech savvy way to find a job but it’s not even close to that. Beware.

iluvvstaxx, Feb 02, 2019
Needed app support, they have zero.

Ive been trying all day to get ahold of someone to help troubleshoot an issue I'm having with the app (which is absolute garbage) for a San Francisco based company I'll say the app is such a mess, glitchy, unreliable, confusing, and inefficient. Add on top of that they have ZERO phone number to call, and the "help center" on the website is absolutely useless. They have no easy way to talk to a representative. They do have a "chat with a representative" feature but the customer service representative never responds. Like not even a single response. There is no one there. It's a good idea but they have absolutely ZERO follow through. And non existent customer service support. I've missed out on an entire day of work trying to get ahold of someone on this site just to fix an address issue....so frustrated. If I don't receive a response to this in the form of actual help I'll be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau at the end of the day. It's so unbelievably wrong to mess with someone's livelihood at a time like this. Shame on you.

Jam-packed-action, Jun 21, 2021
Needs major improvement

I signed up with BlueCrew thinking that it could be a minor solution to a major problem. I was facing eviction. Yes, supervisors are nice, and respond in a timely manner. When I first signed up, I didn’t really take the app serious, until the notification to schedule an interview would pop up every few days. I thought since it seemed an urgency to schedule the interview, as would be the need to fill positions as well. I went to the orientation and did the drop, paperwork and background check. By the following week I was ready to roll. I was getting employment offers on the app regularly. I opted to work one and it was no issue, I went in the next day. Now all I get is put on stand-by..... Indefinitely.. I am so glad I sought other avenues for income because I would be addressless if they were my only option. I see them advertising this app on Craigslist and they don’t need to do that. They have more employees than employers who need them. They need these nice supervisors out scouting for employers who are willing to hire through the app or this shitttty app and their business won’t last long.

Kissmiazakist, May 09, 2019
If you have another option, take it!

At first this app sounded wicked awesome. I thought I could sign up to work (in advance) on a daily basis, so if I know I don’t wanna work on Thursday, then I don’t sign up by the Tuesday deadline. Or whatever the details are 16 or 48 hr notice/cancellation policy. I’ve had employer change my schedule (no problem with me) but the app is pretty draconian and will mark me in red as a no show. They ask the employer to change schedules in the app but who pays the price when they don’t? Or the employer updates the apps week later? That’s my biggest gripe. Through no fault of my own, I worked a shift as requested by employer but not yet in the app (the app was updated the following week). But what happened to my pay for that day?I’m hearing from their “customer support” (iRobots) that “You must submit hrs worked within xx hrs after working”. I’ve gotten crickets from a few of my inquiries. And my favorite was “You are only authorized to work on the days shown in the app. If your employer wants to change your schedule they can do that by sending you an invite. “My employer asked me on a Thursday afternoon to work Saturday. On Friday I wrote Bluecrew asking how to handle. I got a reply back that afternoon -same as above - have employer send invite. But they’ve gone home. Tomorrow is Saturday and they’re expecting me. I work; but have struggled to get paid for close to a month now.

ReelRay, May 10, 2022
Headache of an app.

If you get covid and report it to them, do not expect having that job assignment anymore. They make your account inactive and when you submit your negative test, you will be forced to look for another assignment. On top of that, the amount of jobs in your area will decrease for some unknown reason. I only know this is a fact because they were unable to put me back onto my assignment. However, I get a notification from bluecrew in regards from the same company I was helping that they are hiring. When I go to the app, somehow it does not pop up. Terrible all around, so if you get sick, you basically have to go to work with it and you cannot rely on their customer service.Also, if you do cancel a job for whatever reason, you will get a 4 day suspension on your account and the next time will be a possible account ban. You will be forced to commit to an assignment long term and if you do not comply, this app will give you consequences without hearing you out.

StiingRay18, Feb 16, 2022
This app needs adjustment

I’ve been patient with BlueCrew. Since it’s new to Atlanta, there were reasons why the start date has been pushed back. I’m thankful that they were willing to pay for a half of weeks work. However, when it comes to jobs .. the notifications are not sent out at a reasonable hour. I used to get text messages from my supervisor at least giving me the opportunity to check the app. I am now placed on Standby a lot because i receive notifications late. She’s no longer here and my current supervisor is not helpful all. The reply time is very slow . I had high hopes for this company since I am a recent college grad looking for decent work. I have referred friends and family and my supervisor doesn’t even know when the next interview session is. Nonetheless, the pay is great if you are able to snag a job. Paid on a weekly basis and the schedule is contingent on your preference. Overnight shifts pay a $ more

T0yP00dle129, Jan 01, 2019
What is going on

I apply for a gig an I’m put on standby forever there are only two job I got from this app the Oracle baseball stadium and one time at the Twitter building but I never got a job anywhere else an it is Really discouraging that any job I apply for just puts you on stand by. No how are you Supposed to build up your profile on there when all the jobs put you on standby and you don’t really get a shot to really build up your work performance with blue crew? You guys should make something where the new people can actually get a chance to get the jobs and just keep the older people something separate idk but the new ppl like me looking for work should get a chance Because it was left up to the algorithm it’s only going to pick the people who have the most work history not the new people

yoitsme_forever, Jul 25, 2019


Install Bluecrew and join our team of more than 900,000 Crew Members who have worked over 1 million shifts! Bluecrew is more than just a job app. Our technology puts you in control by matching you with short and long-term, part-time and full-time hourly job assignments and letting you choose the ones that fit your life.

Plus, when you work for Bluecrew, you are a W-2 employee, protected with benefits like overtime, sick days, and workers' comp. How do I join Bluecrew? - Download the Bluecrew app and sign up - Choose a job that fits your preferences, skills and schedule - Complete a one-time onboarding to become an eligible worker - we call our workers Crew Members! - Work and get paid weekly. And get paid early with On-Demand Pay, which allows you to access your weekly earnings days before payday Why work with Bluecrew? *Choose Work in Real-Time Browse our network of diverse job assignments - including work in warehouses, retail, food service, stadiums, events, and more - then choose a shift schedule and get confirmed immediately. *Set Your Own Schedule Job assignments come straight to your phone, complete with wage, location, job description and more. Select the work you want and build your own schedule - all in the app. *Get W-2 Status Immediately When you work with Bluecrew, you are a W-2 employee of Bluecrew. Unlike typical “gig work” apps where you are a contractor, Bluecrew offers all of the protections and benefits that come with being W-2, like overtime, sick days, workers' comp and access to insurance. What are you waiting for? Become a Bluecrew Crew Member to start working and earning! To learn more about the Bluecrew team, our mission, and what we're up to, visit https://www.bluecrewjobs.com. Have more questions? Please email us at [email protected]

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