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User Reviews for 1888

It’s. Eh.

Paid the 1.99 for the premium as well but honestly it’s very eh. It’s a new app of course so there’s PLENTY of room for improvement but the filters are basic and repetitive. I get that it’s random and tries not to be like HUJIcam but the filters in itself don’t bring much with the same light leaks over and over. Was a little stunned I had to pay 1.99 for a basic function of uploading camera roll photos but you know whatever I completely support the start of this new app because I am a fan. I will continue to use this however, hopefully some new fun updates in the semi near future.

Decimaxion, Jul 17, 2018
Doesn’t work if ur not white!

The quality of the app is “cute” for two seconds but the interface is rather horrible. It seems the filter favors a lot towards white people, which would seem like an easy fix if you cared to update you app more frequently instead once a year. The nearly two dollar option to add effects to already existing that are free in better apps is almost hilarious. Not only does the app not work as well if you’re POC but I’ve gotta fork out money to edit a photo I took on a different app bc your app couldn’t provide for in the first place. Not to mention not this is the only app that overuses light leak effects without the option of turning them off. I understand a small team built this app but their focus clearly isn’t improving it, if it was why has it been a year since you’ve fixed these issues or even updated the app at all? All I’m saying is there are better apps for free and cater to your tone if you’re not white.

Deziii(:, Jan 21, 2020
BEST disposable camera app

This app is so great. If you’re trying to decide which one you’d rather let take up storage in your phone go with this one. The description rings true- this one IS different. It exactly mimics a real disposable camera and I’m really excited about the option to order prints. I’m also torn because I know that to keep an app running it needs people to use it but this one is so good I almost want to keep it a secret. Almost. I’d give it 6/5 stars.

I'm real I swear lol, Aug 07, 2020
Nice effects, wish there was slightly more customizability.

I notice there is a premium, paid version. Other than being ad free, and allowing you to import existing photos, I’m not sure what else it offers. But the one thing I wish was an option, is to remove the light leak all together. Light leaks are cool, interesting features in film photography. But, after 16 years of shooting with film, I know they don’t show up on every frame in a roll of film. They’re sporadic and random. Usually when shooting into sunlight. I love the grain and color processing of the app, but I wish I could either scale back, or remove completely the light leak feature.

Jacob Sever, Jul 18, 2018
I’m in L O V E

This camera has made me fallen in LOVE with disposable camera photography. It reminds me of the times when family members would make you stand still and get ready to take a picture but then at the last second realize the film is all gone and have to wait until they found a camera that would have film in it still. I’ve been waiting for 1888 to drop since I first saw it on Lindsey’s instagram story. Much love and prosperity for the creators and everyone who has put their whole hearts into this app that has made me fallen in love. ❤️❤️❤️

Lelie😝, Jul 19, 2018

i don’t get how this was supposed to be better than huji?..... it’s the same exact thing as huji except you can get pictures that are already on your camera roll & add the disposable camera effects. BUT if you wanna be able to do that you gotta buy the upgraded version 😒 oh & this app also includes annoying ads, which you also have to pay for if you want those stupid ads to disappear. do you really expect people to buy the upgraded version just to get features we should’ve got in the first place if you wanted this app to be better than huji? because this version is just the exact same thing. DO BETTER.

molly199911, Jul 22, 2018

Whenever I want to take a front facing picture with the flash the app crashes. It would also be nice to have a feature to be able to turn off the light leaks because sometimes they take a lot of the space. Being able to swipe through the picture gallery on the app would be cool as well as a second step before you decide to delete a picture because sometimes you might click the delete button on accident. Overall the app is pretty good and the filter makes the pictures look great!

Panelope Van Shwueiz, Jul 24, 2018
best camera app.

okay I love this app. #1 I am wayy too lazy to actually go out and buy a disposable camera. I like to see what I'm taking pictures of rather than limiting everything. it's perfect for hanging out with friends or doing a fancy little photoshoot by yourself. and the fact that I have options to actually print the photos 🥺 it's so helpful and I'm really glad I found this app. I usually don't post app reviews but I'm so grateful for this one. I told all my friends about it and they love it also. please don't change it it's perfect. the little timestamp in the corner. the fact that it ACTUALLY looks like a disposable camera. and the app is free??? I love it so much and I'm definitely gonna keep using it forever. thank youuu!!! <3

roni.amslaem, Dec 02, 2019
room for improvement

I really love the look this gives to my photos, but there’s one thing that constantly bugs me about this app. It almost seems as if the filters lean more towards light skin..I can take pictures in good and natural lighting and once I think this app will make my pictures look good, all it does is make me EXTREMELY orange/red. I’ve seen Lindsay take selfies with the app and they definitely suit her skin tone. I just think the app should consider different skin tones, and this is coming from someone from medium-light skin tone!! I just hope something changes with this because I love the idea of the app.

SoxxxFoxxx, Dec 18, 2018
Love love!

When I first heard about this I was very excited to support a small business, especially with such a high quality, almost professional, filter. I immediately bought the premium because it’s so worth it! Wish there was an update but not sure if that’s going to ever happen. All I really want is to be able to scroll through the pictures in the app instead of having to tap on one at a time.

Widened lac, May 09, 2020


yeah, we know. there are a ton of apps like ours… but we’re different. promise.

everyone missed disposable cameras, so we brought that experience to your iphone, with one twist: the look and feel of film, with a modern edge. it’s super easy, too! just open the app, snap a photo, and BAM. there’s your “i didn’t have to take 23 other pictures and wait 3 weeks to get them all developed and scan them just to post on instagram” photo. premium users have quite an advantage, though… they can upload any photo from their camera roll, and so much more. basically if you love editing photos of harry styles for your theme page or stan twitter account, you may want to consider premium. we now also offer another in app purchase that allows you to have your 1888 filtered photos printed and sent right to your doorstep, so say goodbye to waiting 3 weeks for CVS to call you back.  if you have any questions, artistic input, complaints, want to see which photos we’re sharing, or simply need a stranger to talk to when you can’t sleep on a school night, follow us on instagram and twitter: @1888app

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