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User Reviews for DAZE CAM

Best User Experience

This app is fast and very user-friendly. It’s minimalist in both design and features but very capable of producing unique disposable-style photos. There are effects that let you control light leaks, film grain, and even the shape of the glass. There are only four filters to choose from, but the list of effects more than compensates for it. There are a ton of “film” apps on the App Store but many of them are just collections of filters. This app gives you the freedom to shoot film with more editing power and virtually no cost.

BarrioOngaku, Jun 04, 2021
I usually don't write reviews

Hey! This message is directed to Darren Asaro. I just wanted to say that I’ve used this app for years now and it’s the only film app I have on my phone cuz no other film apps I’ve come across has replicated the quality and authenticity of film than this one has so really great job! I use it A LOT. I saw the new update and when I took pictures and the quality seems more fake in a sense when it didn’t look like I was taking a real film picture like it did on the older version in my opinion and it kinda felt like film filters and it ruined it for me. I really don’t want to delete the app, I just wanna know if there’s going to be a change or if there an option to downgrade the actually quality for the camera cuz I really liked this app. (not necessarily change the other features, they’re actually great and convenient, like the option to lessen dust and hairs or the convenience of the delete verification feature!

Fanta🙈🌹, Aug 21, 2022
Realistic film look and easy to use

This App is very good. I use it frequentl to tweak my iPhone photos. The effects are realistic and subtle enough (when applied with restraint) to make your pictures look stunning. And the lean and easy user interface is a joy to use. But to be truly great the App lacks one feature: While I like the simplicity of the random effects, it could rellay use a feature to copy/paste edits. How about an option to apply the values of the last developed photo instead of random effects?

faspotun, Aug 14, 2021
Used to be my favorite but there’s some bugs

Almost half my pictures are suddenly blank. After restarting the app and even my phone they still won’t show as anything other than i grey screen. When I click on the “picture” it exits me out of the all same for when I click edit. I’m really bummed cause I got some really good pictures I now can’t access. I don’t want to give the app less than 3 stars though because I really think once that’s fixed this app COULD be phenomenal. But to be clear it’s currently not so phenomenal. Please fix this and thanks if you read.

ilovesharks!, Sep 20, 2023

I’ve never written a review for apps before becuz i’m lazy lol but oh my god. THIS APP IS AMAZING! Every pic it takes looks like a real film camera took it AND u can adjust the way the film effect they put on it looks, PLUS add light streaks or time stamps. I was gonna ask my parents for a film camera & film for xmas but then I found this app & it saved my parents hundreds of $$. Most of the features on this app r free too & there’s no ads (it only costs u money if u wanna edit pics from ur camera roll but i think the whole point of film is “in the moment” pics so I prefer taking them directly from the camera on the app) anyways whole point is.. if you’re looking for a “film” camera, GET THIS APP TO SAVE UR MONEY👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩☺️🙈

Livvia🤗, Sep 19, 2020
Happy user

I love daze cam! I came here to rate it 5 stars because it’s the only app I’ve found that has been able to achieve a disposable look ✨ one tip for the team, can you please add an option to “copy edits” to other photos? That would be amazing! Ty for this cute app <3Also is there a way or a future update coming out to take a photo using flash? That would also be great!!

Luce Mor, Oct 03, 2020
Daze Cam

I love this app so much! It was just by shear luck I stumbled upon this app! I didn’t know it will be so good! It’s given me such a vintage yet cute and subtle look on my picture with a purchase of $1.99 I’ve been able to make my photos look bomb it also allows 4 free chances to edit old pictures before the purchase but if you don’t want to purchase you can just use the camera! I personally purchased because my good pics were in my camera roll lol but this app is so good get it!! You won’t regret it

mauiclav, Feb 07, 2020
App is good for film effect but UI needs work

I didnt know this app was paywalled; had no idea the develops were limited. I think it makes sense however, since the app has no ads. I ended up paying for the unlimited develops, as i really liked the style of edits that i can make with my photos. For just about 6 dollars, it gets the job done of adding film effect to your photos but it is in no way a full photo edittor, just a film effect customizer.I am reviewing 4 stars because I wish the undeveloped section of the app was.. well, more developed. A navigator for different albums like recents/favorites/other albums would be useful. Seems like this app isnt new though, as the last bug fix was 2 years ago. As film effect in photos is trending right now, i hope there is more to come with this app and isnt a forgotten project, because i do think it has a ton of potential.

piroshkyra, Jul 06, 2022
Used to be five stars until they moved to a subscription model

I bought this app when it was a one time purchase fee. The app was completely worth it. However, for new users who will be forced to use the subscription model, I cannot recommend this app. The developers got greedy and want to nickel and dime you every single month. Use Snapseed, which is a free app by Google that will do the same thing this app does. Save yourself some buckaroos.

ScholarJ, May 23, 2023
hands down the best disposables app!!

this app is super user friendly! I love how you can edit with the different filters and even download the original unedited photo. one suggestion would be to add a feature where you can use flash. that would make this app even better than it already is! also- the one time purchase to be able to edit photos in your camera roll is so worth it!

slim thick queenie, Oct 24, 2021


Sell your film camera. Throw away your disposable. Because with this app you’ll have the ability to create photos indistinguishable from real film through effects you will not find in any other app.

Grace your photos with smooth vintage pastel colors, dreamy glow, tasteful light leaks, and many other nostalgic visual garnishes to make them look like a lazy midsummer afternoon of 1976. It’s simple. It’s sleek. It’s powerful. It’s free. It's just begging to be downloaded. Feel free to check out @daze.cam on instagram. And if you haven't noticed - the old wave is the new wave. F E A T U R E S - Take photos in app or import photos - All photos will initially have effects randomly applied, but you can very simply edit them with your own adjustments - Editing workspace saved for each photo for easy re-editing - Easily download original and edited photos to your camera roll E D I T I N G E F F E C T S - Filter - Choose from many filters modeled off disposable/film cameras - Adjust intensity - Light Leaks - Choose from 14 realistic light leak overlays - Adjust intensity - Chromatic Aberration - Adjust intensity - Glow - Adjust sensitivity, radius, intensity - Blur - Adjust radius - Grain - Adjust size, intensity - Dust - Adjust particle amount - Adjust hair amount - Adjust intensity - Vignette - Adjust intensity - Stamp - Choose stamp font - Stamp images with date and/or time C O N T A C T - Email [email protected] - DM daze.cam on Instagram Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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