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User Reviews for Photo Editor-

Can you put the ads somewhere else?

I love this app! I use it all the time! The only complaints I have is that after you click done when you are still editing you can’t change your mind and take that sticker out cause it doesn’t go or move that heart over because it’s off center. And you have to do things in order and by that I mean you have to put the heart on first if you want to write your names over it (there isn’t the option to click behind or front). Then the last and most important thing is while you are editing you get these pop up ads that promote the app to upgrade. It makes total sense that they would put that but it covers the buttons so you can’t click on anything to edit. I’m getting really frustrated with that because I can’t edit anymore when that comes up and there is no option of x-ing out of it. Any tips? Or do I just have to upgrade to fully use the app? (I’m cheap and that is not going to happen.)

busymommy5, Feb 24, 2019
I’d upgrade to paid/pro if it was more reliable!

This is a decent photo editor, especially for a free app version, but it’s far too glitchy to be taken seriously. If it were more reliable, I would’ve already upgraded by purchasing the full version. What do I mean by glitchy? Well, the app will randomly close on me while I’m crafting an image, deleting all progress. The first time this happened, I learned my lesson & saved all along the way, hoping that would combat the frustration from lost work the next time it inevitably closed. That works about half of the time; the other half of the time the app won’t actually save my work, even if I obsessively save/apply changes in multiple layers. It’s very frustrating to lose work, even if it’s just a few minutes. There are plenty of photo apps out there, so I’ll definitely check out others. Since this works half the time, I gave it a little over half of the stars available, siding w/the plus side. When the app does work, it helps even artistic noobs like me create fanciful images w/ease. I still suggest giving this app a try, but I wouldn’t spend money on it until the kinks are worked out. (And by the way, the kinks existed before the newest versions of the iPhone, back when my current phone was the newest one, so the issues aren’t related to the iOS nor the compatibility w/newer iPhone models.)

CarieFitzi, Nov 23, 2018
Frustrating To Edit Text

I’m a digital artist, and in my search for an app that can allow me to put in text over top a blurred image—for censorship sake of mild gore or sensitive themes—, this is the first available free one I could find. For those purposes, I’d say it’s functional, but barely so. Placing text was my biggest frustration. I spent about an hour or so just trying to put a simple trigger warning that would fit properly over the image, and when it would change from what the “final” version looked like, it would change the size and font of the text I’d just put in. Then instead of being able to slightly edit that from the app’s mistake, I would have to start all over. It would also be very useful if there was a “straighten text” function, as it annoyed me that it could be slightly crooked after you enlarged or shrank it. If you have the patience for this, maybe this app could work for you. But for the text function specifically, it got to be irritating for me.

Delainey133, Dec 13, 2021
A keeper for sure

I've been using this app for about one year, and I have zero complaints. Once you select the photo(s) you want to edit, you choose whether you want to use the classic(free) editor of the pro (paid) editor. I use both each time because they each have all kinds of useful tools. Honestly, I forgot that I even had the paid pro version and was using the classic free version for a couple months. It has lots of stuff and even better, it's not obnoxiously showing you all the stuff that is locked if you didn't pay for the other version. You click on classic, only the classic tools show up on the to bar. And vice versa. That goes a long way with me since most apps these days are so ridiculously desperate and greedy and just pathetic. This one is a keeper for sure.

DoeDoe93, Aug 15, 2019
GET IT!!!! My only problem tho?

Hi! This app is great! Maybe the Pro version won’t be worth it, but the free version is awesome. To SOPHIETHEUNICORNGIRL, I would take your horrible review more seriously if there weren’t so many grammatical errors, and you’re just talking about the pro version. Plus, picsart is WAY 2 glitchy. I love how the “pro editing” is free, unlike most ‘editing apps’ (yeah right) only have filters. This is legit the best editing app ever, and I DEFINITELY recommend you get it.The only sad part is whenever I try to download it into my photos, (mayb its just pro version not classic version, I don’t know) it saves the stickers, but the background is completely white. Blank. So I can only screenshot my masterpiece. I would recommend this to people who don’t know much about editing, lazy people, or even professional photographers/editors.

hdhcbdu, Sep 18, 2020
Photo Editor

Photo Editor is super easy and helpful! I could take a picture and it could be the worst picture in the world and it would turn out really good. The pictures that I have used on the app have really good quality. I think this app is really great because you can also choose if you want to use the Pro Editor or the Classic Editor. I have used both and they both make you picture have really good quality. I could take a picture of anything in the world, let’s just say a truck, and I bet I would have people asking if it was for sell because the picture quality is that good and makes things look even better in a picture than in real life!😉 In all, I would definitely recommend Photo Editor for your photo needs!

Jsjsjsjsjjdjdjd, May 21, 2020
Hard to use and doesn’t do what it advertises

I just made the mistake of paying for the pro upgrade for $6.99.I’m supposed to have no ads or watermarks etc.So far, I appear to not have watermarks, but I’ve got ads everywhere and can’t seem to get rid of them.When I try to edit a photo from my camera roll, using the add text feature is a nightmare. Fitting it to the background is stupid and I can’t change the color of the font. It’s just...white. Plus if I want to go back to continue editing the text after going to any other feature, I really can’t. I have to start over or start another text box. Moving from feature to feature is irritating. I have free photo editors that offer more features (color changing texts, adding text, lots of coloring and general personalization.I’m not sure what I’m missing. If I go to settings, it shows the pro upgrade as on, but I’m not getting any cool features at all.Just a clumsy photo editing app that literally won’t let me edit photos. I’m not sure what I paid for. A bunch of backgrounds I don’t care about, and a few extra font?The biggest crapper is that the ads are still everywhere and sometimes block the editing feature buttons that do the most basic nothing things anyway.PLEASE FIX THIS. If I’m missing how to access all the great features advertised, please advise.Don’t waste your money. You can get better features for free if you look around.

KittenBites, Jul 09, 2020
Barbie Photos!!!

I love to make my Barbies get Married and I want to save the moment and make it last!!,So I take photos of my Barbies on their wedding day! ❤️But it’s kinda boring to just look at the photos without my AMAZING photo editing skills, you can edit your photos in your camera roll but there is not much creativity exp(boring filters it’s hard to adjust the photos) so I was in need for a photo editing app and luckily I found one!!, I stumbled on the most beautiful creation EVER!, Photo Editor!, my eyes hadn’t seen something so beautiful as this!, I immediately download it and NEVER regretted it, my Barbies haven’t been this happy before! (I saw them smile seriously it was kinda creepy) the app is really easy to use!, I screamed with excitement when I saw ALL the filters! There were so many to choose from!,I was overwhelmed with excitement and all the possibilities, there were even frames you could add and you could zoom in on certain parts and you can change the brightness and add shadows and all sorts of stuff!, I really recommend this app!. (You can also use this for real people as well!) 😊

KristenS2004, Jul 12, 2022
Take a Screenshot if you want to keep your work

I’ve been editing photos of my dog who just passed away a few days ago, and half a dozen times I’ve completed a picture that I think is perfect and then I save it. But it just has a blank white screen in my photos that was supposed to be the pics. So I’ve had to start screenshotting my work before I hit save. Because it also exits you from the picture when you hit save and you can’t get back into where you left off. Not impressed with the “pro” version either. Not a lot of options for stickers or frames. Just meh.Edit: I have just downgraded to 1 star because I have the privacy set to ONLY selected photos and I just opened the app up and there are ALL 1,000+some of my pictures from my phone with all of the albums. I double checked in my settings it’s still set to Selected Only and shows 243 photos that I have selected for use in the app. But I can’t get the other 1000 pictures out of the photo editor. Very angry.

Lkempf82, Mar 27, 2022
What kind of photo editing app is THIS?

Ok, the developers of this app DEFINITELY made a mistake on how this app is gonna be. I understand, yes, everyone can see this is a photo editing app. Yes, it has SOME of the features, some could be unique. But, what I’m asking is: “Do these features make the photos look good?” The answer is: “No. they don’t.” Ok, yes, people who never had any BETTER photo editing app, like picsart, facetune 2, or anything else better thinks this app is the “best photo editing app out there!” And wastes their money on pro version. No, I have picsart, and I like to look for photo editing apps with blemish removal features, filters, or stuff to make your face and body look better. PicsArt did a WAY better job then this, I can tell this is almost a copy of the BETTER photo editing apps. The blemish removal feature did NOTHING! This app also barley has ANY useful features, and not that much to use in editing photos either. I used to think about this app, “this app is good!” Now I think about this app, “this app is HORRIBLE.” This game has higher reviews then roblox almost... What a thing to believe being fake! You need to make improvements, or I’ll just stick with PicsArt, having more and more useful features. Bye, whoever reads this will realize they ALSO made a huge mistake buying pro version with this.



Photo Editor- is an amazing all-in-one photo editor! With Photo Editor- you can enhance your photos, apply effects, add stickers, create collages, paint & draw, remove blemishes, whiten smiles and so much more! Here are some of the amazing features: • Enhance Photos in Seconds • Add Endless Stickers • Apply Amazing Effects • Add Unique Frames & Overlays • Create tons of Amazing Collages • Use Color Splash • Crop, Rotate, Flip & Straighten • Adjust Brightness, Contrast & Saturation • Draw and Paint on Photos • Add Text with Multiple Fonts • Remove Red Eye • Smile Whitening • Blemish Remover • Vignette tool • Tilt Shift & Focus Tool • Sharpen and Blur Filters • HD Camera to Take Photos • Import and Export High-Res Images • Share Photos w/ Friends (Twitter, Flickr, etc.) • International Language Support • And Much More!

Photo Editor- is free and works across all iOS devices! Check out some of the amazing screenshots. Pro Version! To get even more out of Photo Editor- subscribe to the Pro Version (amazing Premium Editor, unlock all collages and remove ads). Subscription Pricing and Terms Pro Version is only $1.99/month. Pricing in other countries may vary and charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country you live in. Start your Pro Version subscription with a 7-day free trial. Once your trial is over, your iTunes account will be charged. The Pro Version subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go into your iTunes user account settings to manage your auto-renew and subscription settings. Read more about our terms and conditions here: http://axiemsystems.com/terms.php?app=Photo+Editor- Read more about our Privacy Policy here: http://axiemsystems.com/privacy.php?app=Photo+Editor-

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