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User Reviews for Notch Remover


I recently got the iPhone X and was happy about it but the one thing I didn’t like was the notch. It just bugged me a lot. I like things to be really simple. All the previous phones were very classic and I wished they didn’t introduce the notch. Luckily I found this. This is a clever way to get rid of it. It makes the iPhone look like an iPhone! 📱 I usually look at reviews before I purchase any app and I saw a few comments that made me doubt if I should get it or not. Eventually I ended up trusting my gut and bought it. It is a simple app, but it is super easy to understand and use. I also love ❤️ the fact that it’s NOT loaded with ads like so many other apps. It does what it is supposed to do and does it very well. I don’t know what other people are talking about this app not working. I’m not a gadget person but I still understood what this app is supposed to do (especially after watching the tutorial). Just putting it out there for the people who are confused, this app doesn’t cover the notch in other apps it’s a wallpaper app that covers the notch in the main and lock screen. Overall, I am in love 😍 with this app. I recommend it to anyone who has an IPHONE X!!

✨Tinz ✨, Dec 06, 2017
Total waste

Who cares about removing the notch just on your screen saver. Really!!!!???? That’s it? How about covering up the notch permanently? The notch is still there if I’m reading an email, the newspaper, a book, viewing photos etc. Total false advertising. What good is removing the notch for a screen saver if it’s still going to be there for everything else. I want my 99 cents back! So stupid!!!!!!

gary_poppins, Dec 15, 2017
Game Changer!

Really cool and unique app! The notch didn’t bother me a ton at first, but I thought I would try this app for the heck of it. Now I can’t image the iPhone X without it. I think this is a clever way to customize your phone and make it stand out. As others have said it only works on the main screens. But I don’t mind this at all. Overall, well worth the $0.99! 🎀

joselyn602, Dec 06, 2017

Makes you think it will remove it through out everything ,and only will for for home/lock screen!! I’m asking for a refund for sure . Not even worth a 1$

joseph M.F., Apr 07, 2018
Simple, perfect

This app does precisely what it’s supposed to. Allows you to format a background image with a black bar at the top to effectively “hide” the notch when viewing the lock screen or home screen. It doesn’t remove the notch in-app. It doesn’t claim to. It can’t possibly do that. But what it does, it does well. I especially like the option of the few different styles of black bar it offers, including square, rounded, and fade (fade is my favorite).

marcusdiddle, Nov 09, 2018
Not even usable for the wallpaper feature if you use perspective.

I guess I should have read the description more closely, but I got the impression that this would put a black bar over every app. I can’t even use this for my wallpaper because I want to use perspective mode on my images.

Pingonaut, May 02, 2019
Awesome update!!

Love the update. Works perfectly to remove the notch and looks great on my phone. Easy to edit too!! Good job

Ronsyt, Dec 09, 2017
Good app serves its purpose but...

For some odd reason, after a few days the image I place below the notch to leave a black bar at the top to make the notch unnoticeable begins to drift back up into the notch a little bit. I can re-do the image but a few days later it starts happening again. Not sure why?

Rusty_Sedam, Dec 14, 2017
$1 for a crappy wallpaper edit

I Accidentally bought this app and then found out that it doesn't actually fix the notch problem, So I’ll be taking my dollar back.

Sleeping Reaver, Nov 15, 2020
Waste of money if you are looking for elimination of notch

Read a news or a ad and it misled me for this App. It makes me believe it can eliminate the notch of IP x permanently, after buying it I found it can only adjust background pic instead of global settings, that’s the only function. Waste of money!

Tony Hiker, Jan 13, 2018


Notch Remover lets you hide the notch in the status bar! Notch Remover modifies your wallpaper to adjust for the notch. Check out some of the amazing results in the screenshots!

Featured in The Verge, ABC News, USA Today, MacRumors, Mashable, Fortune, SlashGear, CNET and more! "For iPhone X users who want a perfectly rectangular display, they can now splurge on Notch Remover, designed to camouflage the top bar that interrupts the complete edge-to-edge display." - ABC News "Designed to help hide the notch on your iPhone X's home and lock screens by adding a simple black bar atop your wallpapers to better blend the notch and display." - USA Today

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