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Easy Photo Background Editor

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Easy Photo Background Editor

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User Reviews for Easy Photo Background Editor


Its a great app! Im trying to take pictures of my cat she is an indoor cat and cant go outside but i want a fancy photo of her in like a tulip field or something like you see on calendars and stuff so im looking for a good photoshop app that can put her in a field of flowers or whatever. This app is good at the removing her current background it is far better than some of the more popular apps but it still doesn't properly photoshop my cat…but its a great background remover and it has really nice backgrounds to choose from :) so yeah ty for reading if u read this

😋😞😔🤨😎😅😙😋🥸🤓😂😋😄, Jan 11, 2023
Amazing for a free editor

I want to remind people that this editor provides, for free, a service other apps charge for. So what if there are lots of ads? If you only edit pictures once in a while for personal and not professional use, this is great

Birdy198700, Nov 26, 2022
Best photo editor Ever!

This app is really useful and all the backgrounds are unlocked! ( no paying needed) It has Galaxy background, forest background, candy backgrounds and more abstract backgrounds! My photos are so much more better know because of this app! There is only a few ads and it’s great quality! get photo background editor!

Cottoncandy5589, Mar 09, 2023
First time using a background editor app

This is my first time using a background editor app on iOS. I chose this one because no in app purchases and I do not mind the ads. I was disappointed my portrait photo I took with my iPhone with a black background was not an easy background fix with the auto feature in this app. I had to manually remove the background. I mean it's a completely black background and the object was tan with yellow. The auto feature cut it horribly. I will continue to use this app but that is a one star until I am explained why a completely black background with a lit up object is not easy to auto remove the background or they somehow make it easy to remove the background from a portrait photo with studio light filter on.

cuzcatlec, Aug 28, 2023
can’t use it

it doesn’t work. i’m disappointed because it has been one of my fave apps. Now it does not let me do anything. ☹️

Fx-love, Jun 17, 2022
Loved it!

If you wanna edit your photo but don’t have money to pay for those other apps, this is the app for you! Try it! You won’t regret it! Just don’t forget to rate this app! Have fun!

gogobo059, Nov 24, 2022
Great app 1 problem tho

I’m giving this app a 1 star because overall it’s a good App that helps a lot with editing backgrounds but however this App has tons of Advertisements and some of them could steal and track your IP adress of scam You, I don’t suggest downloading this app anymore it also asked me to connect to blue tooth do not install this app

Itz Javie, Mar 29, 2021

This app is outstanding! I love it because it is totally free. With it being free it wouldn’t meet the same expectations as a $30+ app for editing. I love this app and it is very organized and easy to locate everything

khxxvm gmzngx, Jan 03, 2021
Pretty good, but a few suggestions

All in all, this app is helpful and easy to use. I don’t have any complaints about it, per se, but I do have a couple suggestions.First of all, whenever you erase, it becomes grey. The problem here is that a lot of things are grey, and it sometimes makes it difficult to differ the erased parts from the actual photo. A good thing to do would be to change the color of the deleted background, so if somebody it changing a picture of their grey tabby cat, they could make it purple when they erase to make it easier.Another thing is the amount of in-game backgrounds. Despite the fact that you can take a picture yourself for the background, it would be nice to have more choices to pick from.Lastly, the photo adjuster. A couple more editing options would make a huge impact on the final products. Also, once you’ve gotten rid of the background from the original photo, you can’t do the same adjustments you can with the new one. So you have to go back to Photos, edit the picture from there, and erase it all over again. A way to transfer from editing the new background to editing the original picture would be super helpful.

Lawyer in Training, Feb 05, 2022
Problems 😒

First, The undo button is very glitchy and takes a very long time to actually work. Another thing is that it is really hard to get in spaces where I cannot change the off distance to match it. Lastly, it would be a great app if I could actually remove the background very easily. It would be great if they had an auto remove background so I didn’t have to do it manually and it wouldn’t work. When you actually get it to remove your background it’s great but it’s very hard to get to that point. Thank you for your time! I hope this helps in your decision to get the app or tonight. 👋🙂

Lazycat_24, Apr 01, 2021


Change the background of your Photos like a pro and share it with your friends easily. This Background changer app can be very useful in your daily life to make to your extra time more fun. Photo Background Changer has great features so that the user can easily change the backgrounds very easily and replace with many HD backgrounds which are available in the App itself which is free.Background Editor becomes very easy as you never thought it .