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Photo Collage Creator - Pic Frames, Picture Editor

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Photo Collage Creator - Pic Frames, Picture Editor

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Debotosh Dey
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User Reviews for Photo Collage Creator - Pic Frames, Picture Editor

Nice app

I recommend this app. The only thing as a lot of things are locked but we also have to understand they have to make money so I completely understand. You can crate many photos and designs. • I didn’t notice any bugs•the program worked fine•lives up to its name:)

Amy_massey, Feb 25, 2021
Not enough appeal

Perhaps I misunderstood this app. Within 3 minutes of trying I learned that there were extremely few options that actually were part of the app, and everything else had a lock symbol on it and must be purchased additionally. In that same time period before I could even edit one photo to completion with just basic single color frames (3 minutes of using) two separate ads were run. So - with the frequent ad interruptions, and very limited options, it really wasn’t even much of a tryout to encourage me to use more of the product.

cievalfbe, Jan 01, 2020
Brooklyn’s review -

- I think this app is incredibly fun, it’s perfect for adding a different change to you’re photos. What I like about this app is it’s “kid friendly” because most editing apps are like photo shopping and that’s perfectly fine but more for a “older age selection. This app is more for “everybody.

Elena812, Mar 24, 2019
So fun

This is the Best photo app I’ve used and I used a lot it has everything I need to design my photos and it’s very quick and easy just use your photo choose your style choose your background and it’s done I can do it in less than five minutes and anywhere on the train in the car at home if I were you I would get it

itsfunny24681214161820, Dec 12, 2020
One 😀 customer

I ❤️this app not that I didn’t ❤️pic collage any less I ❤️just the fact that I can decorate or style my pics in any way I want or desire You are awesome Don’t need to go to a photographer to take pics any more when I can do it my self right here Thanks Soo much 😃customer

J. Trujello, May 12, 2022

This is a great photo app to change the way it looks and add stickers and text to it, but it has TOO MANY ADS! Whenever I want to change something or add it to my photos an ad pops up, That's why I gave it a low rating. Overall it is an okay app, but I wouldn't recommend it for people who can't stand ads, it would be great if there were less ads. I can do maybe 1 or 2 every few minutes, but the amount of ads is just SO ANNOYING! 🙄😐👎🏻

Justlex13, Jan 14, 2019
It’s good

It’s a good game it’s just you cannot put photos together in one but I really like it it has like these things where you can like put a background and like it is a little bit bad part is you can’t like blend anything or is there because I just got this app well but I really like this app

noah22685, Aug 01, 2021
Amazing App!!

I had so much fun creating beautiful photos of the kids to send to grandmother who’s out of state!! The different filters, backgrounds and cropping options allow you to take ordinary photos and turn them into masterpieces!!! She loved them, I didn’t spend a ton of money so I’m happy!! It was a win win!!

theloneunicorn, Aug 29, 2019
Real potential but not there yet!

I like some of the creative aspects to the app but the free version is terribly annoying with ads. It is hard to evaluate it is so annoying. I don’t like that it only operates in portrait mode. I do nearly everything in landscape using my 12.9 size iPad. Unless I missed it with all the ads popping up, I don’t see a way to change the aspect ratio. I want 4x6. I wish it were clear that if I purchase the app for $5.99 that all get all of the things listed as ad packs, or are they an additional purchase? I really want this to work but unless it includes all the other packs, then it is too expensive.

thepcspud, Nov 30, 2018
Amazing app!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍❤️❤️💜💜

This is an amazing app. I have one complaint though, why do you have to unlock different backgrounds, stickers, etc. It says I have to pay to unlock backgrounds etc. I have bought sooo many apps already I think it is unnecessary to have unlock different things. I understand you’re trying to make money but having to unlock different stickers etc. is a little excessive. But, overall it is a great app, I’ve made soooo many collages using this app!!!

yufyhfyigryigdyhcsijokgeoh, Jun 18, 2020


Creative Collages,Artistic Frames & Amazing Layouts Pic Collage Maker is the best companion for self-snapshots! Make your photos extra fun with creative shots! - Easy to use. Just pick image and share. - make your photos extra ordinary - it is more powerful and more fun with the addition of the new Pic Effects! - Add unique filters like vintage, sepia and more.

Full featured photo editor. - Add amazing frames to your pictures. - Beautiful UI. - share with friends. - And many more. The app was designed with you in mind.Making it fun and effortless to edit your pictures is our goal.

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