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User Reviews for Cut & Paste Photos

So so App.

It’s a very simple photo cut out app. It would be great if you make a mistake you could have an eraser to put the part of the photo back on. Right now the only option is the arrow back option that removes everything you did instead of just the mistake. Also there should be a way to enlarge the object your cutting out. An App like this doesn’t need tons of bells and whistles but it does need more than what you are offering right now. I hope you try to add these things to this app. I would be happy to come back and Review it again in the future.

Annabelleb43, Sep 15, 2018
Some features work okay, some don’t work right at all

You need to fix the magic erase background “AI cutout” because it needs like a sensitivity or threshold percentage because most photos of people or objects with a green screen or background get pretty much/completely erased.Maybe make a choice of “Erase by color” or “color picker” to erase specific colors Also maybe give a choice being able to reverse previous erasing edits in “Eraser” need to make it more user friendly. App is okay, but could be a lot better since I paid for it.

Burnonefromendtoend, Mar 24, 2023
This Is a great great app one of my favorite so far

The developers and software I enjoy. Thank u everything is better in a new light at times they supposedly say but LOVE AND PRESERVING good times is a hobby that can never be Taken. Even some memories will forever be in our mind and dreams as one could say only for a limited time. Only thing that is the most important important thing no one can decide in life. It’s time and love it I believe will save the world. And yes I’m “loven” it! Oh humor is number threee but the good old throwback and photos is a classic time dime piece Happy Loving Regards, Christa B

Christa Bledsoe, Apr 24, 2021
Pretty good!

I like this app because you can make really cool things. But I don’t like that you have to buy some of the backgrounds and stickers. I mean, it makes sense, but it’s a bit unlikable. Otherwise, this app is awesome😻😋! I know you can’t fix it, but I was just saying. Stay healthy, and happy! I hope you are safe from Coronavirus🦠💊. Wish you luck, Mathilda arroyo Daughter of Rocky Arroyo

Cropless, Apr 26, 2020

ALL i wanna do is overlap photos for my song covers and blend occasionally here and there.. before the update i couldn’t even OPEN the stupid app without it crashing. now the app opens but i can’t change the background photo AT ALL. if you hit change background it buffers.. and buffers.. and buffers some more.. and then buffers some more.. until you finally get the hint that it won’t stop so you swipe up on the app. i paid for premium and the purchase screen doesn’t go away so even when i swipe up on the app and open it again I DONT HAVE ANY OF MY PREMIUM FEATURES. then when you hit restore purchase, it says the purchase was successful but the purchase screen still doesn’t go away so you either hit cancel or swipe up on the app.. and you STILL don’t have premium with either option you go with.. this app is GARBAGÉ

DriggrGT140, Jul 24, 2019
Love the app until recently

I have used this app exclusively for my business for the past 4 years. However with the recent update that was made, the ability to import a second photo that I created on another app that has a high resolution (black or non existent background) has gone away. I also had a bunch of images saved and they are all gone. I don’t want to have to use the lasso or the eraser every time I need to clear the white behind my logo when I’m trying to import my watermark logo. Please bring that functionality or tell me how I can still do that!

geholland, Jan 16, 2022
I have used this App for a while now......

I have used the free version of this app for a couple years now on an occasional use basis. At first it was a bit clutsy to use, a little hard to navigate. Recently I have noticed that the app has gotten better, in fact, so much better that today I decided to buy it. Note to developer: I would love to see an UNDO button on the edit page. Sometimes I erase a little too much and wish I could UNDO the last little eraser mess-up.

GFC1028, Nov 13, 2022
It’s A good app on my IPad

This app is good because I can customize my own backgrounds and I can Finally change my back round so it is a good app.My first reason is that you can change your background and it doesn’t take that much time. If you want you can just put a picture down and that’s your background like in the other apps but, this app you can add some nice addons. My second reason is that every other app I cant change my background. This is very good because in other apps I cant change my background. Sometimes they you have to pay to make it your background and that is dumb as heck.My last reason is that it is free. If this was not free I would not be able to change my ugly background on my IPad. This is a great app and it is free which is the best background app for me.Now this is all my reasons why this is a good cheap app for everyone around the whole intire world and, sorry for writing a whole opinion writing and I’m working on it in school which and great for me. This is the best app ever!

Jonnybahama, Nov 15, 2017
New Update Is Bad

I’ve been using this app for quite some time now, and although it took me a little bit to learn and get the hang of, I eventually got a custom to it. I don’t use it for much. I basically just use it for those times when you can’t fit everything you want into one screenshot, so you have to take two separate screenshots, and then I bring both of them over to this app to put them together so they look like one screenshot. I can’t do that anymore since the new update. Everything is way small and scaled down from what it was before. The desk space I have to work on is only a tiny square whereas before it was my whole phone screen, and therefore that makes the images I’m working with even smaller, also when you’re trying to move images around they start to want to spin to the left of the right and when you try to get it back straight you don’t even know if it is straight, a lot of other apps like this will let you know if you have your image straight because the outline around the picture will turn green or yellow, but this app don’t do that so you don’t even know if your image is straight. Please fix it, cause I’m gonna be on the lookout for another app that does what I used this one for.

Kristin Ferguson, Jan 19, 2022
Did something break? Fix found

I’ve used this a few times the past 3 months and, other than a few hiccups here and there, it did a good job. A solid 4 star app. However, with the latest update, as soon as I try to apply a new background (usual 1st step)...crash. Again, again and again. It is presently a 0 star app.UPDATEI found if you first slightly crop screenshots first (outside of app) then using them as background in app no longer crashes the app. Working good! Considering purchase.

Rybell123, Dec 03, 2018


Take your creativity to the next level with Cut & Paste Photo. Explore incredible new ways to remove or change the background of your photo, cut out any portion from a photo & blend with any other photo background. • PRESET CANVAS • Select a canvas for your project from our 80 preset canvases. You can also create your own canvas with custom ratio and resolution.

For simplicity just pick a photo gallery and use it as a canvas. We have all the options for you to create a new project. • AI CUTOUT • Our advanced AI Cutout will automatically remove the photo background to make your task more easy. • LASSO • Cut any portion or extract people from your photo with our amazing Lasso tool. Select any area of a photo & cut out that specific area instantly. Apply this cutout portion on any background image you want. • ERASER • You can Erase the background of your photo, remove any unwanted object from your photo, or erase corner & edges of your cutout photo with our Eraser tool. • SHAPE • Cut your photo in different shapes with just a tap. We have 170 different shapes separated in 7 different categories. • OPACITY CONTROLLER • Very swiftly change the opacity of your photo. • BLEND PHOTOS & SUPERIMPOSE • With our 30+ advanced Blending Modes, Merge & Blend your Background image with your Foreground image like a pro. Change opacity & colors of each blending modes to explore lots of versions of your blended photos. • BACKGROUND TEMPLATE • With our own collection you will get 200+ Background images, 100+ pattern templates, 100+ gradient templates and 100+ color templates to choose from. • TEXT ON PHOTO • With 200+ stylish Fonts & 100+ colors for each font, make your photos more meaningful & expressive. • PHOTO CLONE • Paste multiple copies of people in photos to create fun clone effect. • PHOTO FILTERS • Lots of amazing Filters to stylize your photos. • QUOTES • Chose from our amazing collection of trendy quotes to apply on your photo. Change the color of each quotes with hundreds of colors! • STICKERS • Lots of stickers collection to choose, to apply on your photo. You can even edit the stickers with lasso or eraser tool. • SAVE & SHARE • Advanced output option with different formates PNG & JPEG. You can save and share with transparency on and off.

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