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User Reviews for ParentSquare

Relationship building!

Honestly as a technically challenged parent this app scared me. After exploring the easy to use app, and using the readily useful communication tools my comfort level eased quite a bit. The videos seemed slow and do get stuck making viewing a lesson difficult, but none the less I’m still impressed. Actually I was struggling a bit with my son on the subject of learning in school. Despite the COVID-19 crisis I feel like I’m developing a much closer relationship with my son as far as discussing what he’s actually learned and where he needs help. I also feel much closer to his teacher giving me the satisfaction of actively being apart of the education being presented to my child. This has been a very positive experience for not just my son, but the entire family! My two year old can now participate in educational activities with his brother instead of racing out to the curb every morning to wait for the big yellow Twinkie that he doesn’t get to ride.

@@jp@@, Apr 17, 2020
Excellent source of communication!

I am very pleased with the Parent Square app. The app gives parents and teachers the ability to communicate with each other in the most simple way! Being able to speak with the Teachers directly and know that I will receive and immediate response, has really been very helpful with my Daughters education...Especially on days that I have concerns about my Daughter after dropping her off to school. The app is also the easiest resource to get all important notifications and reminders for parents within the school and/or district wide. The app is easy to navigate and definitely important for parents to have to allow us to be the most involved with our children and their education.

Ava'sMomma, Nov 17, 2020
Great tool

I’m not sure why our school district didn’t start using this app before the pandemic. With all of the “I forgot it at school” excuses kids come up with having to do with time sensitive paper work, or school functions/events, there has always been a need for an app like this. It is probably the best thing to happen to students that have two homes. No matter how great the two parents/guardians get a long there will always be three unsolvable issues for children with two homes. 1) the ratio of single socks to matched pair’s drastically increases in favor of single socks far beyond that if a traditional household. 2) Underwear are either so plentiful you need a whole extra drawer for the surplus or, the only 2 pairs of underwear in the house are dirty. And, finally 3) only one parent knew about a permission slip, fundraiser deadline, club sign up, picture day, recital or some other important event, and that parent (even having the best of intentions) assumed the other parent knew as well. Our daughter’s lacrosse teams, swim team, and scout troop have been using similar apps for a couple of years now. It’s about time the school district doesthe same.

Beck0955, Oct 21, 2020
Was fantastic, but suddenly stopped getting notifications and previous ones were deleted

I love(d) ParentSquare, and I rely heavily on it for school news and events, emergency notifications, district news, PTO communications, etc. Last week, I suddenly stopped getting notifications, all my past notifications are gone, and the last post I can see is from 8 months ago. The messages appear unaffected. I have all of the notification settings set to “instant” online and on the mobile app. When I run the notification diagnostics for the mobile app, all systems are green, and I get a little pop-up that says this is a test notification. But, when I go to notifications or texts, the test notification is not there. I have searched the help topics and cannot find anything to address this. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. I have turned my phone off and on. I have even checked that my son’s school registration is still active. There is no way that I have found to contact anyone for this, and this presents a MAJOR problem, as the school communicates primarily via ParentSquare.

Busyb13, Jul 13, 2022
Too cumbersome

If I was in 1 building and not a parent and a teacher I might like it. However. I work in 4 buildings and cannot combine my groups so I must send messages to students in each of my 3 elementary buildings separately . The posts come separately from each building and you must log into that building in order to see the messages and posts. There is no central location. I have a daughter in the 4th building I work in. So I get the posts -too many- from her building admin, teachers, and my students and parents. My other daughter attends the 5th building in our district. So your see there is a Constant stream of texts coming to parent square. I receive emails telling me I have a parent square and texts telling me to check parent square. Too much to keep track of.I have asked my students’Parents about it. Their students have been reminded but still miss remote classes so I asked. The parents of children in separate buildings tell me they don’t pay attention to it. They get too many texts and cannot access them easily. So, I give it a 3 because it is useful, but not very friendly for teachers in multiple buildings or for parents with more than 1 or 2 children

CBon507, Nov 20, 2020
Very easy to use!

I use this as a teacher. Prior to switching over to PS I have used Remind and Class Dojo. I liked both applications for what each brought to the table. Although I did favor Remind a bit more for its usability. At one point my district tried to get us to use Sangha and I refused. It was a terrible and unfriendly program. This year they introduced PS and I have officially closed my Remind account and moved over to PS. Whether I’m using the app or on my laptop it has the best of all messaging apps. My word count is larger, I can post videos, pictures, links, etc. I can schedule messages. Sending private group messages are much easier than on Remind. I like the “forms/permission” option. My parents said it was super easy to sign a permission slip. And best of all? I don’t have to hope that all my parents will join the app. It’s connected to our student rosters so I know that almost every parent will receive my messages.

dragon_chica, May 22, 2020
No support

My children are in a school that uses this app. I was not able to create an account using the email I have on file with the school. I sent a message to Parent Square support via their website and received no response. No one at the school has any idea how to solve this issue and no one at the company responds to customer service requests. Without support it cannot be seen as a reliable way of staying in touch with the school. Update, April 2021: more of the same. Still no support, still unable to set up account, and still completely reliant on text messages from other parents to know what the school is sending via parent square. This app provides absolutely no advantage over email. It simply adds yet another layer of confusion.***update 5/21: my older child is about to finish 5th grade, so that’s seven years of no support from this garbage company. No one at the school will take administrative responsibility. This is nonsense. This app does not provide any benefit whatsoever over email.

Fretburner, May 17, 2021
Parent square is a good tool

Parent square seems to be a good tool for parents and teacher to communicate, however I still don’t know where or what I am suppose to do to see their report cards. Kids are in 3rd grade and still don’t know what their grades are. Not very user friendly if not familiar with any of the school software programs. Wouldn’t be all that difficult to print an example out on what to do etc. after all handbooks aren’t printed anymore they surely could give examples out during the first meet the teacher or when parents go a school function. The district wants parents to be more involved and they need to be but there should be support for the parents in order to learn what needs done. And back to report cards, this takes away from having something to look back on when one gets older. I still have some of mine. Seems like it means more to have something physical to see verses looking at a screen and think whatever.

iatgt, Apr 18, 2022
Compared to Seesaw

Last year my daughter was introduced to Seesaw as a kindergarten and the app was unstable/interactive but confusing to navigate as a parent; which was concerning, not to say that she didn’t learn how to use the tools included like a reading app full of virtual books. ParentSquare is nice because it seems to be set up for parents and users to get the most updated information to respond accordingly. ie something that the parents can “ play “ around with without the distraction of children styled apps. There looks like a feature to possibly interact with your child but the issues I run into are that the PS doesn’t load. I hope these can be easily debugged as relaying on email alone or visiting other platforms like Facebook to stay current with the school via pta meetings or listening in on school board meetings is important to me as a mother of a child enrolled and another on the way.

Lisastars, Sep 30, 2021
Harmful to Education

This system, which our school district spent millions purchasing, is so dysfunctional that teachers and students are spending the majority of their time creating work arounds rather than learning substantive subjects. My own parent system has not worked for weeks now and rather than helping me directly or allowing our school district to help directly our school district is having to act as a go between. I tried to find a contact number to call the company directly but none is available (411 couldn’t even find a number). They want me to log on for assistance and I would if I could but logging on is the problem. This is the legal system of record for our county but since the teachers, students and parents are often unable to use it consistently and are resorting to creating work arounds I’m beginning to wonder the legal implications of including graded work in permanent transcripts (a child’s legal permanent record determines things like graduation, employability, college admissions, financial assistance etc). I hope it becomes more reliable and user friendly with time.

NoActionJackson, Oct 14, 2020


What is ParentSquare? ------------------------- ParentSquare is a safe and secure platform for all school-to-home communication. The two-way group messaging, private conversations, district-wide alerts and notices, and simple user interface keeps everyone connected, creating a vibrant school community. In today's ed-tech world, schools need a better communication system than relying on hard-to-track emails, lost flyers, missed robocalls, website updates that are never read, or piggybacking on SIS or LMS tools meant for student communication.

ParentSquare brings the power of ed-tech revolution to the parents. It reverses the trend for disparate, one-way communication that keeps parents as 'spectators' to their child's education. Understanding the need for a whole-school adoption, we strive to keep an easy to use interface for ParentSquare, much like the social tools you are used to in today's online digital world. ParentSquare caters to every parent, including those who rarely use technology. ParentSquare for iOS ------------------------- With ParentSquare for iOS, parents can easily connect with teachers and staff at their children’s school from their iOS device. The app allows parents to: - View posts, appreciate and comment - Sign up for wish list items, volunteer, and RSVP and view your sign ups - Check dates for upcoming school and class events and add them to your device calendar - Send private messages (with attachments) to staff members (or other ParentSquare users*) in your school - Participate in group conversations - View posted pictures and files - View the directory of your child’s school* - View notices (attendance, cafeteria, library dues) - Respond to absences or tardies* - Purchase for goods and services offered for sale by the school * If allowed by your school's implementation

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