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OPlayer - video player

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User Reviews for OPlayer - video player

Still the best

Still the best for LAN streaming coupled with a super powerful player sporting tons of features that positively crushes VLC and any other wannabe substitute. My only asks is a greedy one - SMB file manipulation as is available in the Files application. I typically download videos, compile a playlist, then delete the videos when finished. Have to switch applications to delete or otherwise rename/move files. This desire does not in any way affect my appreciation for this application, though. My 2¢ for how it can achieve glistening perfection, which it nearly has. Developers should be proud.

:(Pooky):, Aug 03, 2020
Bookmarks would be great

This program can do almost everything. But there are students out here that watch documentaries for studying that could benefit from a video player that allows you to make bookmarks and name them. This would make your program more than an entertainment program. Having this ability makes it useful for every student that studies documentaries.

79316, Oct 15, 2017
Spectacular video player

I spent a week trying almost every video player for the iPhone and iPad, and my conclusion is that OPlayer was tied with one other for the most elegant, powerful, and reliable video player. I've loaded it with 100GB of video, and it works flawlessly. The interface is also creative and really nice. And OPlayer runs nicely on both the iPhone and iPad. I rarely write app reviews (I'm busy), but OPlayer has inspired me to take the time to write one. This is an excellent app.It’s now a couple of years later, and I’d like to reiterate what I wrote earlier. But I’d also like to add that using this app has been an even better experience than I’d described earlier! I’ve changed phones and iPads a couple of times since then, and this app flawlessly synced its content with the new devices when I made the transitions. The other competing app I mentioned above lost all videos each time, despite claiming that it would sync them through iCloud and Mac backup. So this is still the best. I have only one minor suggestion for it: it has a nice feature that plays a randomly chosen video from the same folder next. Unfortunately, it occasionally plays the same one again. An improved algorithm that orders the videos in advance to avoid this (like the one iTunes uses) would easily solve this very minor problem.

BD35, Oct 26, 2019

I use OPlayer a lot! I like the fact the App can open practically any video/audio file, The interface is awesome! And set up individual file folders, vlc you can't, you can control the speed of an audio file, as what I do when I'm listening to lectures, and much more.

BigEdlardo, Apr 12, 2019
Works Well Consistently

The App is pretty easy to use, and works well in just about every situation we have needed it for. There are a few quirks, but we work around them for now. If the Developer(s) continue to adjust the App Software, and quickly add any critical features as the technology needs arise, the App can only improve. We assume that the App Developer(s) are keeping every Users personal data & connection info private, and are regularly dealing with any funky bugs or oddities.

BitsOfCode, May 01, 2023

If you're a enthusiast or professional you will find this app is essential for any device. I am a file archivist/hoarder and have been utilizing this app for +7 years on my various iPhones. It is the swiss army knife of mobile media players that tackles any audio/video file type and is supported by devs who truly care about the quality of their app. I've been singing it's praises to everyone I know but now it's time to leave a review. Thanks for all that you folks do! Some features that I cherish: -Plays FLAC files! -Folder/File structure view -Plays files from local external storage and over networks -WiFi File Transfer (no physical connection needed, just connect to local WiFi and access/transfer files through web browser) -FTP Compatible: Play & Transfer (ability to sync files with one click when used with file back up/sync software in conjunction with FTP connection)-Functions as portable file storage drive (used this as such many years before iOS provided the "Files" option)

buttpockets, Jul 25, 2022
Issue with downloading videos

For some reason, certain downloads will continue and say “Downloaded Successfully.” But then when I go to it, it downloaded nothing leaving only just the file without anything. It’s really frustrating! Again it’s only for certain videos no matter the length or size.

The last feature we need - Video Zoom

It’s the best video player app I can find so far. The only feature missing is the video zoom. I wish I could zoom the video like the iPhone’s native video player!

Dingdinglixianji, Apr 30, 2020
Excellent Player!

I tried a bunch, spent too much money until I found OPlayer! I like the interface the way it works and the features. One thing I can’t seem to find though, and I’m probably just missing it, is the option to just stop playing after a video ends. I would like it to just end after videos are done instead of going into the next one. I get that for songs though so I see why it does it.

Furballiss, Nov 15, 2019

This app is so nice and powerful. I use it on a daily basis to practice or rehearse music I will be playing on my next gigs - I am a Salsa Music Bass Player freelancer and this application helps me a whole lot. I download the music into OPlayer and go at it for hours on end. I really like this application.

hmc2003, Jun 27, 2023


Play all your videos directly without having to convert them! OPlayer supports almost every format for video/audio playback. It gives you the flexibility to be able to download your files to your device, or browse a SAMBA/FTP/UPnP/DLNA share over the network. "Best video player on the App Store" OPlayer has been rated as "iPhone Apps Plus Best"!

OPlayer has been around for 12 years, continuous improvement in video playback and feature enhancements, has made it the first choice for millions of the users. With positive endorsements and feedback from our users we endeavor to make it even better with each upgrade. ======================================== Support Dolby Digital Audio (AC3) Official AVI/DivX license (In App Purchase) Official DTS license (In App Purchase) ======================================== 【Supported Formats】 - Video: mkv, wmv, avi, divx, xvid, rmvb, rm, flv, mp4, 4k, mov, 3gp, m4v, blu-ray, ts, m2ts, swf, asf, vob, h265 (hevc), webm...almost all movie file formats. - Audio: mp3, wma, wav, dts, ac3, eac3, aac, flac, ape, cue, amr, ogg vorbis, lossless music...almost all audio file formats. - Subtitle: srt, ass, smi, sub...almost all subtitle file formats. - Stream: http, ftp, samba, rtp, rtsp, mms... - Widely devices support: Optimized for all iPhones running iOS 6.0 and later, including iPhone 6s (Plus). 【Key features】 • Adjust playback speed: 0.1x ~ 4.0x • A-B repeat: play from start point (A) to end point (B) repeatedly • Background play: continue playing videos when app enters background • Landscape play: useful when iPhone turned on 'Portrait Orientation Lock' - SAMBA/FTP/HTTP/UPnP/DLNA client - Multiple transfer ways: 1. USB transfer (support folder) 2. Wi-Fi transfer - Play files in PC remotely without downloading Share folders on PC, then you can stream files by OPlayer. - Privacy protect: support password for app and folders, hide password-protected folders, Touch ID - Excellent performance: support 1080P HD video on iPhone 5 and newer devices - Less battery consumption: hardware decoding mp4/mp3 files by default - Single hand mode: you can control playback with one hand 【Basic functions】 - File Manager: new folder/rename/move/delete/search/sort/open in with - Built in web browser - Support NAS, Router, Dropbox...network storage - Support text file: TXT, WORD, EXCEL, PPT, PDF... - Compress/Decompress (In App Purchase): support zip, rar, 7z (with password) - Playlist: enjoy music by our powerful playlist functions - Gesture: seek (forward, backward), brightness, volume, pause/resume, subtitle position and size - Repeat/Loop mode: repeat all, repeat once, shuffle... - Remember playback time: resume from last played position - Render on TV (TV Out): support AirPlay, mirror, HDMI wire... - Lock playing window: avoid unintended touch when watching movies - Timing off: stop playing after the specified time - Adjust aspect ratio: you can set any aspect ratio, for example 16:9 - Play 3d movies in 2d mode - Deinterlace - Flip horizontal and vertical - Use headphones to control playback - Audio boost - Photo viewer (In App Purchase): 1. Support gif animation,png,jpg,bmp... 2. Slide show photos 3. Import from Photos 【Audio Features】 - Support left and right channel switch - Audio tracks switch and save your settings - Adjust audio delay 【Subtitle Features】 - Support embedded subtitles in movies - Auto load the subtitle whose name is the same with the movie - Select subtitle files manually - Auto detect the encode of subtitle files - Gesture: single touch and move to adjust position, pinch to adjust size - Customizable subtitle font, colors - Adjust subtitle delay 【Support】 - We will check reviews on App Store frequently - Skype: [email protected] - Mail: [email protected] - Twitter: @OLIMSOFT - Website: www.edavs.com

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