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NCIC Mobile Video Visitation

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NCIC Mobile Video Visitation

  • Utilities
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User Reviews for NCIC Mobile Video Visitation

New update

To me the new update is worst then the original version because we was able to send pics this new update we are not able to send pictures only view the attachments we send before this is so dumb our love ones love looking at pics now y’all just made it worse cause we can’t even send pictures this update is by. Far the worst.

Coummmmmmm, Feb 17, 2023
Bad App

Notification alert icon keeps showing there’s an unread message when there aren’t any. Also you never know how much you’ve spent on a message because your “balance may be affected by items outside the messaging application.” Whatever that means…

Deltadawn999, Feb 07, 2023
App is the worst!!

I first downloaded the app couple of months ago, and had to call the 1-800 couple of times so they can fix some issues I was having. Once it was downloaded and fixed, I realized it didn’t send notifications, but I thought this was the norm. Once the update happened about 3 weeks ago, I was receiving notifications and all was good. Welp, that didn’t last long! The app logs me completely out e-v-e-r-y time -so if I get on another app momentarily, then come back to NCIC, I have to type my email/password all over again !! I don’t get notifications anymore either… AT ALL, and the latest one is -it won’t let me add funds!!! It is so frustrating!!! This app could be so much better!

estoestadelcarajo, Jul 17, 2022
Getting late message notification

I have my notifications on but sometimes I didn’t even receive when they message or I receive notifications that they have messaged minutes ago. I just would like it to be fixed to where when they message I get the notification right then when they message please.

Frotay45, Feb 04, 2023
Fig the log in bugs

I mean, I send a text and I have to log back in to read the next text, doesn’t auto refresh, and ALLLLL the logging in over and over and over. Doesn’t have a auto save for password or Face ID. Other than that it does what it’s supposed to for the most part.

KJtrice, Jan 28, 2023
my experience

Very convenient but I keep getting logged out and keep having to reupload my card info . also I never get notifications until I’m in the app.

maricelalopez21, Jul 07, 2022
This app is Some-timing

The notifications come in 10 min late I can’t view the pics they won’t load an error message keeps coming up and when a meads do come through it’s come in as a duplicate some times 3 and I have to log out n log back in for the message to finally load with each update it gets worse

May. Johnson, Sep 30, 2022
Update fix bugs

Not getting any notifications from the app also on video call from the app they cannot hear me and I can’t hear them. And I don’t understand what auto bill count means but it’s on zero and it was on 2. It’s a very convenient app better than having to go on safari and trying to find it.

MBBFL1007, May 18, 2022
Bad since update

The new update was supposed to fix bugs?! It caused more. Almost every time I have to sign in which is super annoying and it glitches and have to force shut it down. So much worse after update

TפL, Feb 22, 2023

The app tells you to update now with no way around it but when you click update now it only gives the option to open with the same message of update. Fix this app to allow the update or allow to cancel and move forward with using the app. 😡

vscott1962, Feb 14, 2023


The NCIC Mobile Visitation App allows you to schedule video visits, have video calls with inmates, chat and other features!

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