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My Town : Home - Family Games

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My Town : Home - Family Games

  • Education
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User Reviews for My Town : Home - Family Games

Updates,and ideas?

So this game is very fun I’m so glad it’s free now lots of people want all the the games to be free and I get that because not all the games need to be 2.99. Maybe make half of the games free Also do a my town summer camp, also I don’t have my town stores but maybe you could allow to open the trunk in the car. Also maybe make the school free or the grandparents house. Because there a lot of games other than my town that are super EXPENSIVE. And I heard reviews from 2018 saying all the games free do you read the review if you did I bet your games would be much better and more people would play my town🤨😐😮 So you maybe have like a dollar for each game then you will probably have more money read your reviews please, it will help out a lot . Now you probably are ignoring this review but after a played. Doctor panda it was so expensive like what? So I went here I was glad to see there were some games were the whole set was free and you do not need to do any in app purchases in some of the games although in my town beauty pageant you do I feel like the game should be free. So I highly recommend you to lower the price! I love my town so much👍🏻 I don’t play it so much but I played a lot like every day! So people that played a lot probably should get a chance to have some new games and have them free. Please listen to us and other people that are reading this right now I’m really glad you are because this is my review on the game and just pretty good

Allison Fink, May 04, 2020
Loveeee it but a few things PLS READ

Ok, so I am 12 years old and I absolutely LOVE ur games. I love this one because it’s really interactive and u can do a lot with the people. U guys and Toca Boca are my absolute favorite life games. ❤️❤️ I do wish there were more choices for the people like in Toca Boca, and also I wish that u could take the peoples shoes off with out having to switch them out. Another thing is that a lot of ur games are money, like u have to pay, and because these are kids games, kids might not have that money and their parents might not want to give any, witch means less people playing, even if it’s just a few. I would really like that to change for even just one or two of them. The last thing is that I love that when something breaks or gets throw away it comes right back so u don’t loose anything, but I would like if the people could actually eat the food because I keep throwing it away because they won’t eat it. Also I can’t even poor the smoothie into cups so pls fix. Pls try to put in some updates! Thx so much love ur games!

AshleyNuggets, Nov 15, 2020
This is a good game!

I really like my town doll house, the house is really cute, I like how there is the main family but there are 2 other families too! And the 2 other families can come over for sleepovers and play dates! I also like how because my town hospital costs money they have doctor outfits, so if someone get sick or injured, they can become doctors!I do have one complaint about my town doll house, I think because there are 2 babies, in the parents room they should have 2 cribs! I think that not all the not all of the my town games should cost money, because I think it is stupid to buy a bunch of games when you are probably going to delete them someday because when you buy a game you get tired of it and then you want to buy a different one, and then you are gonna regret wasting a bunch of money, when you could have used it on something else! The only my town games that are free, are My Town Discovery, and My Town doll house, so I think you should make more games free. I really like My Town Doll house and I would recommend this game to anyone!

bmorrison8208, Jul 06, 2020
So much fun but..

This game so much fun you can do role-plays you can have fun there’s no real people in it so you can just drag play it’s like a doll house basically which it is supposed to be but I digital one. I think it’s really cool that some of the most of the characters you don’t have to pay for and they just have an ad I think. like a lot of stuff could use that because you can get money by advertising that stuff and we don’t even have to pay. I think it’s an amazing app and it has a good future. It’s an awesome app. Actually I’ve been playing it for a while now over three years and it’s so much fun and it’s a very safe app. It has a Privacy policy, I think any age could play this game it’s so much fun you can just spend hours just playing on it and it’s not like Tik Tok like how people just obsessed with scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and it makes you forget your every day life on this one you scroll, you play you have fun I don’t think I have any problem with this app but I wish every character had ads at least just so I could still play with them but it’s a really good as I highly recommend it you should get it and it’s free. Most of them are free some of them like the richer ones they have this thing on the App Store were there making some of them free and some of them you have to buy I totally recommend and thatis just so you know…..

Boombox28, Apr 25, 2023
Well I like it but few things

Well when you sit down your hand goes up and you can’t change it to go down I really don’t like that because what if something scary and like you like why am I laughing to this soo technically I want you to change that but you can’t you don’t have to change it like when the mom or daughter puts makeup on soo yea those are the problems wait there’s one problem that I really don’t like well when you want Pour a glass of water or lemonade you have to wait and you have to do it at a certain time because or else it won’t pour and I don’t like it because like literally it’s so hard that’s not how you do it in real life so yeah can you please fix that and yeah so those really are all the problems that I don’t like but also I really don’t like how when you get another pet and then you can’t put it into the dog cage thing whatever it’s called a friend yeah so that’s the problem is that I really really really really really really really don’t like can u do that for me plz :( it will make this sad face happy again PLZZZZ. Also UPDATE MEEEEEEE. Btw I love how u can put makeup on people:)

carmle cat lover, Jul 23, 2021
It’s ok

This game is awesome I love how you guys made it Christmas theme. One thing I don’t like about your guys games is that on the airport one, whenever you try to take something out of a suitcase it just falls!!!! What is the point of putting it in the suitcase then!?!?! So I hope you fix that mess up in the app! Another thing is, why do you make your apps for money!?!! It’s so dumb. I may be the only one thinking that but i don’t care. I love playing my town but I never can because I’m not aloud to but stuff. So change it so we can all play the games instead of paying our money to play a game for only a few min or even hours. Kids love your games so make it so they can actually play them!!!!!!! Last thing is that, on the My Town Home when you click the navigation thing on the bottom corner you have to pay to go to the places hence my thing about the apps costing money. Change so kids will actually want to play the games. Bc it’s rlly dumb. So hope you change it. Thanks for making the other parts of the game tho. It’s a great game but I can only play the My Town Home one😭😭. So hope you read this and make the changes everyone hopefully wants.

dhdbdhjd, Dec 31, 2020

I love the games alot but i have some suggestions and problems. First i lobe that u dont need wifi to play and it's creative and fun to play for a wide variety of ages. I am 10 and still like these games! But one problem I have is they glitch out on me really easily, I want to play but get disapointed when it kicks me to my home screen😠 this frustrates me because I have ideas for what to play with the characters. I would love if u make it so the things u do stay when u leave and come back . I think tat you should make a My Town home shooled because , i know there are schools and daycare,but, it would still be fun. You could also update so in games there are more characters like in hospial and street fun ect. I also think you should make all games free because then I would own all of them and to save space i could delete and redownload without feeling bad about spending money to then delete. Also another game idea is my town sports. Or you could make my town pool. I also would like you to make it so if you want you could have the characters have things from other games like if I buy something you can bring it to other games! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE AND FIX AND ADD I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!!💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Your number one fan -me

Lol surprise, Jul 26, 2018
My town is amazing but

So I’m a very happy customer I literally bought every single game and their all amazing for the most part just a few things here and there but overall great I LOVE the new update to the house and stuff but I used a lot of money to buy all the games and now they make you pay for all the clothes and characters which I absolutely hate I understand that this game is free but I loved it a lot more when everything was free and they also changed it because before let’s say some of the other characters from the my town beach I would be able to use them in every game not just the beach one and they changed that so now I just have the boring characters so please change it back and also every time I go 8nto a new room I get an ad I also understand they need to make money but like u switch rooms a lot so it really bothers me how I have to watch a 15-30 second unskippable ad every time I walk into or leave a room

momma queen b, Aug 27, 2021

(Btw, i just updated it and it's now June, but sadly it still doesn't open! It's not the creators fault, I just think hat the game needs a little bit more.) First, when I got this game it was really fun! But now, whenever I try and open the app, it just goes back onto my iPad home screen. I am pretty young, so you know that I play games on my iPad a lot. Also, It only stays "open" for about half a second and that is really disappointing. I just hope that the editors read this. This was one of my favorite games but now, it's not made it up to the top of the list of favourite games. This also started a little before the Christmas update with the new icon and the Christmas decor, so I never got to take a look at all the cool Christmas stuff and decor. I just had to play my other games. I own the beach, mall, friends house, grandpas house, and a few others, so you know I really like this game.I just wanna say that whoever made this game should get it an update so the glitch to stop so I can play it. Overall, I really like it! It's really fun, except that I can't play it. So, it's really good! ( also it is now almost June 15th,and I've still been waiting for AN update but my mom made a password to update the game but I really hope I remember to ask her!! Although, it has been a longer time before it glitches back to my home screen!)

My Town lover!, Jun 15, 2021
All of it used to be free I’m so mad at my town Creators

Hi I am a 10-year-old don’t judge me I love this game but here’s the thing the Christmas update came and I’m just like yay so then I’m just like cool cool so then I went to the girls closet to see if there’s any Christmas options for outfits you know so I went there and a lot of the things said add and it had the lock I am so mad why why you guys are sick and nasty people I mean a kid just wants to have fun and you’re taking money from the parents to download the silly game don’t get me wrong I love this game but the parents might delete it because the kid is too old or something like that it’s kind of a waste of money. And my best guest from all of your nasty decisions is that all the characters are not free besides the main ones I hope you’re happy I am so mad I hope you guys are happy because you’re making everyone struggle I love this game but I am deleting it now everything is free I would rather have ads pop up than this by from Narwhal 31Also can you check out my review on my town world of games I have something to say in a huge problem thanks I’m so mad at you guys I hope you’re happy still

narwhal 31, Dec 22, 2020


Welcome to My Town Home – a fun dollhouse game for kids! Visit a big house where girls and boys can create their own family life stories and enjoy in fun role-play games all day! Explore all 6 rooms in this Dream House and play fun family games the way you like!

My Town Home Family Dollhouse game offers great animations and many characters to play with! MY TOWN HOME GAME – EXPLORE A BIG PLAYHOUSE AND HAVE FUN Parents, do you remember growing up, playing family games with your dolls in their tiny dollhouses? It is so fun when you can create your own stories about those dolls’ life and role play as a mom, dad, or as any other character! My Town Family game for girls and boys is available NOW! Your little ones can play with virtual doll all day in this family dollhouse games and create their own game rules! Let them make their game rules and enjoy having fun in this dollhouse like you did when you were a kid! MY TOWN HAS FUN FAMILY GAMES FOR KIDS Let’s explore My Town Home! Check all rooms, visit a kitchen and prepare your favorite meal! Or what about taking a shower in the bathroom after you had a lot of fun in the garden? Enjoy in the living room with mom, dad, and friends! Fun is everywhere! Brush your teeth, play with toys in your room or go outside and swing or slide in the playground! This is an amazing dollhouse where kids can play some fun doll games as much as they like! All My Town games foster kids' creativity and imagination! MY TOWN HOME FEATURES: - 6 rooms in this Home Dollhouse to explore: Living room, kitchen, garden, and more - Meet My Towny Home family: mom, a dad & 6 kids, friends, pets - Create your own role-play stories - 100+ Items available to move around - Play dress up games for kids and customize characters your way - My Town FREE game for all kids - Enjoy My Town Home game and create your own doll story! MY TOWN FAMILY HOME GAME FOR GIRLS AND BOYS My Town Home Family game for girls and boys is made for kids to be creative and to use their imagination without game rules! Meet fun family characters (mom, dad, kids) and create your own game! Manage house life and create unique family life stories in your new home! MY TOWN – START NEW ADVENTURE Unique adventures await you in MY TOWN HOME dollhouse game for kids. Kids can choose different characters while playing family games - play as a mom, dad, or a child, it’s up to them to choose a favorite character. Enjoy the family game adventures all day long! My Town Home Family Dollhouse game fosters kids creativity allowing them to play fun family games the way they like! FUN DOLL HOUSE GAMES You can easily interact with the environment as you can move items and characters seamlessly between them. Playing My Town Home Doll House Game, kids can create their own virtual family life stories and set their game rules! Start an adventure and choose a different character to make your game story. It’s up to you how the game will go - enjoy family game adventures all day long! RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP For kids 4-12. My Town Family games are safe to play even when parents are not at home ABOUT MY TOWN GAMES STUDIO The My Town Games studio designs digital dollhouse games that promote creativity and open-ended play for all kids in the world. My Town games introduce experiences for hours of imaginative play. Terms of Use: https://www.my-town.com/EULA Customer Support contact: [email protected] Get privacy-related information at https://www.my-town.com/privacy-policy/

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