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User Reviews for My Lisp


I’m in love with this app. The experience of reading the lambda white paper and being able to work through it myself ON MY iPHONE is phenomenal. To any philosophers-in-training out there who are studying “quantitative reasoning,” buy this app now and you can stop asking “what will I use symbolic logic for.” It’s like giving Plato a graphing calculator. Plato’s updated slogan may as well be “let no one know enter philosophy who does not know Lisp.”

1tracksystem, Jan 13, 2019
Undefined functions

It’s wast of money since most of functions in Autolisp language is not defined in library of this app . For example setq Getint getpoint and so on . Idk how should i use this app considering this point .Reply to developer : Could you tell me where i would be able to find list of functions in this program ( in order to find equivalent ones to Aulolisp)

bm_mehran, May 20, 2019
Get it, use it, you won’t regret it

Has parens matching now. Keeps getting better and better.

DarkRadon, Jul 19, 2020
Simply Awesome

This app is awesome. It’s simple, minimal and easy to use if you know the lisp language. I wish it had graphics capability for games, artwork and charting, sound/ audio capabilities and some interactive capability for screen touch and screen orientation like Pythonista and Codea provide. And access to system functions like the date and time and filesystem.I wish it had a prolog interpreter with lisp source available and an external repository of lisp code like rosettacode.org

jedishrfu, Nov 01, 2018
Great app. Missing parentheses matching.

A well implemented app with files app integration and a syntax highlighting editor. If only the app had parentheses matching, this app would rock as hell. Love it, none the less.

Kaysov, Sep 08, 2019

This app is useless. Most functions from common lisp say ‘undefined function’. There isn’t even an array function. Basic functions such as defun are missing. Is there a way to get them in there, and if so how to define them? We don’t know because the ‘help’ tab is also useless.

Lidia Monroe, Sep 10, 2020
Very nice iOS implementation

Nice lisp interpreter I’m on iOS. It’s fast and extensible. Includes a number of examples. Nice editor and other tools included. Can’t beat the price.

W_H, Feb 17, 2022


My Lisp is a complete Lisp environment running directly on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This interpreter is true to the original John McCarthy Lisp implementation with the fundamental 7 operators quote, atom, eq, car, cdr, cons, cond, along with lambda and label. My Lisp also contains core and mathematical operators borrowed from other Lisp dialects (Le Lisp, Lisp 1.5, MacLisp, Common Lisp and Scheme to name a few) to make it easy to learn, program, and most importantly, enjoy Lisp.

It also features built-in functions for advanced mathematics, including complex numbers and numerical analysis (roots and zeros finder, integral approximation). The complete description of the fundamental, core, and built-in functions is available using a set of library functions completely written in My Lisp. My Lisp offers an interpreter and an editor, all working on the iPhone and iPad, and most importantly, without requiring any server connection, that is, the interpreter is executing locally on the iPhone or iPad My Lisp is installed on. Library and example files contain the source code of classical functions and problems solved by My Lisp and may be used as reference to learn Lisp and develop other programs. They include classical puzzles (hanoi and n-queens), basic mathematical functions (gcd, lcm, factorial, fibonacci, prime?), and the historical apply, mapcar and maplist functions. The Lambda Calculus example file contains various functions related to Lambda Calculus and Combinators, with alpha-conversion, beta-reduction, de Bruijn notations, etc. As a special note, the example file Symbolic Derivation contains a complete yet extensible symbolic derivation module allowing to compute the formal derivation of virtually any symbolic function expressed as a Lisp expression. A user manual and a reference manual are available from within the application but also on My Lisp web site (https://lisp.lsrodier.net) and in Apple Books. The complete source code of the library and example files is part of My Lisp. Last but not least, this overview couldn’t end without a sample definition of the notorious REPL function: (define (REPL eval_me) (REPL (println (eval (read)))))

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