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Miga Town: My World

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Miga Town: My World

  • Education
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User Reviews for Miga Town: My World

Copycated....but not so bad.

I've put my opinion in lots of your games, and usually it's always negative. I know that a lot of people have the same opinion, but it doesn't seem like you guys get the message. Whatever. That's not what I'm here for. I'm here to tell you that EVERYONE knows you guys are copycats of Toca Life. Although I'm not exactly defending them (I've learned that they aren't do great either, ignore my name) I've discovered that in Toca life:town that you guys copied the little picnic area in Miga worlds new park. Also, in the diner, the diner copies the kitchen in the restaurant in toca life: town. Your weird character with the cat hat copies zeke, and on top of that, Miga pets is a COMPLETE copy of toca life: pets. Well, no. Let me rephrase that. Miga pets is the strange version. You have some original ideas, my personal favorite being Miga games and tv shows, which is great. Good for you. But there are so many other things that you have that copy toca life. So many! The police station, the bank...where to begin? But honestly, you're games are fun to play during your spare time, whether or not it's copycated. So a four star review to you, for trying! Good job! 😄

😄The toca life kid, Dec 22, 2020
More locations!!!

Hi!! First of all, I absolutely love this game! It’s so fun and I love all of the locations that I have (which is all except two). There are a couple of things I would add though. First of all, more free locations! I’ve spent so much money in this game, and I’d love another free location. Secondly, a pool or a beach of some kind. I love the pool in the townhome and in the hotel, but another one would be nice. Also, I like the beach party thing, but I wish there could be a beach where there’s sand and you can make sandcastles. Thirdly, a school. There’s already a college, but more classes would be nice, or a kids school. Fourthly, more makeup places! I love the makeup there already is in the game, but I wish there were more make up stores, and it would be cool to have nicer eyeliner. Finally, one gift per day. In some games I play, you get a free gift every day. For example, if you play miga one day, you could go to some place and get a free gift! Maybe a phone, or a chair, or something. Or maybe even an outfit! That would be so cool! I’d probably pay for this place as well. Overall, this game is AMAZING. But, I hope you implement my suggestions! Thank you so much!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Abacado🥑🥑🥑🥑, Mar 14, 2023
Pleas read🫠

Ok so I love this game but like pleas but pleas just make everything free bro we like never get any free stuff and when you first gat the game it’s like you like see everything like almost everything is like blocked and you have to pay for it and it’s like annoying cause what’s the point of having a game if like you have to pay for everything and your parents won’t like buy it bro like it’s not that hard to make everything free 🤔or is it? Well I have no idea 🤷‍♀️ but anyways what I am trying to say is that why the heack would there be a game with like no free stuff so PLEAS BUT PLEAS make free stuff bro it’s not that hard ok 😳😀 but I’m not like trying to hate on y’all or anything but like pleas just make it free bro 😎 and sometimes people who make the game are like sure or fine or okay but it’s like 2 years later nothin changes like bruh! I asked for that and it did not happen bro so ok 😀 idk what to tell y’all cause if someone rites a review it’s like ok sure and then nothing happens so pleas make everything for free cause it’s not that fair like not everyone in this world has So MuCh MoNeY 💴 ok so pleas guys be nice and pleas make my review come true anyways: thank you for reading I appreciate that have a good day or good night ✌️😊🙏👍

bruh_2873733, May 30, 2023
Such a fun game bad rep

This is such a fun game love it. I think this game is so fun and offers lots of potential for story telling. I also really love the art style. I understand that a lot of people don’t want to spend money or don’t have the money but for a game with no adds and great functionality it won’t just be free (though I think the prices are pretty affordable). I also think you get a pretty good selection of stuff in the bass game and it keeps you occupied for quite a while. If you are a person who can only spend a little money I would say get the vacation world. It adds a lot of new opportunities and creative story telling. I do have a few suggestions though if you are still taking them. I think it would be really cool if you could make your own characters from scratch so you wouldn’t run out of characters. I also think it would be cool if you made things like beds and the kitchen item movable. This would be good because then you wouldn’t have to go scrounging around for all sorts of stuff to put in the empty apartment you could just move things. I think this game does not get enough support good job developers thank you so much!

cozykoala67%, Jan 26, 2023

I’ve been playing Miga world for a while and honestly i prefer the characters and stuff in miga world. you can change shirts and pants AND shoes at different times and don’t have to just change the whole outfit and deal with parts of it you don’t like for parts of it you do like Toca world. i’ve bought every location so far available in Miga world, and im here to request some new ones😂some of my favorite things about Toca world are some of the locations, and i think incorporating more of those locations in your game would be an amazing idea. like a pool area to be able to swim, or customizable houses and packs of furniture for them. Another thing i would LOVE to see is more stuff for babies and pregnant women in Miga world. maybe make a maternity store where there's a bunch more clothing options for pregnant people, cause right now you only have 3 outfits and they’re all kinda ugly. And actual baby cribs instead of having to use a stroller for them to sleep (or that chair thing from the treehouse). Please PLEASE take some of my suggestions. I would play this game WAY MORE with those things added. and i already play a lot. plus, i’ll buy em😁

EllieDii, Sep 05, 2021
Why this like why

I flat out don’t like this game. The reason is because YOU. ARE. MAKING. US. PAY. FOR. EVERYTHING. It only gives us one room and that is it. Everything else costs money. You have to understand some of us can not afford these kind of things. Compared to Toce Boca, I think the creators in toca boca did a better job. I mean I appreciate the game being free but you get money when people download the game. On top of that there is things that actually cost money. Toca Boca makes the game cost money but everything in it is F R E E! FREE! In toca world I understand why they make places that cost money. The characters in the game freak me out. In toca Boca on the other hand, makes the there characters look non creepy. That is why I love toca boca. Don’t you understand? Some of us can’t pay for this.Some advice: make the prices I little bit lower about 1-2 dollars not 3-5 dollars then your game won’t be downloaded. I asked my dad if I could get it but now I have to wait until Friday to get it because the price is SO high. He let me get toca boca because the price wasn’t as high as yours. Also in Miga animals whatever it is called, if you think that a horse looks like that think again. Why is so, you know chubby? Fix that also.Thanks for reading!❤️

Fun Knowleadge, May 13, 2020
I love it

I love this game so much you could explore you can explore and like I don’t want to these games like on Miga World I don’t know if they gonna sing game or not but I really made my own avatars it is so fun you can make them look just like you are not a person I mean like there’s nothing wrong about it I love it this is the best game in the world pretty much but I can’t like it’s not like the best game in the world I guess but it’s a really good game it’s a good game for kids!!!But I still do like Toca Boca more I mean like it’s way more better for kids because like even though somethings cost money and there’s a whole bunch of different world come out so like you can get some of them for absolutely just Lee that cost money but I still do like Toca Boca more I mean like it’s way more better for kids because like even though somethings cost money and there’s a whole bunch of different world come out so like you can get some of them for absolutely just free that cost money on another device or something like Toca Boca I like more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kash'y, Feb 16, 2023
“Toca Boca copycat”

I’ll start this off by saying I’m a fan of Toca Boca. I’m also a fan of Miga World. All lot of people in the reviews keep calling Miga a “copycat” when there are MANY dollhouse/location based games and have been for a while. The only real similarities I see are kind of similar art style, but all the locations are done different. Literally. ALL of them are differently themed or just one doesn’t have it and the other does. Both games are expensive(spent well over $50 collecting all the locations in Toca probably done the same with Miga) game developers need money nothing new. I personally prefer the way foods are packaged and the way drinks slowly fill and slowly drain. I also like how cameras are portable and you’re able to take pictures of specific things and specific places. Miga also has a much better arrangement of clothing.All in all I don’t think Miga is a “bootleg” “ripoff” or “copycat” even because it’s well done and genuinely different in the way you can operate with items. Only thing I wish Miga had was more pets or a pet shop.

LazyOrangeCat, Mar 13, 2021
Fun things and a comment

Ok so i love miga stood l love games like this were their is little humans and you can go to different places but I wanna play more in more places cause most of the world cost money I really would like if they take of the prices of some places so I could explore most of the world but I really like toca boca better because you act lot can go to shops and you can build your own characters and I also like my town it’s really fun although that is the same game like this one it has to cost 20 bucks for all the places and I would really like to go to school in my town but I really like this game so I would like if most of the world is free and they only give you 3 places to go I really hope they fix that because I don’t wanna leave this game and I love pretending like they go on a trip to a town vals toca boca because there is a bigger stood there than miga wrold

lolalala1234589, Dec 28, 2020

I think this game is really good I would like though if it could have more like free things another like a lot a lot to ask but and if it could be more characters I feel like every time I need some characters it’s always the same characters I would like there to be more characters so developers if you could do thatIt would be really appreciated but I really I love this game it’s super fun I have Toca Boca and this game and they both really good but I kind of am very happy like I I like to do because graphics more but I got to change shoes shirts and pants at the same time and make a world I think that’s really good and I really like this game and if you guys could just add more characters and maybe some more free things cause I feel like I only because in a lot of these games there is a place where you can have a free house and I haven’t yet to seen that so if you could do that but if you can’t it’s totally totally fine but if you could. And all this game is amazing like super fun loving it and everything 🤗🤗🤗

lovely bugg👍, Jul 31, 2022


Look for hidden treasures, change your face from tens of billions of face elements, and try dress combinations as you wish! This time, we have prepared a number of collections, including everything you may want! ========================================== To explore new cities is the beginning of creating your own world. =================Latest plan================= At least 70 locations, 140 characters, 150 pets, 700 sets of clothes and more accessories will be launched; the game will be updated every month, or launched more locations, so that you can create your own world! Fully customized clothes, hairstyles and magic makeup allow you to customize your true self and create a story that belongs to you!

There are no rules and no scores in the game. Apartment: You can come home anytime and invite a large group of good friends to dinner or a party. Restaurant: Located at loft downstairs, the hidden chef can cook a variety of delicious foods. Convenience Store: A 7*24 store, with a large number of goods to meet any needs of your daily life. Toolroom: When you clean up your space, you can store your precious things in it! --Give full play to children’s creativity --Tens of billions of customized modes --No third-party advertising --No time limit or score ranking list contact us:[email protected]

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