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LoveCalc - The Love Calculator

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LoveCalc - The Love Calculator

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User Reviews for LoveCalc - The Love Calculator

Good ending

I watched an old Drew Gooden video about this app and in it there was a very depress story about a man named Andrew M. and how he wasn’t compatible with his crush, Sarah C.. it was so depressing that even I considered scuicide. However I downloaded this app an typed in Andrew M. and Sarah C. and I’m happy to report they have a 98% compatibility so everyone can sleep peacefully. Of course it’s been like 12 years since Andrew wrote his review but I’m absolutely positive that he has ended up with Sarah. Ok bye.

DaBoss9326, Jun 03, 2022

Hey I’m just so you can go on a walk and then it will be nice if I could do that this evening and then it will be over for you and then I can do that this week if I need you I will just go ahead with me if I need you I will call me back when I can get it off the phone I have a few questions thanks thanks for letting me know thank me thank love for the happy new day thank love love thank love for the rest of the week thank love love for the rest of the week thank love you thank love love for the love you guys love love for the kids thanks for letting me know I have to get a love you love for me and you know what the rest of the day I will love love for the kids and love love for the rest of the week thank love.

DrAY122, Sep 06, 2021

Ok ok bye sys is a new day for me you know I don’t have any more to do you like I just got a new phone I wanna is a new phone number I can get you in a little while I’m sorry but I’m going on my ps4 I wanna is a time for you I want ya back in my life and I’m sorry you don’t know how I feel about it but I’m not going on the beach or not till I wanna was the night you were doing a little thing to me I just got a new one I got a little thing going on my phone and I’m sorry I’m not on my way I just got home it is a little bit but I just wanna I got it I got a new phone I got a little thing for my mom I wanna is a new day and I’m sorry to say I don’t have a good time to do it I wanna I don’t have a good time to do it I just got a new one I got a new one but I’m not sure I can do be there at least one I got to do be there I don’t have any money for you to come over for me I don’t have a good night

get appppppo, Aug 27, 2020
Very sad

I put my crushes name thinking it would make us compatible but no I got 15% I’m so sad sometimes I jack off but Honestly I don't want to be horny. I barely feel anything when I jack off, the only reason I still do it is to feel something. I don't want to jack off, I want to be loved. I want someone to care about me and to treasure me, I want someone that I can give everything to, someone I can spend the rest of my life with. I just want to be happy.

Kamikaze_Tomo, Aug 04, 2020
Even with the lowest of expectations, I was still disappointed

I watched an old Drew Gooden video where he was crapping on this app and I decided to download it. It gave me some nostalgia from when I was 11 and thought it would really determine if my crush liked me. I knew it would be bad, and I was still disappointed because it gave every couple a 0% compatibility. At first I wasn’t surprised, I thought it was kind of funny that my recently divorced parents got a 0%, but then the number didn’t move the more couples I put in. Oh well, at least it’s free!

Lulu Stevens, May 12, 2019
Best App Ever

oh i am sorry that you have had to a little while ago and you know what you did with the university i and you did not want you know that i was doing it is so hard for me to get a job done and i and you don’t know how about it and you don’t know how about it i you don’t have a good day to you talk about you and you know i. oh i and i just came home from school and she didn’t have any big time for the day so.y... and you know i and i will have never been this way i can i and i. oh i i and you don’t know what to say i and i just ignore it because you know what i am going on the university and you don’t have a good day to you say hi to me you know i is not working

MagicKittyZoo, Apr 08, 2021
How I found out my wife is cheating on me

I thought it would be funny to download this app and test it with my wife. I downloaded it and tested out names to only get 20%. We both laughed it off and continued with our day. I wake up in the middle of the night to see her using her name with the name “David” she took a screenshot and sent it to him. I pretended to be asleep while I watched her flirt with him and talk about meeting up. She also kept talking bad about me and I realized that I was getting cheated on. Worst app ever.

mini nanua, Jan 26, 2021
How I Got My Divorce

So it was a normal day so My Wife(we’re not married anymore, and her name is Nicole)and me were hanging out with the dog when I was browsing the App Store. Her eyes went to the “Love Calculator” and so we did it I put my name in first then she did hers, but when it calculated it we got a 19% compatibility. After that she packed her bags and filed for divorce, I was so sad and broken that my wife left me because of some app, but in the end I’m feeling better and I hope you all can learn from this story.

Mrsquidles, May 16, 2019
I don’t even know

Obviously this app is fake. If you bought this app thinking it would actually work or give you any real info, please get help. I’m giving it 5 stars cause it was fun to put random names in and see what it would say.

paige_ellen01, Jun 15, 2018
Totally 100% Real and Accurate

Me and my girlfriend were having SERIOUS issues. For the last week, she said she was “sick” and I didn’t believe her. So when I confronted her about it, she said “maybe we should break up then!” And I said “WAIT...the LoveCalc!” So I downloaded the app (MAJOR shoutout to Drew Gooden. Thanks bro) and we typed in our two names. AND WE GOT 100% COMPATIBILITY!! Thanks LoveCalc! All issues resolved and now whenever we have a fight I will pull up the screenshot of our result and all will be okay! Totally worth the download. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(Pro tip: use first AND last names)

Seabass_24601, Jun 20, 2019


Ever wonder if you're compatible with that person sitting across from you in Math Class? How about your new boyfriend/girlfriend? Well stop wondering and calculate it with this FREE Love Calculator and within seconds you will have your answer. **NEW** Full support for the new retina displays.