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Let's create! Pottery HD

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Let's create! Pottery HD

  • Entertainment
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User Reviews for Let's create! Pottery HD

Waste of money

I thought this was going to be super fun and I was a little hesitant to spend money on an app, but I thought it must be worth it. It wasn’t! There was so little to do and it wasn’t even fun. I ended up deleting it after 20 minutes of trying to see if I was forgetting something or doing it wrong. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It wasn’t advertised good either and I thought it would be different then it actually was and I’m still confused why it costed money when I could get a free art/pottery app that is better. Long story short don’t spend money on it, I’m just trying to save you 5 dollars. It isn’t exactly just a for fun art app either, I think there was some why to purchase or sell your (awful/simple) creations but idk if it was real or not and like I said it was just confusing and not what I thought it would be.

🌀🌀🌀🌀🐶🐶🐶🐶🍂🍃, Jun 28, 2018
To the users

To the users because those who run this app do not listen or care what the users want. This app is fun and you will waste a lot of time using it. But after a while it does get boring and using the same patterns over and over for a very long time, well thats why even the best potters stop using it. I never could figure why there can’t be so many different designs that you could never hope to use every one of them but it never happens. I stopped potting 3yrs ago and nothings changed. No new designs. I played for quite a while and there was one time they gave us new designs and then it was only a few. Also voting. If you get this app vote for pots you like, not for the person. There were other gripes but not so bad and ive forgotten what they were.

Awesomeawsome, Mar 23, 2018
So much fun and addicting! Just a couple changes would make it better.

I started playing this game not too long ago and immediately I was addicted! This is so peaceful yet so fun to play. A couple things I wish though that would make this a lot better I think would be if you could just choose a section of a piece of pottery to color or to add a brush instead of having what you choose go all the way around the pot. Also if you could have it to where if you put the hole ornament into the pot then your brushes don’t go into the hole. Because most of them make it look bad if it goes through the whole. But yeah amazing game though and I can’t wait to see what you do with it in the future!

erdocpilot, Mar 24, 2019
Creative Idle Time

We all have time in our days that allow for some creativity to flourish. “Pottery” allows for just that. It does not take a lot of time to throw some clay onto a pottery wheel and let our imaginations take over.This app is good for something other than looking for hidden objects, FPS, crossword puzzles, car races, etc., it’s just plain fun to have another avenue to vent frustrations or enjoy something that doesn’t cause your blood pressure to rise because you couldn’t be in first place.I would recommend this app for its simplicity and ability to be creative. Add music from your library and you are transported to your personal pottery class. This is far less expensive than many other apps out there but its simplicity is where it rises above the rest.

Goldenmom, Mar 08, 2019
Thank You, Thank You

I’m back using this app after a long hiatus. It pained me to both stop using this app and recommending it as well. Why would I do that? Because when updating my second generation iPad with a forth, after two years of use, I lost all of my premium purchases and literally everything I had acquired even though I have always maintained the same Apple account. When I gotmy iPad Pro, two years ago, I pulled this app out of the iCloud and still none of my premium purchases. However, someone at IDream finally listened and one day, a couple of months ago, after almost 6 years of disappointment, my long lost items reappeared and this little old lady and potter, is happy once again. Thanks for your help and this very special app. 👍

IamGreemy, Jan 28, 2019
Good good

All right, I will start with good stuff. I love this game!! It is very addictive, and fun! Express creativity, and you can play it whenever, because it saves the design from when you last played! Great price for great game!But, when you buy the ‘not lite’ game, then you expect to have a better game experience, right? You don’t have to buy thing with real money, because you payed for the game with money, right? WRONG! They recently added a bunch of packages with different designs. WHY? Why can’t the people who didn’t use their money to by the lite version have to deal with that? We payed or hard earned money to get the full version, just to pay some amount of money to get these certain designs? Unfair. But, alas, don’t let that ruin your purchase, because you still have a nice amount of designs anyway. Fix that, for me?

jadenvitt2317, Jun 16, 2018
Price of motivation

Your most recent update doesn’t not include any new brushes, materials, ornaments, colors or concepts, but it’s bursting with audacity from your plea for reviews... apparently those are what keeps you motivated. Not the $4.99 price tag that most people have to pay to play, but the reviews... so here goes.I love your app and the concept, especially the fact that there’s a portal to a community of players that are truly awesome; to be honest, the friends I’ve made since I first started using the app are worth more than anything your app could offer, which is why I decided to give you two stars instead of one. That being said, your portal is lagging as bad as the app is in updates; how long has it been since you had a contest? Why don’t you try another way to vote that doesn’t promote reciprocal voting; starting at midnight all pots submitted could remain anonymous for a 24 hour period.I guarantee that, if people can’t leave a comment saying that they voted, it’ll be a huge difference.As for the app itself,

Kermiegrl, Jan 20, 2018
this is the best

Even if you are the most inept pottery person in real life, this virtual pottery program will make you an expert potter in no time. I would like to suggest two improvements, however. First, I would really love a way of storing favorite shapes once they have been “fired” so I do not have to try recreating them if I want to try a different decoration scheme. Second, there has to be a better way of finding my pot in the zillions that are posted because I’d like to see if/how many people liked it. Trying to find one in the zillions is time consuming and frustrating. Their than those two items, I love this app even with its limitations regarding blending and lack of vertical coloring ability.

KLCW, Nov 19, 2017
Great stress relief

I was skeptical at first, I got the lite app to try it out, I found myself buying the upgrade quickly. I love the realistic look, especially right after firing the clay, no marks or cracks in the sculpture ever look the same, there is so many cool patterns you can make even using the same brushes and slightly overlapping them to change the look! The only thing I wish you would do is make the shaping a little more intricate so I can make smaller and more indentures in the sides to make more interesting pieces! But anyway, great job on making a cool time passer!

shrunkenhead69, Jul 22, 2018
I absolutely love this app...but could you....

I found your app and I am in high heaven playing with it. Love the auction etc. play everyday for a few hours or more. Have a couple questions for you. 1. Created is there a way wecan get more colors? Looking for like pastels, golds, silvers, bronze and copper color. Be nice if a color pallet could be purchased or earned within the game OR offer a way to pay like .99 cents for additional pallets and brushes. It would be great some. 2. Where is this personal gallery I keep seeing info for. I see the gallery for sharing with others but I’d love to see my post images I have sold. Can’t find the personal gallery you talk about.3. Where do I find the iPad version of the app. Only see the app for iPhone which parks on iPad but want iPad version Too. You have really put a lot of thought and energy into this game. I REALLY appreciate that you don’t have a subscription I have to play. I look for apps that do NOT a make the app a subscription. I am tired of these subscription apps and so very pleased this one is not a subscription. Thx for making it affordable too with a one time purchase price. However I’d be willing to fork out another $3 or $5 dollars to get more colors and Brushes. Even a carving tool would be so cool. Hope to hear from you abiut my questions and thanks for the fun!!Leah 🦴🐕💗😇❤️🥳😎☝️💫😍🤩😎🤣😘

Sillicacher, Nov 10, 2019


"A must have app to help you relax." - Robin Rhys, AppAdvice Daily "Totally worth a look. The entire game is a very unique experience." - Touch Arcade "Worth picking up for something different that is plenty engaging and time well spent." - AppAdvice "Visually, the game’s 3D presentation is stunning" - Gamezebo Free your creativity! Making ceramics has never been more simple and fun!

Become a true artist and create "one of a kind" pottery items. Throw the clay on the wheel, release all your artistic talents and take benefit of dozens of materials available in order to create your own design! Even when you glaze and fire your very first pot you will feel accomplished and relaxed as pottery is the best way to relieve your everyday stress and find your inner peace. An amazing, therapeutic and uplifting experience you can enjoy with your family and friends! Join the Pottery Community Finish all quests, build your own palette of colors and brushes and let your creativity flow freely. Then bigger challenges are waiting for you on the LCP Portal (www.potterygame.com) where you can post your first pot and join the amazing community of potters. Climb in the rankings, compete with talented LCP artist and share your own creations to surprise your friends. Convert pots into real things! Now you can imagine, create and then 3D print your own pot and order it straight from the app! Convert virtual pots into real objects which can be displayed on a shelf or be given to family or friends. Videos worth a watch Official game trailer - http://youtu.be/53t0sG03UUo Gameplay trailer - http://youtu.be/4Myr4kw8QMM

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