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Kuber - Kubernetes Dashboard

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Kuber - Kubernetes Dashboard

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User Reviews for Kuber - Kubernetes Dashboard


What’s there, primary resource types, works well! I need to monitor CRDs though and can’t access these. Hoping to see in a future update.

-Athos-, Jun 26, 2020
Very impressive

I am very happy with the clear layout and ease of use. Very powerful

andrewhharmon, Nov 26, 2019
Great support

I had some issues connecting to my cluster so I emailed support. I got an immediate reply that helped me solve my issue. And now that I actually connected my clusters and got to use the app, I gotta say this is one of the best mobile kubernetes dashboards out there

Edgrr000111, Dec 05, 2020
Feature request - manual namespace designation?

I really appreciate this wonderful tool. Lots of potentials. One suggestion I have is around the ability to manually type in the target namespaces you want to monitor. I am using a multitenent OpenShift cluster as a user where I don't have access to "list" the namespaces. This app isn't able to fetch the namespaces in that case so gets slapped constantly by trying to read the forbidden "default" namespace. Super nice for my own clusters, but didn't work on the multitenant cluster scenario.

fahol77, Jun 26, 2021
What an amazing app

Not only is the developer very responsive to question but this app is amazing.I can reach cluster while on the go and administer.Very well thought out design. Very please and would spend double the cost.

jequals5, Jul 14, 2019
Doesn’t work with AWS temporary credentials

We use AWS temporary credentials (session token) for security reason. Was unable to setup/connect to our EKS clusters. If this app would support AWS temporary credentials, I would like to give another try.

john-1-3-5, Jul 22, 2021
Great start!

Very much looking forward to the progress of this app! Still missing: Roles, Storage Classes and Ingress views.

repulsor, Nov 02, 2019

Works flawlessly. I would like to see ingress info added, but that’s the only thing I could think to improve.

samjk14, Mar 04, 2020
Great app, but can’t connect manually to EKS

We use role_arn in the aws config to assume role to access clusters, however there doesn’t seem to be a way to tell Kuber to assume role for the aws Authenticator. Very frustrating to only be able to use some clusters.

thekenner33, Mar 23, 2022
This is so intuitive I want a desktop version too

This is like the best DB clients that you can think of but for kubectl and managing kubernetes clusters. Learning from even some of the options available that kubectl can do! Amazing job guys!Really hope you guys also make a desktop app, this is amazing!

Uehsihans, Oct 22, 2019


Kuber helps you manage Kubernetes clusters easily via your mobile device, making it possible to view the status of clusters and quickly fix issues from the comfort of your couch. Kuber has many features (and there are more to come!): 1. View the status of almost any resources.

e.g. Pods, Deployments, PVs, Jobs, CronJobs, Nodes, Config Maps, Docker containers and so on. 2. Scale deployments (Replica sets/Replication controllers) to accommodate short-term spikes in traffic. 3. Inspect logs of any containers in realtime! 4. Integrate with bash shell to exec commands inside the containers. 4. Edit labels & Annotations via the lovely interface. 5. View / Update almost any resources via YAML. 6. Support managing multiple clusters. 7. Invoke shell commands inside the container. 8. View top nodes & pods (requires metrics server). 9. Supported authentication methods: Certificate, Credentials, Token, AWS IAM Authenticator (EKS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and DigitalOcean. 10. Support Face ID / Touch ID. 11. Support dark mode. Kuber works with Kubernetes >= 1.9 currently. Please talk to us if you want more features!

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