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User Reviews for iSH Shell

I really want to like this app

This is almost everything I want (barring theming) in a terminal app. If it would only work. I can maybe type one or two commands before the app freezes and does not recognize any text input, and I have to close it and re-open it, rendering it almost completely unusable. It's not a one-time thing, either, it happens just about every time I open the app. I recommended this to a friend and he installed it on his iPad Pro and it also happened to him, though more intermittently than me. I just wish this bug could be fixed, because everything else about the app is almost perfect.

💫🔭, Jul 02, 2021
Excellent emulator

This app really helps my iPhone be way more useful by including alpine Linux with all the things it needs and without anything it doesn’t. If you need a simple Linux terminal to do things like run IPMItool or mess around with docker, this is the app for you. Although it is an emulator/virtualization app, it doesn’t feel like anything’s being emulated- it feels like im talking to the native shell of my iPhone. Its simplicity is key-there is no desktop or emulated screen, but that’s actually a positive because the shell is so useable and iPhone friendly. I use this app more than I use my actual computer now whenever I need to use a Linux terminal for system administration! It’s one of the best apps on the iPhone ever! Also I love the no ads!

AndrewBilotti, May 16, 2022
Greatest thing ever for iPad

I have this thing, which many of you will understand. It’s not a /real/ computer until I have command line. Sure, it’s sandboxed...but hey, I can run vi, python and compile helloworld.c on my iPad!It really changed how I use my iPad and I spent time seeing how much of my day I could handle on it and I was surprised to find out that I could do most of it.Do not underestimate what a command line means to some of us.

dreadchicken, Feb 06, 2021
Excellent Port of Alpine Linux

I’ve been around since the project started and have followed the beta til now. The work involved in the creation of this app and the community standing behind it amazing and deserves credit for porting this over to iOS. Many man hours were put in by Theodore himself and others such as the creator UTM and other contributors that have given valuable insight to the community and have pushed the limitations of iSH in order to present a full features Alpine Linux experience right here on your iOS device which is no small feat. This application allows much freedom over file s creation, editing, and even movement of files and folders laterally to other application folders. It’s worth the download even if you just want to place games in the terminal or ssh into your devices. Enjoy! Project Zer0

Google's Project Zero, Nov 27, 2020
A native capability that should have been available from apple

I was finally able to use ipad for remote linux shell access and makes it one step closer fir mac book replacement. It feels little sluggish when adding public keys, but is working. Can not change time zone yet. However it is usable and with apk support makes it very useful. Hopefully other distros will add support as this adds portability. Using this in ipad pro 12.9 second generation.

Ketankothari, Oct 27, 2020
Excellent utility, if slow

Before I get into what I like, I'll mention my main dislikes. The most noticeable is speed: because it's JIT-like, you can tell that the performance is slower than native (for example, taking a few seconds to open an ssh key). Additionally, while many apps that I use (gcc, python, node, to name a few) work, not everything will work out of the box (for example, ip addr doesn't behave).Despite these limitations, I would still give this app 5 stars: it just significantly improves the utility of my device. I mainly use it as an ssh/mosh box, but I can also do some basic programming locally. For fun, I even got a VNC server to run! Even as a basic tool for SSH, I can easily just use my own keys and I don't see noticeable delay once the connection is established. There's probably more interesting things I could do with it given the support of APK.

Lavioso371, Dec 16, 2021
Great Linux app so far

This is a great app, and it has great potential. I've done some research on the web, and apparently there was supposed to be in APK package manager for this app under Alpine Linux. When I try to install APK packages, it says, "Ash, APK, not found". I was trying to compile Emacs from the source, but it requires the GNU make package which this app doesn't come with preinstalled. Other than that though, this is a great step forward to having Linux in your pocket. Though it's limited and sandboxed, and can't necessarily run directly on iOS hardware, this is something awesome too see. One thing I particularly like is the voiceover accessibility support. I was able to connect an external keyboard and start working with Linux on my iOS device. The only thing that could be improved is that it's a little slow when you're typing commands, but this is still an awesome app. I am looking forward to future development.

lawrenceperez7676, Nov 10, 2020
Great for Python and web development!

Grab Python for HTTP server, eventually serving files, write some HTML files and serve, open and see what you have made in Safari! You can write codes in Python for Python stuff too.My go-to text editor is based on HTML with contenteditable attribute and some bit of JavaScript + Shortcut for a fully functional text editor. iSH is the missing jigsaw puzzle I need to serve the HTML I "need".I need iSH more than Notes app because the text editor I made is better than Notes app. There's inline calculator, there's text replacement, open and save UTF-8 document, color theme etc. What can Notes app do, is far limited.

LucarioAura9001, Apr 25, 2023
Awesome, even if slow

tl;dr: I was able to compile a LaTeX Beamer presentation with pictures etc. as is, by installing the full texlive distro via apk. To me this is the most important use case—-edit a presentation in a pinch with no computer nearby, and no net access. My main fear is that Apple will eventually pull the plug. I do hope they relent and explicitly allow for this kind of fully sandboxed VMs, and hopefully even allow JIT compilation. But, who knows if they will?

Marciano S, Nov 08, 2020
Just a suggestion

this is an amazing app and i have little to say that was wrong, my only suggestion is that the dock or access icon at teh bottom have the option to be hidden or the text have a way of ending before that part of the screen. i always have things hidden behind there and i always have to remember to type ‘clear’ to have everything clear from the screen. Please fix.

Mikeosude, Oct 26, 2022


A Linux-like shell on iOS. You can edit files with sed and cat, move them around, and more! https://github.com/ish-app/ish/

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