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User Reviews for Jayson

Useful but seems unstable.

Good for editing .JSON files but seems to crash reliably almost every single time I try to use it. Disappointing, but it gets the job done sometimes.

-thatoneidiot-, Feb 15, 2021

Exactly what I needed, perfectly done. Thank you so much for making this and giving it out for free; really fulfills the potential of software and humanity.

Atoyelohaneeze, Jun 06, 2022
The confetti button was worth the price

I bought it a minute ago and I already feel like I got my money’s worth.

constanto, Aug 26, 2020
I love this app!

I’m a power user of Shortcuts and (more recently) Scriptable, and on many occasions I need to work with JSON responses from APIs. This app is a lifesaver. It completely takes the guesswork out of the process of figuring out what keys I need to use to retrieve the data I need. I don’t know what I would do without Jayson. Bravo!

FifiTheBulldog, Nov 20, 2020
Super helpful, great value

The shortcuts support and url scheme is especially helpful. Can't recommend enough.Hopefully the developer will also write a JSON editor in future.

keveridge.reddit, Feb 01, 2019
I like it but....

I really want a JSON viewer that also lets me edit/add to it. Maybe add that as a feature and with the full version allow users to export JSON. That way, we can see if it's a reasonable workflow to use this app and pay for it if we like it?

Long Walks on the Beach, Feb 21, 2019
I Am No Longer Afraid of JSON

All of Simon’s apps are genius and wholly unique, but Jayson will always have a special place in mine own heart as the single application which finally killed my phobia of JSON, in general. It is by far the most elegant and intelligent means of manipulating JSON dictionaries I’ve ever seen on any platform. I’ve worked with both the iOS and macOS apps, now, and both are - dare I say it - a genuine joy to use. BUY!

NeoYokel, Dec 23, 2022
Would be even better with XML support

I really like the JSON capabilities and see a lot of potential use especially with Shortcut support.However, I tend to switch between XML and JSON projects a lot so it would be great if this supported both format types.

newmans99, Feb 18, 2019
I like it so far

Can you view two different arrays on the same split? I feel like you should be able to… side by side is enabled in landscape… but it seems again only for the same array. You can drag and drop one though to a different position so it’s almost there, assuming I’m not just missing how to do it.

RealityFacade, Feb 13, 2022
Using the heck out of this

I’ve been using the heck out of this lately so decided to go for the paid version even though I don’t particularly need the extra features. This app has saved me a ton of time. It’s great looking through the JSON on my iPad while coding on my MBP.

Rgxyzzy, Feb 27, 2019


Jayson is a simple yet powerful JSON viewer and editor with Siri Shortcuts, Share Sheet Actions and URL schemes. Features include: - Browse JSON files stored on your device. - Toggle between viewing JSON in a table or as syntax highlighted text. - Tabbed interface to quickly switch between files or different objects in a single file. - Use multiple splits to easily compare JSON documents in a single file or across multiple files. - Multiple windows on the iPad allows for even more options to browse and edit JSON documents. - Parse text or the contents of a URL in your clipboard to JSON. - Siri Shortcuts that parse JSON from a text or a link stored in your clipboard. The shortcuts can open the JSON in the app or preview it in an interactive notification. - Share Sheet Actions for parsing JSON from plain text, loading JSON from a link and importing files as JSON. - URL schemes for parsing a text, loading the contents of a link as JSON or parsing the contents of your clipboard. - Choose a location on your device to store imported files. - Highlight a key from a child of an array to quickly get an overview. - Short videos that help you get started with the app.

Features that require the "Unlock Everything" in-app purchase: - Switch between light and dark themes. - Changing the visual appearance, including the app icon, accent color and type icons. - Opening more than two tabs.

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