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User Reviews for Khan Academy


What an incredible app. I’m so impressed. This company deserves loads of money to be thrown at it for making it free. My son has just switched from a Cambridge school to an American School and missed a lot of work. I think we were both about to give up. I didn’t know where to start to help him and being his new school is completely iPad based we felt deep despair at just the thought of trying to navigate through classrooms codes and half working text book apps. Now it’s all here in one place! Simple well explained and the practice really gets your confidence going. He had some maths homework and instead of the total melt down we both would have had trying to work out what was going on we flew through it!! THANK YOU! I love the fact that all the grades are here too so if there is a concept he is struggling with we can go back in the grades to see where that was introduced and work through it! We have been struggling for months trying to find the answer on line. It was only due to the fact that Khan kept coming up that I googled it and found the app. I truly pray this company gets loads of financial support to keep this app going! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

^&*(, Dec 01, 2019
Best app for learning difficult subjects

I’m currently working towards my second doctorate and all along the way khan academy has been there for me. Whether you’re using it as a stand-alone learning tool to try and wrap your head around a difficult subject, or need something more user-friendly and understandable to supplement an actual formal course, you couldn’t ask for anything better than khan academy. Their instructors are adept at making even some of the most complicated subjects with high attrition rates relatively easy to understand and breaking things down into short lessons that teach you concepts (or intuitions as Sal would call them!) which make learning the smaller details much easier. I’ll often watch a few khan academy videos to get a good general idea of what a subject is about before diving into the bullet points and materials (PowerPoints, textbooks, etc) offered by my formal professors in courses, and I’ve found this to be very effective in my own learning journey. As someone who has taken A LOT of college courses in my life, I couldn’t more highly recommend khan academy.

DrNateDPT, Jun 19, 2021

There are mistakes in some videos. Sometimes he writes down a different number without explaining why he changed it. There is one example in one format, and all the questions in the practice part are in a different format and you have to learn how to solve it yourself. I have spent over an hour in one practice section because even though I did all the math correct, the way I was typing it into my calculator was missing parenthesis that in the explanation didn’t even say to do so. Basically, I was getting some questions right and some questions wrong even though I did all the math correctly. The explanation misinformed me by forgetting things like parenthesis that will make you end up with a completely different answer. It would be nice if there was a way to restart a unit test in the middle of doing it. To start from the beginning again would be nice because I have spent the last 6 hours redoing one unit, I’ve had to redo the unit test over 10 times, and each time I make a mistake, I hav to finish all the other questions correctly before having to restart again. Overall, it’s annoying and a waste of my time.

G123876durp87sgd, Jul 20, 2020
Amazing app

This app is absolutely fantastic and I want to make it clear I gave it 4 stars only because I personally have some things I wished would be added to to make this app better. Like for instance videos that are not drawn out by hand, don’t get me wrong this is a good visual sometimes but sometimes I feel the visual falls kinda short to if it was either animated or demonstrated (specifically for the science lessons especially). That being said I want to be clear, that’s all fine tuning for the perfection of this app. This app has helped me learn soooo much and it’s completely free. Most all of the teachers are excellent and the fact that this is videotaped lectures means you can watch anytime at your own speed. I wished things like this were used more widely and familiarized in my state (not that a lot of people don’t use it already cause they do, I just wished it got pointed to if nothing else more as a sort of in general go to guide among other similar programs by schools and government PSAs more.) but that’s not this apps fault. My hopes is that some elected official somewhere will see this comment and this will give them the idea to make this more second nature for people to pick up somehow via PSAs etc

ImNobodyImportant, Oct 13, 2020
Khan Academy Changed my Life

I live in poverty. I know hardship and struggle. I know what it’s like to have to go to a school that doesn’t have access to the best resources. When I first took the SAT, I scored a 790. The class preceding mine had an average score of 730. It wasn’t that we were dumb or stupid, it’s just our educators could not adequately prepare us. I realized that I had to supplement my education with something more conducive to my growth and intellectual advancement. I began to use Khan Academy, watching math videos, practicing math problems and in 6 months I was able to score an 1180. Now that may not seem high, but when compared the class average(820) it looked amazing. Khan academy opened up tremendous opportunities for me. I got accepted to 7 colleges, received full ride opportunities to The University of Michigan and Michigan State University, becoming the first in my family to go to college. Without khan academy I would have never got accepted to college, let alone be able afford it! I am so grateful for Khan Academy and even more so because it was free!

JosiahJosiah517, Oct 25, 2020
Problems with progress

I love the new layout and of course I love Kahn academy. Which is why I gave it three stars. But I’ve gone through course reviews and challenges and keep having to redo because there’s an error saving an exercise. I just tried taking the course challenge and got through all the problems but the last I got an error. So I re-entered the challenge only to find that the progress I’d made on the 29 problems up to the last had also disappeared and I was being required to take the entire challenge of 30 problems over again. As I’d already spent my allotted time for Kahn for the day, I’ll have to come back tomorrow and start again. To be sure this is just a review course for me so in the grand scheme of things I could proceed to the more advanced course without problem, but I just so like seeing that 100% on every course.UPDATE: after the latest update, I’ve gotten through challenges and practice without an app error and my progress is saved, so as of now, anyway, I’m quite pleased with the app.

renegade3115, Apr 19, 2019
Looking for a Developer Response

Pretty good app. I am giving it five stars, even though a recent update put everything in deeper layers. I used to be able to see every video, article, and practice exercise for a course, plus its mission if it has one, on the same screen. Now I have to dig deeper. Please return an expanded view to us! Also, we no longer see our consecutive days streak.The iPad app is missing a few things found in the web version, in addition to the consecutive days streak, but it is quite adequate for the learning experience.The most maddening thing is that when you roll out a new version with a major change like this, you still say “Bug fixes and performance enhancements.” Please give this review a Developer Response and let us know that you will {in the future/in future} be detailed with your updates when something major like the whole interface changes. Also, please let us know why the consecutive days counter (more motivating to me than energy points and about as motivating as the badges) was removed and if there’s a chance we can get it back. Thanks!

rslitman, May 01, 2018
Great math lessons, terrible history lessons...

I had used this app in the past for math and it was great for that. The history lessons, however, are atrocious. Rather than objectively presenting the facts, it gives a warped view of things. For example, the authors have somehow figured out how people ‘felt’ during history. No citations. No quotes. They just claim that this person/group felt this, that person/group felt that. I find the personal feelings of past figures to be secondary to learning the course of events. But, if they did feel some need to include them, they could at least cite sources or provide quotes. I saw none. It turned what could’ve been a factual history lesson into some subjective mind-reading of the past. All it was really instructing me on was someone’s opinion of what people in the past felt. It wasn’t educational. Not only is there a bias of perspective — today’s opinion of the past may differ greatly from how people in the past actually experienced it. Opinion and feeling are not the point. It’s history, not group therapy. As I said, if you want to include feelings, at least use quotes, cite sources. But, again, that really isn’t the point. History is not about the feelings of one person or even a group of people, it’s about objective events. Sadly, there was so little of that here, I just deleted the app. What a sad thing education has become!

sky_blue02, Feb 14, 2020

I personally love this app. My son and daughter has been using it until they were toddlers since they are twelve now they still use it! I told them to use it a lot since that they could still use it when they are older....my son he uses it when he has stress with his homework so that he could have more ideas! I think this app is made for everyone because when they were just little small toddler I helped them on some stuff so they could do some simple math an now since they are older now I could let them be so they could experience the world of learning in Khan Academy! I decided to write a review this time of the year because since they are back to school they could maybe have some experience in what their class is learning! Something they really like about this app and I do too is that it corrects them if they got it wrong so they try it again. But um mean during quarantine when school did not start yet they have been using this app for hours...every time their mom and I ask them out for lunch or breakfast they always say 1 more hour 🤗. I think they really like it now but I think they are too into it their mom said maybe their growing up to fast and forgetting about us. But I think that they just need to have some time and think! OTHERWISE THEY LOVE THE APP!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS APP AND YOUR TEAM WE LOVE IT!!!!

Sssssnice, Nov 03, 2020
I LUV this Place Of Education But Kinda Needs Improvement..

Okie, so I would actually give this 10 stars because this is an amazing place of education, and it encourages us to be smart during these tough times, but it kinda needs improvement... So, basically I’ve been doing Math here, since almost 3 years, and I LOVE it. But this place needs to be fixed too, IG.. So one piece of improvement that needs to be made is that basically the questions in an exercise are what mostly Sal and others teach from the vids, but there are also some “awkward” questions that haven’t been taught in the video.. Can you please fix this? :/ Also, another piece of improvement that needs to be made is that if we get even a question wrong in an exercise but if we’re really looking forward to succeed, we can’t sadly redo the exercise.. Can you please add an option when we’re able to redo? That’s why I’m mainly stressing out in. Or else, I just luv this and I would strongly recommend it. Tysm for reading this and reviewing this amazing place of education from the US! Also, to EVERYONE reading this, stay safe and we’ll get through these difficult times! <3

Vortexisawesome, Oct 04, 2020


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