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User Reviews for JavaScript Recipes

Great app: could be even better with descriptions

I’ve been looking for a programming resource like this for a long time and just stumbled across it in the App Store. It has not only met my expectations but I have also learned new concepts. The problem with learning new concepts is that you don’t always know if you are interpreting the code correctly. The one thing that would make this app over the top is including descriptions of what is going on in the more complex topics of the app, such as the Algorithms section or the Multi-Thread section. Each of these sections would benefit from a deeper dive into the concepts behind their formation. I would pay $9.99 instead of $1.99 for a resource with useful descriptions like this. Thanks for developing this app!

@EmilyPMendez, Dec 20, 2021
Good app.

One thing it would help people who are still new to programing if keywords like “loop” and “Boolean” had a small definition section of what it does like “Looping is a code in a program that repeats automatically”

dhshjabwjsbsbsjz, Oct 28, 2021

This is the best app with complexities knowledge in JS programming... I wish I was staying or living near with its owner .

Ibrohz, Oct 31, 2018
Good app

Has a good amount of content for the Javascript language.

Iwantbane!!, Aug 29, 2020
Useful for reminders and memorization

I primarily wanted an App that can teach me techniques and tricks in JS. I ended up finding this goldmine of an App. I recommend this to any developer learning JS if they want to sharpen their JS skills.

Laz-P, Aug 10, 2021
Love this

Was just thinking of something like this in the shower. Glad you made it. I also agree with the person who suggested a little walkthrough, possibly with comments of what the code does or when to use it. For example, what’s the difference between linear search and fast linear search? I would assume fast linear search should always be used because it’s “fast” :)Thanks for the app!

Nickname4appstore, Mar 08, 2022
Thank you

Very useful, thank you

Swaggaright510, Jan 26, 2022
Great Resource

Just getting started so far, and I love it. Thank you!!I love the way it is structured, helps organize the language and the practice for me.

ThierryUwi, Jan 03, 2022
fantastic but unable to make IAP

cant unlock the full-version, the payment dialog never appear

李立峰, Mar 28, 2022


Learning JavaScript ECMAScript 6 and SQL syntax on specific code examples. • JavaScript: - How to get a substring? - How to declare a generalized method? - How to perform a database query? • SQL: - How to combine multiple tables in a single query? - How to sort the result of grouping data? - What types of data are there in SQL Server? These and over 400 of other code samples are available in the application. • The best examples of codes from books and specific internet resources are selected in the program. Finding the best decision on the Internet may demand hours of working time.

Ready for use and tested code "recipes" are included in the application • The application is a good tool during the exam or the preparation to the interview because it contains a reference to frequently used operations in different programming languages. • Quick search of the correct example by the code or by the name of topic. Print or send the code example, which you like and share it with your colleagues. • Being a developer, I use this program when I need to remember quickly how to solve a given task in one or another programming language. In the application, basic examples are available free of charge. About 45% of examples are available at an additional cost. If you can help with translating the names of topics into your language, please contact me by e-mail.

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