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User Reviews for iOvilus

Ouija Board

I downloaded this app half in jest but the other half being genuinely serious because I was wondering if I could get in contact with a spirit. My bf think’s I’m tripping and what not. But I decided to do a little bit of exploring of our hotel room and kid you not I found a Ouija Board above our microwave. I finally let the hotel staff know about it and when I came back upstairs to our room, I wanted to see if it would pick up on anything. And after a few words. It said “threat” “hundred” and I was like “who?” And it said “yourself” like- nah trust me. This app is legit

bearipastel, Mar 20, 2021

I work at an elderly home where we have had many deaths sometimes at night I use this while I’m on my breaks and I will use it in different areas and I have gotten different results it really works I also use it in my home that is over 100 years old and have gotten many different results this works just make sure two say goodbye and close out your sessions before you end it so that the spirits leave.

dreasunshine55, Jan 01, 2021
Crazy weird

I don’t know if this app is a hoax, it just kept saying random in related words but there’s something that kinda made me freak out and by kinda I mean a lot, so I have been needing a scare lately so I dowloaded that board game to contact spirits and I was asking it’s name and it said she was a girl named jean anyway I said goodbye cause it got a little boring but I go to this app next and the first words it says after I get on was goodbye jean, made me a little freaked out so I waited and then it said bunny and hockey which I have one of those you bunny animals that when you push it’s side it makes an angry face with sharp teeth and on top of that it was sitting next to a bobble head of a hockey player, so I left and haven’t been back on since

ggavinn M, Sep 02, 2020
This app is no joke

I had to delete it because things got very weird very fast. I kept getting the words “daddy”, “bible”, “wheat”, “prayer”. This was strange because recently my father was discussing the “the wheat from the tares” bible verse. It then said my late grandmother’s nickname which is extremely specific. After a while it proceded with saying “water, bacon, legion”... I thought this was random, until it hit me like a ton of bricks. In the Bible when Jesus spoke to the possessed man, He asked the the demon his name. “Legion for we are many” is what he responded with. The demons begged Jesus not to be sent away and asked if they could posses a heard of pigs nearby. They jumped from the man to the heard of pigs. The pigs ran to a lake and drowned themselves. Bacon, water, legion. It mentioned legion several times. I deleted it because right after this it said, “yourself and threat”. I took that as a cue that I needed to let this app go. Play at your own risk.

HavocXIII, Jun 20, 2019
Not sure yet...

So, the first time I used this it was on a snowy day. The 2nd word it said was snow. I rationalized that easily enough. The next day I turned it on in the car. I didn’t have the radio on, it was just me, and silent. I took a sip of my Diet Coke and the thing said “drank.” Thought that was odd. Just a crazy coincidence? Today I was walking through the hospital and the thing listed this: machine, sip, casket, mistake, silent, Ben, and prop. Usually I just get wheat, telepathy, incubus, prayer. I noticed the words change when I’m in a different location. Not sure so I gave it 3 stars.

jaws915, Feb 15, 2021
Ovilus app

Downloaded this app despite the many low reviews it has for repeating the same words... But figured for $2 bucks, no big and I’d just get it, and mess around with it and see.... Well, I’ve now downloaded the app 3 times and it still doesn’t work right. There is NO audio from the app. It displays words, BUT you have to read them, it does NOT say them out loud. This must be a glitch because it’s useless with saying the word. And I’ve downloaded it 3 times trying to get it to work. I’d like a refund for this crap, because it doesn’t even work! So, not only did it display the same words everyone said it would, there is NO audio. This app is terrible.

johnmi55, Jun 03, 2020
After life Tablet

This is not a hoax . After using it for a year with mediocre results I realized there’s a learning curve for them . Finally I made contact with an intelligent spirit and was able to carry a conversation that made sense . The additional words added really helped . Mine called the Ouvilus an afterlife tablet . Your not gonna be blown away everytime it takes patience .

kealan B, Nov 02, 2020
All about timing

I had many interesting moments with the app. Most of the time, it just spew out words that doesn’t make sense, but there are moments when spirits actually comes through. Recently, It gave out the last name and time of someone passed away. Once it mentioned of a metal hill, and at the time the town I lived in a town which was known for mining iron. It had its unique moments. I wouldn’t rule out this app just yet. I have had this app for years. Patience is a virtue.

Moi Sunshine, Feb 11, 2022
play at your own risk

this game is no joke me and my friend thought it was and we were talking to this guy ron, we were by an abandoned train track that no one goes to. So we just thought someone had to die there, but a random truck drove past us and we were spooked and we started to walk towards our house, but that truck turned around and when we were running this app said Dive and right as he said that my friend fell and she’s now at the hospital. She broke her collarbone, i’m just saying that’s a big coincidence

Mooooocie, Feb 10, 2020

So I’ve used this a few times just to see if it works, mostly irrelevant words. However today I was in a super old building and the owner said he swears he heard someone moving around in the back room. He thought it was just a homeless man who frequents the area. He left so I turned on this app. I set my phone down with app open, picked up a few tools was using and took them to my truck. I come back in and there were two words : Tools, Remove. Not gonna lie it made my hair stand up!

shaunsmith927, Jun 25, 2021


The iOvilus is based on the same method of ITC communications as the highly controversial Ovilus. The iOvilus produces speech based on changes to sensors on the Iphone. Simply the Idea is that an outside force can effect a change and register a response.

Instrumental Trans Communications ITC Is not new however the methods used to try and achieve it are changing greatly. The iOvilus is simple to use, start the app Listen to what is said. Remember that the Environment drives the output of iOvilus Using a 2048 word dictionary to promote ITC Communications. This device doesn't use random generators For Questions or the History of this device please go to www.iOvilus.com

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