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Ghost Hunter M2

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Michael Weber
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User Reviews for Ghost Hunter M2

Mind Blowing 👀👻

One of the most accurate apps for paranormal hunting out there! In fact the best (Behind Ghost Radio I highly recommend u guys try that out too). So some strange things have been happening in my house. Scratches on a saint portrait, the exorcist came on to my tv at one point randomly, moving objects, orbs in photos, spirits in photos and unexplained voices. I opened up the app and went into the help section. It explained every single feature on the app and it seemed very lodgical. So I used the dashboard first. First I said "what is your name" and it responded with Cecelia. I said hi and why are you here? She said for a celebration. I said a celebration for what. She didn't reply until the next day when she said her name again and said "dark". So I guess she was celebrating darkness. Also she stated that she was a good spirit but there were evil ones in my home. Then she said Scared. At this point I sad a prayer for her and my house that the evil spirits may be gone. Everything is fine now in my house. No more strange things r happening. Thank you Cecelia 😃👻

☯️JP☯️, Jul 16, 2017
Not Sure Yet

I'm going to give it a three stars because I don't know yet. I'm going to test it. Sometimes I have a tone change in my right ear, and I think it is when a spirit is nearby. Sometimes I will be walking through my home and feel the atmospheric pressure literally change through me like I passed through something, and other times I can feel this strange tingling in my hands for no reason and other times my heart will flutter for no reason. I've had all this checked out. My hearing, heart, and mental state is fine. So, the next time any of those things happen, and I think I have a visitor, I'm going to turn on this phone APP. I am not psychic and would not fabricate this stuff. It happens to me a lot. Sometimes, I drink Merlot because when I drink alcohol I no longer can connect to any subtle energies! So, I'll try it...

BoloDudes, Jul 23, 2017

I purchased this app after someone on the radio gave it a rave review & bc in my daughters room it was always cooler plus my daughter heard her music box start on its own one day. Let me just say that I turned it on in my room & my daughters room & after I did this the paranormal activity increased but not in a good way!! I'm a single mom & it started to mess with my children! It's pure EVIL!! I'm not even religious but let me tell you I've seen light beings & it's not scary..this was pure terror to my kids. I decided to delete app & command all bad spirits to stay away..I went to Whole Foods & purchased a Sage stick & I FORCEFULLY commanded all negative spirits to go away NEVER to return again. I also called on arch angel Michael to protect my home & my children..PLEASE STAY AWAY from this evil app. It will not bring any type of confirmation but will put ghosts & evil in your home. I never had the issues I dealt with BF the app. I quickly realized this & deleted it. After the Sage & prayers of uplifting intentions my home & kids are doing fine..but learn from my mistake! It is NOT worth your safety!!! The creators of this app are not coming from an enlighten place..PLEASE TAKE THIS CAUTION SERIOUSLY..

Carenbart, Oct 01, 2016

I am very skeptical of these ghost hunter apps. I would use other apps and just get random words and nonsense. Well, let me tell you that there’s some truth behind this app. I was at a House, was told an older gentleman had died snow blowing the driveway. I was sitting on the floor, in the master bedroom, eating some carrots and had my water bottle right next to me. The EVP was reading, “rug, dinner, drink, carrot” ok, that’s kinda specific, it got my attention. Then it said “play” “catch me” the radar sweep went wacko. Several yellow, blue and red dots non-stop all around the radar for about 30 sec. now I don’t know if this is part of the program on the app, but i have spent endless hours on this app and have not been able to duplicate that event. Also, when you ask questions, I never get immediate responses... a few specific responses came hours later. A few times I turned the app on and while I was driving, it seemed to know exactly where I was going, more specific, what street I was going. “ my job requires driving and work inside houses” i am careful not to say where I’m going, I don’t want the microphone to hear what I’m saying. So one time the EVP said “Eric” and over a period of an hour, said sweater 3 times. When I arrived at the house, the home owner’s name was “Erric” and he was wearing a sweater, in the middle of summer. Interesting app, I think overall it’s s good tool, have used it with Ghost radio, interesting results when both are being used together.

dana_burger, Aug 13, 2018
Ghost Led Us To “Treasure”...Seriously

I’ve had this app for many years and open it up occasionally when I’m bored. Wasn’t too sure if it really worked until this happened. Went on vacation a while back to my moms to see her new house, and got this out just for fun one night. It actually started making sense and it sounded like it might’ve been the previous owner who died in the house. Then, it kept repeating, “find, treasure, follow”. It was so persistent we finally decided to follow the dots and go on a treasure hunt lol Bc why not lol Me, my mom, and my 2 boys ended up half emptying out a walk in closet. It took about an hour, but we found a hidden hole in the wall under a shelf, which allowed for a floor board to be moved...and I kid you not we actually found something! It was a poster in perfect condition, in original packaging, from the 1980s with Disney characters and comic characters and signed by some artists. We didn’t find gold or win the lottery bc it was just a print, but it was worth a little bit from what I found online (though we decided not to sell it). My mom and I were talking about this tonight and I just wanted to share this really cool, unique, story with everyone. It sounds absolutely bonkers, but it definitely convinced me the app works and it made for an awesome, fun, family memory.

dgriffin04, Jan 21, 2021

It’s flashy and purty but I don’t think it’s as advertised. I’m pretty sure it has a library of random words used to give the illusion of something or someone talking from the beyond. I have the most expensive ghost hunting equipment money can buy and trust me, this apps a phone decoration. Let me explain. You see the EMF on professional equipment will spike really heavy if you’re in a house or room with a lot of electricity, especially WiFi. This EMF doesn’t even blink when even holding it to power conduits. A lux meter just reads light source and most ghost hunting is in the dark which ghost don’t put out any light. Now as far as the EVP goes, you can use any recording device to pick up spiritual chatter which is probably the only thing that works in the app. Luckily the app doesn’t cost much because it’s be a fraudulent product if it were sold at a higher cost. All this app would be good for is a few good laughs at a party. Btw the app is bugged as the thunder from the intro screen starts too play when you use the dashboard.

ICUEvrywhere, Oct 04, 2018
Great app

What a great app. The author of this app gives us great tech support. This app was incompatible with ios10 so I reached out to him and he was so kind and made an update for it to work with ios10. This app is basically an electronic quaji board so make sure you know what your doing when you use it so you don't open up a gate you wish you didn't open. I use this app to help spirits not taunt them. I spoke with one her name was Jennifer and she was old enough to be my mother and died in a car accident and had to leave her kids behind and it was sad. It has great features like an emf reader that uses sensors on your iPhone so it's a legit deal. Don't forget to follow m2 on facebook and twitter. Any questions just ask and he'll help you.

Infamous Jc, Nov 02, 2016
Scared :/

So yeah I got a lot of really specific stuff but also things like “portal”, “warning psycho talkative and other words basically saying I can’t protect myself. It told me “advice creative influence exercise “ like as if someone is giving me actual life advice. I don’t like the idea of the portal . I used an other app and it told me the names of an actual couple who died and then mentioned the wife’s name Sally on this app. It mentioned Oklahoma, Lake, Fish, Bait and then Trinidad State? Tons of names , Hispanic and not . Also said Tex and I live in TX (in a Hispanic dominant city) which I was expecting some stuff on that. I got so many different things that didn’t relate . It said animal twice when my cat meowed, said message after my sister texted. Also said magic and I’m taking a Wicca course. I only got this app because I was already having activity and this made me feel like I am not safe and there is some portal? Idk I wish someone could help :/

Manda.nextdoor, Jun 15, 2020
Predicted my pregnancy…

Sooooo figured I would leave this review as this is far too coincidental to be ironic. I have this app on my phone, it’s been there for a couple years and I use it in good fun here and there. I’ve be heard it’s said to be the most accurate app of its kind so I paid the $5 for it. Never had any sort of “awe ha!” moment or nothing like that. Today however that changed. My six year old was jumping around on my bed and in effort to save my phone I picked it up to move it. When I did I noticed that this app was open, not just open but in use. It was running the EVP function of the app and had just spit out the word “crib.” I thought, “we’ll that’s weird?” So I decided to look at the history to see how long it had been on or spitting out words, which wasn’t but a few minutes. The previous words went in this order, “accompany, belly, protect, crib.” So needless to say I was a little weirded out. I called my boyfriend to tell him about it and I opened up the app again while I was on the phone with him and the first word it said was, “daddy.” Long story short… within an hour I took 3 pregnancy tests of which all 3 were positive. So Im pregnant, and this app, or a ghost, dare I say it, told me I was? Mind blown. Not sure if this app is legit or not but I’d say there’s something to it because that was all extremely ironic if not.

Martha Dean Ray, Mar 24, 2023
Top of the Class!!

I am a medium and used many different EVP tools but have been Leary of the IPhone tool. I assumed it was a hoax and would be able to hear the questions I ask and key in on certain words and respond with specific answers. That has NOT been the case AT ALL! I've been using this for 6 months and it amazes me ever single time! Just the other day I brought my lunch into my room and laid in my bed and turned it on. I let it warm up for a few minutes and didn't say anything because that is what you are suppose to do. Within 30 seconds the Tool said, "Bread, Plate". I had a subway sandwich sitting on a paper plate right next to the phone on my bed. The day before that I was using it because I have a spirit in trying to help cross over and I has to go to the bathroom. The spirit was being very quiet and not very cooperative with me all day. So I told her I was going to the bathroom and I'd be right back. It was about 5 feet away. I start hearing word after word. Then it stops. I flush, pull up my pants and then hear, "STEPHANIE". That freaked me out because that is my name. That's how I know this is real.

Steph-VP, May 30, 2017


*The #1 Paranormal Investigation Toolkit* *Featured on "The Tonight Show" with Selena Gomez and Jimmy Fallon* Developed by a team of professional engineers, we believe © Ghost Hunter M2 to be the most advanced paranormal investigation toolkit available. © Ghost Hunter M2 is an advanced, yet very easy to use, paranormal investigation toolkit. Don't let the advanced feature set intimidate you, this toolkit has been specially designed for both the advanced and novice paranormal investigator. Disclaimer: This toolkit is designed to aid you, the paranormal investigator, in the identification of unexplained phenomena.

However, as advanced as this toolkit is, it cannot prove, or disprove, the existence of the paranormal. As a result, this toolkit is provided for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for the use, misuse, or interpretation of this software. Please use responsibly. Please enjoy and Happy hunting! Visit us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/GhostHunterM2App Features: EMF Instrument The EMF instrument uses the your device's magnetometer to measure fluctuations in the surrounding magnetic fields. Audio Detection Instrument The Audio Detection Instrument utilizes your device's acoustic to electric traducer system, driven by extremely powerful algorithms, to analyze complex audio signals. FFT-V Instrument The Fast Fourier Transform Visualizer utilizes your device's acoustic to electric transducer system, driven by powerful algorithms, to analyze complex audio signals. Geoscope Instrument Using an advanced triple-axis redundancy filter and your device's electro-mechanical sensor array, the Geoscope instrument has the ability to magnify even the slightest terrainial, and sub-terrainial fluctuations. Spatial Displacement Instrument The Spatial Displacement instrument uses a powerful, and proprietary, algorithm to analyze the data presented by the system's electro-mechanical sensor array. Twilight The Twilight instrument uses several complex image filtering algorithms to enhance the video imaging produced by the device's camera. EVP Instrument The EVP instrument presents words, in both audio and visual format, based on an advanced and proprietary algorithm. Barometer Instrument The Barometer instrument uses a powerful, and proprietary, algorithm to analyze the data presented your device’s advanced barometric sensor array. *Available on iPhone 6 and up. Luxscope Instrument The Luxscope instrument uses your device's advanced light sensor array to measure extremely subtle changes in the environment's illuminance. Please contact us at [email protected] for any questions, comments, concerns, etc. that you may have.

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